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* The Editor, desirous to reduce the price of this valuable work, as much as pofsible; and considering the small part of mankind who are able to conltrue the Greek and Latin notes, contained in the London edition, from which this is taken; has thought proper to leave out the Greek notes entirely, and take such only of the Latin as have an immediate connexion with the general subject--resting satisfied he shall escape the censure of a liberal public for so doing.


HE fübject of the ensuing Treatise is of great have feen it cultivated with 'that precision, perfpicuity and force, with which many other moral and theological chemes have been managed. And indeed it is but rarely that we find it profeffedly and Fully recommended to us, in a fet and regular difcourse, either from the pulpit or the press. This consideration, together with a full perfuafion of its great and extensive usefulness, hath excited the prefent attempt to render it more familiar to the minds of chriftians.

Mr. Baxter, indeed, has a Treatise on this fub ject,intitled, The miscbief of Self-Ignorance, and the Benefit of Self- Acquaintance ; and' I freely acknowledge foine helps 1 received from him : But he hath handied it (according to his manner) in so lax and diffuse a way, introducing so many things that are foreign from it; omitting others that properly be long to it, and skimming over tome with a too fuperficial netice, that I own I found myself much difappointed in what I expected from him; and was convinced that fomething more correct, nervous, and methodical, was wariting on this subject.

I am far from having the vanity to think that this, which I now offer to the public,is entirely free from those faults which I have remarked in that pious and excellent author ; and am sensible that, if I do not fall under a much

6336ávier censure my felf, it must be DEC 18 1902



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