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The Story of our Lives from Year to Year._SHAKESPEARE.


A TUeekly Journal.





FROM SEPTEMBER 28, 1861, to March 8, 1862.

Including No. 127 to No. 150.





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PAGE A STRANGE Story 1, Cricket Match, The One-armed Hundred Years Ago, A

546 25, 49, 73, 97, 121, 145, 169, 193, and One-legged

33 Hungarian Dragoon, The 217, 241, 265, 289, 313, 337, 361, Criminal Statistics

471 Hurrah for the Road

300 385, 409, 433, 457 481, 505, 529, 553 Critic, Mr. Hawk, The

330 Hutchinson, Mr., in Africa 234 African Negroes

234 Crowns, A History of Agricultural Encampments 229

ICE-BOUND in Russia

396 277, 307 DANUBE, The

422 Illustrious Men

281 Agricultural Society, The Royal Demetrius's Doubles

21 In and Out of School

77 229, 277, 307 Divine Authority of Kings

222 Incombustible Muslin 323, 441 Agriculture, The Iron Age of . 307 Divine Hedge, The

222 Incorrigible Rogues

471 Almanacs 318 Don't ! 200, 349 Incumbered Estates Act

114 America, The Morrill Tariff 328 Double Likenesses 19 India, Famine in

519 American Cemeterics 226 Dr. Arthaud on Wine

2 46 India. The Play of Nil DarAmerican Cotton . 256 Drift 87, 202 pain

158 American Disunion 295, 328 Du Chailli's African Travels 236 Indian Cotton

91, 259 American Humour 190 Du Plessis, The Prodigy Hunter 331 Indian Suttee

5 American Notes 540 Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha . 174 Infant Mortality

455 American Slave Sale 125

Infant Nursery, The

155 American Slave Story 108 EARTHQUAKE of Last Year

Iron Age of Agriculturo 307 American Vigilance Committee 477 Eden and Paradiso

Iron War Ships

104 An Enlightened Clergyman 558 Edward the Confessor

87 Antiochus and his Double 19 Egyptian Railway

513 Jack Cade.

20 At Home in Russia 29 English-American Sea Ducl 310 Japanese Life

284 At the Court of the King of the English Life Abroad

274 John Bull Abroad

274 Gipsies 69 English Roads

302 Judge Lynch's Mercy Australian Aboriginals

321, 477 14 Englishmen Abroad 326 Judicial Murder

405 Australian Milk and Water 13 Equinoctial Trip in the Grcai Justice in Russia .

30 Eastern Bees of Carlisle, Tho. 403

KENT Waterworks

153 Behind the Pope's Scenes 133 Fair Man of Dark Fortune 153, 237 Kerlis Peak

260 Benefit Clubs 464 Famine in India 519 King Edward the Confessor

87 Best House of Correction 537 Farm Labourer in Poverty 462 King of the Gipsies

69 Between the Cradle and the Fever Hospital :

512 Kiugs, The Divine Right of Grave. 454 Field-Day, A Volunteer's

61 Black Flags in the Channel

393 LADIES' Lives

. 323, 441 Black Men, Stories of 2:34 Fire, Accidents by 323, 441 Lambert Simnel

20 Black Mill, The 304 France a Century Ago


Lambeth Water Company 153 Bon Ton 58, 92 Francophobia

85 Lebanou, Cotton at

344 Boots in Russia 475 Footprints Here and there 13 Lesurques, Romance, The

• 157, Bribes. 349 Foreign Affairs . 326

237 French Administrative, The 234 Lighthouse, Story of a

424 CANNIBALS of Africa 236 French Bon Ton

58, 92

19 Carlisle Mechanics' Institution 403 French Highways

234 Little Geniuses.

281 Catacombs of Paris 516 French Songs 418, 561 Little Magic, A

400 Catacombs of Rome 208 French Trials for Murder 153, Locatelli's Execution

405 Cattle Shows. 231, 277, 307

237, 405, 500 Locomotive in Slippers, The 513 Cécile Combettes, The Murder Frenchman on Wine, A

246 London Water

. 137, 150 of. 500 From Turkey to Persia 643 Long Services

128 Cemeteries in America 226 Frozen to Death 899 Lost in the Jungle

88 Census Taking, Story of 467 Funerals in America

226 Love and Marriage in Persia 428 Century Ago, A. 546

Lunacy Doctors

510 Chatham, Soldiers' Club at 539 GARDEN of Eden, The. 43 Lynch Law

321, 477 Chelsea Water Works 153 Gas Lighting

55 Chesapeake and Shaunon Ac- Genii of the Lamps

55 MACHINES for Agriculture 307 tion, The 310 Genius, Men of . 281 Mad Doctors

510 Children's Hospital 454 Ghost Story, Mr. H.'s,

36 Magic

400 Chimney pieces. 65 Gipsy Life 69 Mandevile's Stories

356 China, Suitee in

Globe Theatre, The
381 Marks of Genius

281 Christmas Boxes 202 Going to the Play with Shake. Marriage in Persia

488 Chromidrosis.


379 Martin Guerre's Likeness 22 Church Service Reform 128 Good Servant, The Bad Master Master and Man

368 Circumstantial Evidence 314

332, 441 Matrimonial
French Polishi

30 Circus Life 181 Grand Junction Water Works 153 M.D. and M.A.D.

510 City in Arms, The 202 Gratuities 200, 349 Members of the V.C.

477 Coach Travelling, 302 Great Eastern in a Storm

204 Memorial to Lord Herbert Coal Mine, Accident at Hart

Green Light, The
424 Men of Genius

281 492


Guilty, or Not Guilty? Commission of Lunacy; A

Mendoza, The Earthquake at. 444 510


186 Convict Treatment 471 HARTLEY Colliery Accident 492 Mexican Revolution, A

46 Corn from Russia 382 Hatteras Lighthouse 424 Michael the Dragoon

873 Cost of Coal .


393 Milcarrambas Revolution, The 46 Cotton at Lebanon 344 Herbert Memorial, The 102 Mites.

419 Cotton Cultivation in Bengal . 91 Highwaymen

Monbailly's Execution

405 Cotton Eden, A 342 Historical Likenesses

Morning Caller, The Cotton Fields 256 History of a Young Ology

Morrill Tariff Cotton Piclus, Old and New 125 Hodsou, Mr., on Japan 284 Mortal Strukgle

542 Cradle and the Grave . 454 Human Moasters 531 Mortgage, Borrowing on


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• 150







Mr. H.'s Own Narrative . 36 The Emperor and the Mes- This Sheet of Paper
Murder at Wegby, The

senger from Inkermann 32 Through a Difficult Country 205 Murder of Cécile Combettes 500 The Great National Railway 140 Ticket of Leave, The

471 Murder of the Courier of

Refreshment Rooms
141 Time for Study

77 Lyons

154, 237
Horse-keepers at Moscow 142 Tolls and No Tolls

033 Murder of Vellerte at Romno


In the Hands of the Police 143 Town and Country Circus Life 181 Music in the Streets. 179 Frost after a December Thaw; Town and Gown

203 Muslin Rendered Incombus

Risk by the River
252 Travellers' Tales

356 tible. 323, 441 Officially Rescued

255 | Travelling in the Last Century 301 Myddelton, Sir Hugh . 150 Nothing Like Russian Lea- Trial at Toulouse

500 ther 382 Tunnel Spiders

369 NATIONAL School Teaching 79 Ice-bound in

396 Turkey to Persia

543 Negroes, Stories of 234 Wolves 399 | Turkeys .

117 New Disease, A 164 Up the Danube, 422 Turnpikes

534 New River, The.

473 Two Cures for a Pinch

462 New Zealand 130 Shopkeepers.

474 | Two Nights in the Catacombs 516 Nil Darpan 158 The Starosta 477 Tybourne Brook

139 Non-Inflammable Garments 323, 441 Nothing Like Russiau Leather 383 St. George and the Dragoman 538

UNREPORTED Speech, An 179 San Francisco, Lynching in 477 Up the Danube.

492 On Bribes 319 Saving a Patient

108 On the Chimney-pieco

65 Saxe-Coburg Gotha, The Dukė VALET de Chambre, The 369 Operating for a Rise 46 174 Vigilance Committee, A

477 Organ Nuisance 180 School-time

77 Voice from a Pew

128 Our Latest Eden 284 Sea Duel, A 310 Volunteer Field-day.

61 Our Old Abbey, 87, 496 Sebastian Dorbo

20 Our old and Ner cotton Select Committee on French WALBROOKE

138 Fields.


449, 561
Warrior, The

368 Water Conduits

139 PAINTED Eyes . 16 Servants' Gratuities.

200 Water Supply of London. 137, 150 Paper-alaking 7 Seventeen Hundred and Sixty- Wegby Murder, The.

314 Paradise

546 Wells of Old London

139 Paris, Lost in the Catacombs · 516 Shakespeare Going to the Play 379 West Middlesex Water Works 153 Perkin Warbeck 20 Shannon and Chesapeake Ac

Westminster Abbey

87, 496 Persia, Love and Marriage in 428 tion, The

310 What is Fire ?

393 Pet Prejudices 84 Short School Hours 77 What Wine Does for Us

246 Pinch of Poverty 402 Show Cattle

277 Wife Sacrifice in China Piraies 623 Sick Child, The 454 Wine, Dr. Arthaud on

246 Play in Shakespeare's Time 379 Skating Spiders.

351 Winter in Russia

397 Pliny's Stories 356 Slave Sale 125 Withered Daisy, The

210 Poor Benefit Club, Tho

Soldiers' Club, TU
539 Wolves in Russia.

339 Poor Rate Relief

Southwark Water Company
153 Wonderful Stories

331, 356 Pope, a Portrait of the

Spence, Mr., on The American Word about Servants

368 Pope's Government, The 133 Union

299 Working Men of Carlisle, The 403 Portable Property in Land. 11 Spiders

351, 369 Wrockers, A Story of the 424 Prejudices . 84 Stature of Men of Genius

281 Prince Ernest of Saxe-Coburg: 174 Stories of the Black Men

23# YELLOW Pamphlet, The . 17 Prodigy Hunter, A

331 Stories of the Marvellous 331, 356 Young Man from the Country, Professor Bon Ton os, 93 Story about Mazic 400

540 Pursuit of Cricket under Dim

Story of an American Slavo 108 culties 33 Story of Census-taking 467 ZADKIEL's Prophecies.

318 Story of Hatteras Lighthouso 424 Zula in Russia RAILWAY Accidents

17 Story of Michael the Dragoon 373 Railway Compensation for Story of Mr. H's Narrative 36

POETRY Accidents 17 Story of the Black Mill 301 A GREAT Man

421 Railway Statistics 303 Story of the Catacombs of At the Roadside

181 Railway Travelling in the East 513 Rome

203 Fair Urience

372 Rather Interested in Railways 17 Strauge Story, Å.

1, Fallen Leaves

36 Rather Remarkable Person 467 25, 49, 73, 97, 121, 143, 169, 193, Hermit at Home

203 Roads, The Improvement of 300 217, 241, 263, 239, 313, 337, 361. How Lady Blanche Arundel Roads of Old London.

301 385, 409, 433, 457, 481, 505, 529, 553 held Wardour for King Rome, a Portrait of the Pope . 133 Street Music

179 Charles

107 Rome, Lecatelle's Execution 405 Striking Likenesses

13 Lady Witch, The

276 Rome, The Catacombs of 208 Study

Life's Balances

132 Royal Agricultural Society

Stuurp Cricket
33 Melancholia

390 277, 307 Sutice in China.

Mine Spirit, Tho

313 Russian Travel :

On the Waste At Home in Russia

29 TAPE at the Horse Guards 509 Rabbi Ben Ephrain's Treasure A Peasant's Uut in 29 Terrestrial Paradise, l'ho

Rosemary from the Camaldoli Rule of the Road in 30 Theatres Shakespeare's Monastery, Naples

252 Five in a Kibitka 31 Tinne


13 Factory Lite 32 Theatrical Properties



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The Extra Christmas Number, "TOM TIDDLER'S GROUND," will be found at the end of the Volume, containius
I. Picking up Soot and Cinders

IV. Picking up Waiss at Sea .
Il. Picking up Evouing Shadows

V. Picking up a Pocket Book
Ill. Pickiug up Terrible Company.

VI. Picking up Miss Kimnicons
VII. Pickiug up the Tuker

Page 17




No. 127.]


[Price 2d.



A STRANGE, STORY. subject you could have hit on. Pray give us

the details.” MY NOVEL,” “RIENZI," &c.

“So encouraged,” said the traveller, good humouredly, "I

will not hesitate to communi

cate the little I know. In Aleppo, there had That evening I went to Mrs. Poyntz's; it lived for some years a man who was held by the was one of her ordinary "reception nights,” and natives in great reverence. He had the reputaI felt that she would 'naturally expect my at- tion of extraordinary wisdom, but was difficult tendance as 'a proper attention.'

of access; the lively imagination of the OrienI joined a group engaged in general conversa- tals invested his character with the fascinations tion, of which Mrs. Poyntz herself made the of fable; in short, Haroun of Aleppo was popucentre, knitting, as usual, rapidly while she larly considered a magician. Wild stories were talked, slowly when she listened.

told of bis powers, of his preternatural age, of his Without mentioning the visit I had paid that boarded treasures. Apart from such disputable morning, I turned the conversation on the titles to homage, there seemed no question, from different country places in the neighbourhood, all I heard, that his learning was considerable, and then incidentally asked, "What sort of a his charities extensive, his manner of life irreman is Sir Philip Derval? Is it not strange proachably ascetic. He appears to have rethat he should suffer so fine a place to fall sembled those Arabian sages of the Gotbic age into decay?” The answers I received added to whom modern science is largely indebted-a little to the information I had already obtained. mystic enthusiast but an earnest scholar. A Mrs. Poyntz knew nothing of Sir Philip Derval, wealthy and singular Englishman, long resident except as a man of large estates, whose rental had in another part of the East, aflicted by some been greatly increased by a rise in the value of languishing disease, took a journey to Aleppo to property be possessed in the town of L-, consult this sage, who, among his other acand which lay contiguous to that of her hus- quirements, was held to have discovered rare band. Two or three of the older inhabitants of secrets in medicine—his countrymen said in the Hill had remembered him in his early days, charms. One morning, not long after the when he was gay, high-spirited, hospitable, Englishman's arrival, Haroun was found dead in lavish. One observed that the only person in his bed, apparently strangled, and the EnglishLwhom he had admitted to his subsequent man, who lodged in another part of the town, seclusion was Dr. Lloyd, who was then without had disappeared; but some of his clothes, and practice, and whom he had employed as an a crutch on which he habitually supported himn. assistant in certain chemical experiments. self, were found a few miles distant from Aleppo

Here a gentleman struck into the conversa- near the roadside. There appeared no doubt tion. He was a stranger to me and to L-, that he, too, had been murdered, but his corpse a visitor to one of the dwellers on the Hill, who could not be discovered. Sir Philip Derval siad had asked leave to present him to its Queen as a been a loving disciple of this Sage of Aleppo, great traveller and an accomplished antiquarian. to whom he assured me he owed not only that

Said this gentleman: "Sir Philip Derval! I knowledge of medicine which, by report, Sir know him. I met him in the East. He was Philip possessed, but the insight into various then, still, I believe, very fond of chemical truths of nature, on the promulgation of which it science; a clever, odd, philanthropical man; was evident Sir Philip cherished the ambition had studied medicine, or at least practised it; to found a philosophical celebrity for himself.” was said to have made many marvellous cures. “Of what description were those truths of I became acquainted with him in Aleppo. He nature ?" I asked, somewhat sarcastically. had come to that town, not much frequented by “Sir, I am unable to tell you, for Sir Philip English travellers, in order to inquire into the did not inform me, nor did I much care to ask, murder of two men, of whom one was his friend for what may be revered as truths in Asia are and the other his countryman.

usually despised as dreams in Europe. To " This is interesting," said Mrs. Poyntz, return to iny story. Sir Philip had been in dryly. “We who live on this innocent Hill all Aleppo a little time before the murder ; had left love stories of crime; murder is the pleasantest the Englishman under the care of Haroun; he



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