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The author is extremely sorry that he should have to apologise to his subscribers, for offering them only half the work he so lately promised them. But to ef. fect more at present, is impossible. The exhaustion occasioned by intense application during this scorching season, and two very violent attacks of sickness, have so much reduced his animal vigour, that he must have some relaxation.

At the same time, each part of this work forms a complete whole ; and the SECOND PART shall appear as soon as the author's health will permit him to complete his manuscript.

Philadelphia, August 11, 1817.




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Of Adam's representative character . . .

Proofs of the fact . . . . . . .

Two questions.-1. The formal consideration in which,

men were viewed in the covenant of works.--2. The

bond which connects them with Adam in the cove-

nant . . . . . . . .

Jesus Christ not represented by Adam-and why .
Eve represented by Adam-and why .
Comparison of Eve and Jesus Christ . .
That Adam did not know all his posterity .
That God did know all Adam's posterity, and included

them by name in the covenant ei . .

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