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Bonds or securities, deposit with state treasurer, $ 453e. Business, compliance with Political Code prerequisite

to soliciting, $ 453e. Business to be commenced within year, $ 453e. Certificate of insurance commissioner before issuance of

contracts, § 453e. Contract of, defined, $ 453d. Contracts, certificate of insurance commissioner to be

obtained before issued, $ 453e. Contract, limit upon right to issue, § 453j. Contracts, membership and capital required before is.

suing, $ 453e. Contracts, must show liabilities not limited to fixed

premiums, $ 453d. Contracts, what to specify, $ 4559. Corporations to carry on, laws governing, $ 453e. Corporations to carry on may be formed, 453e. Discontinuance of business, disposition of reserve fund,

$ 453h. Exempt, money obtained from corporation is, $ 453k. False statements to, punishment for, $ 453;. Fees, amount of and disposition of, $ 453n. Foreign corporations, conditions precedent to doing busi

ness, $ 4531. Foreign corporations, license, renewal of, $ 453i. Foreign corporations, license, revocation of and notice

of, § 453i. Foreign corporations, license to be issued to, when, $

453i. Foreign corporation, retaliatory clause relating to fees,

etc., $ 453i. Fraternal societies exempt from provisions of act, $

453p. Insurance commissioner, examining into affairs of by, 3

4531. Insurance commissioner, expenses, presentment, allow

ance and payment of, $ 4530.
Insurance commissioner, proceedings by against, 4531.
Investment of funds, $ 453e.
Investment of reserve and emergency fund and deposit

of securities, § 453h.
Lapsing of policies, notice of, & 453m.
Moneys obtained from, exempt, $ 453k.
Name of, $ 453e.

Organization, to be completed in year, $ 453e.
Payment, time of and effect of failure to pay, § 4539.
Penalties, disposition of, $ 453n.
Pre-existing corporations, reincorporation of, 453f.
Pre-existing corporations, rights of, $ 455f.
Priority of indebtedness under contract, § 4539.
Reserve and emergency fund to be created, 8 453h.
Reserve and emergency fund, disposition of where busi.

ness discontinued, 453h.
Reserve and emergency fund, extent of, $ 453h.
Reserve and emergency fund, investment of and deposit

of securities, $ 453h.
Reserve and emergency fund, time within which to be

accumulated, § 453h.
Reserve and emergency fund, what part of, $ 453h.
Revocation of power to do business, $ 4531.
Secret societies exempt from provisions of statute, $

Statements to be filed annually, $ 4531.

NAMES: See Goodwill.

Change of, property, how conveyed in case of, § 1036.
NAVIGATION: See Shipping.
NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS. Bills of exchange, accept-

ance, unconditional promise to accept, $ 3197.
Bills of exchange, dishonor of, damages, $ 3235.
Bills of exchange, presentment when excused, § 3176.
Bills of exchange, where payable, $ 3176.
May provide for attorney's fee and costs, $ 3088.
Presentment for payment, how made, $ 3131.
To be payable in money only, $ 3088.
To be unconditional, $ 3088.
Waiver of presentment of bill of exchange, what

amounts to, 8 3176.
Warehouse receipts: See Warehousemen.
NEGROES, marriage between, and whites, forbidden, 60.
NONRESIDENTS: See Assignments for Benefit of Cred-

itors. NOTARY PUBLIC, acknowledgments, may take, § 1181. ORPHAN ASYLUM. Managers have preferred right to

guardianship, when, & 246.

PARENT AND CHILD. Abduction of parent or child, $

Adoption: See Adoption.
Enticement of child from parent forbidden, § 49.
Failing to maintain child forfeits guardianship, $ 246.
Legitimacy: See Legitimacy.
Permitting child to remain in orphan asylum without

notice forfeits guardianship, § 246.
Pretermitted child or issue of child, rights of, $ 1307.
Seduction of child forbidden, $ 49.

Will, child born after making of will, rights of, $ 1306. PARTNERSHIP. Certificate of place where summons may

be served, g 1163. Certificate of place where summons may be served, af

fidavit on change of residence, & 1163. PASSENGERS: See Railroad Corporations. PAYMENT, presentment of negotiable instrument for, man

ner of, § 3131. PERSONAL RIGHTS. All citizens to have equal rights in

public places, $ 5.1. Denial of equal rights to all citizens, punishment for,

$ 52, Refusal of admission to place of amusement, damages,

$ 54.

Refusal of admission to place of amusement unlawful,

§ 53, PERSONS: See Carriers of Persons. PIER CORPORATIONS: See Bridge, Ferry, Wharf, Chute,

or Pier Corporation. POSSESSION, action for, lies without notice, where right

of re-entry, $ 793. PREFERENCES!, right of debtor to make, $ 3451, PRESENTMENT, negotiable instrument, manner of, $ 3131. PRETERMITTED CHILD, rights of, $ 1307. PRINCIPAL AND AGENT: See Agency. PROFITS: Sre Co-operative Business Corporations, PROHIBITION, when may be granted, $ 3366. FROPAGATION, lien of owners of animals used for, $ 3062. PROPERTY. Lost property: See Lost Property, PROXIES: See Corporations. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR to represent insane spouse on

petition to sell or mortgage homestead, when,

Certificates of places where summons may be served,

indexing, § 1163. Instruments to be acknowledged before, § 1161. Recording instruments affecting title in different coun


TIONS. Directors, election of, § 593.
Directors, number of, $$ 290, 593.
Directors, term of office of, § 290.
Formation of, authorized, § 593.
Formation of, manner of, § 593.
Power to hold property, 595.
Real estate, limit upon amount that can be held by,

595. REPAIRS, birer, duty of to make, s 1929. RESIDENTS. Nonresidents: See Assignments for Benefit of

Creditors. RETALIATORY CLAUSE. Foreign insurance corporation,

§ 453i. ROADS: See Wagon Road Corporations.

SALES: See Goodwill.

all to be subscribed, § 580.
Capital stock, amount of required, § 580.
Capital stock, amount to be paid in, § 580.
Capital stock, within what time to be paid in, § 580.
Certificate, what to appear before issuance of, 580.
Unclaimed deposits, acts relating to, $ 583), note.
Unclaimed deposits, penalty for failure to publish, $

Unclaimed deposits, publishing statement of, $ 5836.
Unclaimed deposits, statement of, bank commissioners

to incorporate in reports, $ 5836. SECRET SOCIETIES not governed by laws relating to mu

tual assessment corporations, $ 453p. SEDUCTION. Wife, daughter, sister or servant forbidden,

§ 49. SEPARATE PROPERTY: See Husband and Wife. SHIPPING. Rules governing vessels passing each other, g

970. SOCIAL CORPORATIONS: See Religious, Social and Ben

evolent Corporations. Civil Code-15

Operation where road constructed above certain eleva.

tion, $ 468.
Operation, where road constructed above certain eleva-

tion, act relating to, $ 468, note.
Passengers, accommodations for, duty to provide, $ 481.
Passengers, duty to receive and transport, $ 481,
Rates, fixing by railroad commissioners, copy of, upon

whom served, g 489.
Rates, fixed by railroad commissioners, posting of, $

489. Rates fixed by railroad commissioners, when take ef

fect, $489.
Rates, railroad commissioners fixing to serve copy of, $

Running of cars, duty as to, & 481.
Starting of cars, duty as to, $ 481.
Survey of, map of to be filed in each county, $ 513.
Survey of road, approval of, rights on, $ 513.
Survey of road, supervisors to approve or reject, $ 513.
Underground road, franchise for, power to grant, $ 493.
Use of other roads, right of, § 473a.

Width of road, § 513.
REAL ESTATE. Action for possession without notice

where right of re-entry, $ 793. Instrument affecting title, recording in different coun.

ties, $ 1218. Re-entry, right of, how exercised, § 793. RECORDER: See Registration.

Acknowledgments, may take, § 1181. RECORDING: See Registration. REDEMPTION from sale of franchise under execution, $

392. Right of redemption of property subject to lien, & 2903. Subrogation of person redeeming property subject to

lien, § 2903. RE-ENTRY, right of, how exercised, 8 793. REGISTRATION. Acknowledgment of instrument by cor

poration, § 1161. Certificate of place where summons may be served, ae

knowledgment not necessary, f 1163. Certificate of place where summons may be served,

change of residence, filing affidavit, $ 1163. Certificate of place where summons may be served, fee

for recording, 1163.

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