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(I told you that he had his golden The lover answer'd, “There is more hour),

than one And such a feast, ill-suited as it seem'd Here sitting who desires it.

Laud me To such a time, to Lionel's loss and

not his,

Before my time, but hear me to the close. And that resolved self-exile from a land This custom steps yet further, when the He never would revisit, such a feast

guest So rich, so strange, and stranger ev'n Is loved and honor'd to the uttermost. than rich

For after he hath shown him gems or But rich as for the nuptials of a king.


He brings and sets before him in rich And stranger yet, at one end of the guise hall

That which is thrice as beautiful as Two great funereal curtains, looping these, down,

The beauty that is dearest to his heartParted a little ere they met the floor, O my heart's lord, would I could show About a picture of his lady, taken

you,' he says, Some years before, and falling hid the Ev'n my heart, too.' And I propose frame.

to-night And just above the parting was a lamp ; To show you what is dearest to my So the sweet figure folded round with heart, night

And my heart too. Seem'd stepping out of darkness with a

“But solve me first a doubt. smile.

I knew a man, nor many years ago;

He had a faithful servant, one who loved Well then — our solemn feast - we His master more than all on earth beate and drank,

side. And might

the wines being of such He falling sick, and seeming close on nobleness

death, Have jested also, but for Julian's eyes, His master would not wait until he died, And something weird and wild about it But bade his menials bear him from the

door, What was it ? for our lover seldom spoke, And leave him in the public way to die. Scarce touch'd the meats ; but ever and I knew another, not so long ago,

Who found the dying servant, took him A priceless goblet with a priceless wine home, Arising, show'd he drank beyond his And fed and cherish'd him, and saved

his life. And when the feast was near an end, he | 1 ask you now, should this first master said :


His service, whom does it belong to? “ There is a custom in the Orient,

him friends -

Who thrust him out, or him who saved I read of it in Persia — when a man

his life ?" Will honor those who feast with him, he brings

This question, so flung down before And shows them whatsoever he accounts the guests, Of all his treasures the most beautiful, And balanced either way by each, at Gold, jewels, arms, whatever it may be. length This custom

When some were doubtful how the law Pausing here a moment, all would hold, The guests broke in upon him with Was handed over by consent of all meeting hands

To one who had not spoken, Lionel. And cries about the banquet — “ Beautiful!

Fair speech was his, and delicate of Who could desire more beauty at a phrase. feast?"

And he beginning languidly — his loses

all :







Weigh'd on him yet — but warming as | About him, look'd, as he is like to prove, he went,

When Julian goes, the lord of all he saw. Glanced at the point of law, to pass it by,

My guests,” said Julian : "you are Affirming that as long as either lived,

honor'd now By all the laws of love and gratefulness, Ev'n to the uttermnost : in her behold The service of the one so saved was due Of all my treasures the most beautiful, All to the saver — adding, with a smile, Of all things upon earth the dearest to The first for many weeks - a semi-smile As at a strong conclusion “ body and Then waving us a sign to seat ourselves, soul

Led his dear lady to a chair of state. And life and limbs, all his to work his And I, by Lionel sitting, saw his face will.”

Fire, and dead ashes and all fire again

Thrice in a second, felt him tremble Then Julian made a secret sign to me too, To bring Camilla down before them all. And heard him muttering, “So like, so And crossing her own picture as she came,

She never had a sister.

I knew none. And looking as much lovelier as herself Some cousin of his and hers -- O God, Is lovelier than all others - on her

so like !" head

And then he suddenly ask'd her if she A diamond circlet, and from under this A veil, that seemed no more than gilded She shook, and cast her eyes down, and air,

was dumb. Flying by each fine ear, an Eastern gauze And then some other question d if she With seeds of gold — so, with that grace of hers,

From foreign lands, and still she did not Slow-moving as a wave against the wind, speak. That flings a mist behind it in the sun Another, if the boy were hers : but she And bearing high in arms the mighty To all their queries answer'd not a word, babe,

Which made the amazement more, till The younger Julian, who himself was one of them crown'd

Said, shuddering, “Her spectre !” But With roses, none so rosy as himself

his friend And over all her babe and her the jewels Replied, in half a whisper, “Not at least Of many generations of his house The spectre that will speak if spoken to. Sparkled and flash'd, for he had decked Terrible pity, if one so beautiful them out

Prove, as I almost dread to find her, As for a solemn sacrifice of love

dumb !" So she came in :- I am long in telling it, I never yet beheld a thing so strange, But Julian, sitting by her, answer'd all : Sad, sweet, and strange together – “She is but dumb, because in her you see floated in

That faithful servant whom we spoke While all the guests in mute amazement about,

Obedient to her second master now; And slowly pacing to the middle hall, Which will not last. I have here to. Before the board, there paused and stood, night a guest her breast

So bound to me by common love and loss. Hard-heaving, and her eyes upon her feet, What! shall I 'bind him more? in his Not daring yet to glance at Lionel.

behalf, But him she carried, him nor lights nor Shall I exceed the Persian, giving him feast

That which of all things is the dearest Dazed or amazed, nor eyes of men ; who cared

Not only showing ? and he himself proOnly to use his own, and staring wide

nounced And hungering for the gilt and jeweld That my rich gift is wholly mine to world



to me,

of you

“Now all be dumb, and promise all Then taking his dear lady by one lines

And bearing on one arm the noble babe, Not to break in on what I say by word He slowly brought them both to Lionel. Or whisper, while I show you all my And there the widower liusband and heart."

dead wife And then began the story of his love Rush'd each at each with a cry, that As here to-day, but not so wordily

rather seem'd The passionate moment would not suffer For some new death than for a life renew'd; that

Whereat the very babe began to wail ; Past thro' his visions to the burial; thence At once they turn'd, and caught and Down to this last strange hour in his brought him in own hall;

To their charm'd circle, and, half killing And then rose up, and with him all his him guests

With kisses, round him closed and claspt Once more as by enchantment ; all but again. he,

But Lionel, when at last he freed himself Lionel, who fain had risen, but fell again, From wife and child, and lifted up a face And sat as if in chains to whom he All over glowing with the sun of life,

And love, and boundless thanks - the

sight of this “Take my free gift, my cousin, for So frighted our good friend, that, turning your wife;

to me And were it only for the giver's sake, And saying, “It is over : let us go" And tho' she seem so like the one you lost, | There were our horses ready at the Yet cast her not away so suddenly,

doors Lest there be none left here to bring her We bade them no farewell, but mount. back:

ing these I leave this land forever.” Here he He past forever from his native land ; ceased.

And I with him, my Julian, back to mine.

said :


in one,



From that great deep before our world

begins I.

Whereon the Spirit of God moves as he

will Out of the deep, my child, out of the Out of the deep, my child, out of the deep,

deep, Where all that was to be in all that was From that true world within "he world Whirl'd for a million æons thro’the vast

we see, Waste dawn of multitudinous-eddying Whereof our world is but the bounding light

slore Out of the deep, my child, out of the Out of the deep, Spirit, out of the deep, deep,

With this ninih moon that sends the Thro' all this changing world of change

hidden sun less law,

Down yon dark sea, thou comest, darling And every phase of ever-heightening life,

boy: And nine long months of antenatal

2. gloom, With this last moon, this crescent


For in the world which is not ours, They dark orb

said Touch'd with earth's light — thou comest,

“Let us make man " and that which darling boy ;

should be man, Our own; a babe in lineament and limb From that one light no man can look Perfect, and prophet of the perfect man; Whose face and form are her's and mine Drew to this shore lit by the suns and Indissolubly married like our love ;

And all the shadows. O dear Spirit, Live and be happy in thyself, and serve

half-lost This mortal race thy kin so well that In thine own shadow and this fleshly sign

That thou art thou — who wailest being May bless thee as we bless thee, O young

born life, Breaking with laughter from the dark, of this divisible-indivisible world

And banish'd into mystery, and the pain The fated channel where thy motion lives Among the numerable-innumerable Be prosperously shaped, and sway thy

Sun, sun, and sun, thro' finite-infinite


In finite-infinite time -- our mortal veil Along the years of haste and random And shatter'd phantom of that infinite

youth Unshatter’d, then full-current thro' full who made thee unconceivably thyself

One, man, And last in kindly curves, with gentlest

Out of His whole World-self and all in

all – fall, By quiet fields, a slowly-dying power,

Live thou, and of the grain and husk, the To that last deep where we and thou are and ivyberry, choose ; and still depart

grape still.

From reath to death thro' life and life,

and find II.

Nearer and ever nearer Him who wronght

Not Matter, nor the finite-infinite, 1.

But this main miracle, that thou art thou, Out of the deep, my child, out of the With power on thine own act and on tho deep,



and may





We feel we are nothing – for all is Thou

and in Thee ; HallowÈd be Thy name-Halleluiah! - We feel we are something that also ha Infinite Ideality!

come from Thee; Immeasurable Reality!

We are nothing, (). Thou — but Thou lutinite Personality!

wilt help us to be. Hallowed be Thy name - Halleluiah! Hallowed be Thy uame — Halleluiah!

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