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The 59th. Report of the visiting justices of the Lunatic Asylum at Hanwell. The Resident Physician's Report, and the Report of the Chaplain. This work contains much curious and interesting information on the modern system of mild treatment in the case of Lunatics, as adopted at the pauper hospital at Hanwell, containing nearly 1000 patients, and proves statistically its great superiority over the old system of severity, not only as regards the number of cures in this the greatest of earthly calamities, but also in the increase of comfort and comparative tranquillity afforded to its unfortunate inmates.

Frederick the Great and his Times, Edited, with an Introduction, by Thomas Campbell Esqre. 2 vols. An acknowledged compilation, ushered into the world under the name of Campbell, a name however only lent to the publisher for the purpose of bringing the work before the public in the most advantageous manner,-- one of the modern clap-traps of booksellers. It nevertheless contains much amusement and instruction, though without any pretension to being ranked in philosophical history.

Five years in India, by H. E. Fane Espre. 2 vol. These volumes contain the rough notes of an aide-de-camp, who made a tour of inspection through India, and afterwards served in the Affghan war. His military duties prevented him from gaining much information, but what he did glean is given in a pleasing unpretending form.


VOL. 11.

21 Pilgrimage 004 Auvergne from Picardy to Le Velay. Bxo Borisa Stuart Costello, val. The former productions afilbis lady's journeying, having been favourably received by the public, has induced her to continue her itinerary through the provinces of France , lightly touching on the antiquities and remarkable, objects on the route, in her usual lively and observant manner. 1., Amusement as well as instruction may be derived from a perusal of these volumes.

Essays written in the intervals of Business. Many of them very valnable, and more particularly to men employed in commercial affairs, being written by one of their own members : and it is delightful to see in them the highest principles of bonour and probily inculcated as the leading feature of the mercantile man. s Narrative of the late Expedition to Syria, &c. By W. P. Hunter Esqre. A reprint from the notices on the above expedition which had already appeared in the United Service Journal, interesting at the time, but of hardly sufficient consequence, to publish as a separate work.

Notes of a Traveller, on the Social and Political state of France, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of Europe, during the present century. By P. Laing Esqre. Author of A Residence in Norway," and Tour in Sweden.8-vo. Mr. Laing has already made himself known as an acute and profound thinker, and his opinions and observations on the present political, social, and moral state of Europe cannot but be valuable. His principal object in this publication has been to collect materials for the future historian or philosopher, who shall endeavour to describe and estimate the new social elements in Europe which are springing up from, and covering the ashes of, the French Revolution. »

Madame de Sévigné and her Contemporaries. 2 vols. A collection of biographies of the different persons mentioned in this lady's correspondence, and intended to facilitate a better understanding of her letters. The more important lives are too well known to allow of anything new being said on them, but amongst the minor personages much novelty will be found.

Memoirs of the great Cwil War in England from 1846 to 1652, from original Letters in the Bodleian Library! Edited by Henry Cary, M?"Ad Vol II.a A contímidlión of the very valuable and authentic Information“already before the public, on this important period of English History, 34?

Memoirs of a Serjeant of the 5th Regiment of Poot: Curious as giving the ideas of a class of men, Trarely to be inet With in books, unless under the doubtful authority of a novel. 196

Diary and Letters of Madame d' Arblay, author of Evelina, Cecilia , &c. Edited by her niece. Pol. I. 1778 to 1780. This is the first volume of a work which it is supposed will extend to six : it has been long expected and talked of, and its appearance has not disappointed expectation. The early part—all about Evelina, &c.—will perhaps be found almost as tiresome as the novel itself: but on coming to such names as Dr. Johnson, Mrs. Thrale, Mrs. Montague, Sir Joshua Reynolds, &c., it abounds in the most lively interest, and many parts of it would do honour to Boswell or Walpolei The interest will probably be considerably increased in the subsequent volumes, the materials being furnished from a Diary kept by the author during the time she held an appointment in the court and family of George III.

Remarks on Church Architecture, with Illustrations. By the Rev. J. E. Petit. 2 vol. Containing the brief but valuable notes of an intelligent and highly cultivated man; made during a tour through a great part of France, the north of Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, on churches and church architecture, of all styles and dates, and of every kind, from the cathedral to the parish church and way-side chapel, together with many examples from our own country.

The Sons of the Soil. By Mrs. Ellis, author of « The Women of England.. 12mo. A poem containing the misfortunes of a farmer and his family, who , led away by the foolish vanity of wishing to shine in the world above their sphere, meet with ruin; and would have been, perhaps, much better told in simple prose.

The History of the Republic of Texas, from the discovery of the country to the present time ; and the cause of

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the Separation from the Republio of Mexico. By M. D. Maillard , Esqran Barnişter-at-Latvij ofl! Texas. 8vo. A work in favour of the Mexican cause, as was that of Mr. Kennedy of the Texanuleid , The Spanish Armada in 1588, or the attempt of Philip H. and Pope Sixties" o'tó -establish Popery in England. By eithe Repuut). Lathbury, author of Guy Fawkes , &c. 12 mod. Mr. Lathbury has already acquired great credit for didelity randi diligence in his preceding publications ; and in the present work he has chosen one of the most important epochs in English history, when, had success attended the Spanish arms, the English constitution and religion might have been overturned, and the destinies of the whole world entirely Uchanged. It is also more especially intended to correct what be denounces as the false colouring and perversions of Dr.

Lingard, the 'popish historian of England. "9"The History of the Mahommedan Dynasties in Spain,

by Ahmed Ibn Mahommed al Mahkard, a native of Telemsen. Translated and illustrated, with critical notes, by Pascual de Gugangos. Vol. I. 4to. Published by the Oriental Committee. A valuable work, for which we are indebted to the disinterested and zealous efforts of the abovenamed committee, and which in this, as well as in the other productions it has been the means of bringing into public notice, and placing in the hands of European readers, has opened a mine of information on the Middle Ages, hitherto locked up in the Oriental languages.

Natural History of Man. By J. C. Pritchard. M. D., F. R. S. No. I. 8vo. The author here endeavours to overturn the opinions advanced by so many writers, particularly among the French, that there are several distinct species of man.

Any argument advanced by so eminent a character as Dr. Pritchard will merit the most profound attention.

Which is the Wiser? by Mary Howitt. The object of this novel is to contrast the state of society and morals in England and Germany, the advantage being given to the latter, all the best and most virtuous characters being German, and the worst, with some exceptions, English. It is considered as inferior to Miss Howitt's former publications, 23 Jallis,

De Montfort, or the Old English: Noblemant 11:31 vols. A strange mixture of romance, history,zahd travels, b9 Names such as Mrs. Montague, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sterne and Gray the poet, for the home part: Fredericks the Great,11sBaron Trenck, and some of the profligates of the court of Louis XV. for the foreign , would lead the reader tossexpect something better from such rich materials than the greater part of the scenes these volumes are intended to represent:7 1910 911

Hardness, or the Uncle. 3 vols.. may enable the novelreader to pass an amusing hour. «? copii

Anne Boleyn, an Historical Romance. By Mrs. AsT. Thomson, Author of Constance,» « The life and times of Henry VIII., « Memoirs of the Duchess of Marlborough. 3 vols. Mrs. Thomson has already acquired much merited popularity by her former writings, wbich her present novel will rather increase than diminish. The subject is sufficiently indicated by the title, and the characters will generally be found vivid and correct.

The School for Wives. By the authoress of. Temptation.3 vols. Will probably be read with pleasure by young ladies about to become wives, or those who are already so.

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