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was gone east. I heard of their desings to seis Jon in Pluscarden anent his brother-in-law. Main had bein with me the day befor, and was speaking with me of his bussines with Innes and Tannachie. I heard that Innes had vented himselfe unkindlie off me. 29.—Die Dom. My wife was persuaded this day to goe to Church. O help to hear in faith, and to doe al in faith, and not to offend or stumbl others, or to be anie dishonour to God or reproch to religion 1 1 October.—Two nights coosing William was with us. We conferrd of Lethen's affairs and circumstances, and resolvd to writt to the Advocate and Petgownie, and to send William south immediately. 2.— I cam hom this day, and visited Mr. James Urquhart's wife and famely, and cam hom in the evining. I heard Lord Doum was returnd to the West, and that John in Pluscarden was sett at libertie upon bail; had given up the contract and bond of his sister's provision. 4—I went to Elgin to the head court. Doun did not keip. The Bishop had bein with me som dais befor; told me of the commissar his railing, and reproching me; advisd me to call for him. We took too great libertie in drinking at Colin Innes. I took leave of coosing William, and cam to Burgie at night, where was young Culloden and others. 5.—I cald at Mains, bot he was not at hom. I went to Windihils; spoke with his wife anent hearing. Let not this be ani snar to me for Thy nam's sake. I went to Moortoun, and spoke with her on that subject. 9.—The ministers wer mett at Synod in Elgin; bot I [am] apprehensive it was the week after this the ministers mett, and other things mentioned formerlie wer doon. 10.—Park's son had com som whil since to this countrey, bot I had not sein him. Let the Lord mind and show kindnes to the righteous seid, or the seid of a godly mother. I thoght straing that he cam not heir. O, for grace to know what the Lord is calling for at my hands in everie station, place, and condition he has placed me in, that I may live to his honour and prais ! 11.-Mr. Alexander Kerr and Tho. Gordon, Glengerak's brother, cam heir. I heard from him of a railing sermon which Thorntoun had at Elgin, at which they wer al displeasd, Bishop and others, Lord! remove and drive out furth of Thy vynyard al hirlings, and those who serve their own lusts, and the lusts of others. Let al the veshels of the Lord's house be holy.

12.-Lethen cam heir this day. . . . We had heard from Edinburgh returns from coosing William. Mr. Tho. M*Pherson was heir also, and staid this day and the nixt, and preachd at Dyk. He had som gift of pray'r, tho’ dull of hearing. He told me that our not hearing keipd him back formerlie. He prayd in the famely in the formoon. Let not this be a snar to me for Thy nam's sake. 13.—Die Dom. Mr. Tho. M*Pherson preachd on 15 John: “Evrie branch in me, I purge, that it may bring forth mor fruit.” He had sound edifying doctrin. 15.—I had heard from the South by William Firsal, and Windihil's son, Brodie, anent Lethen's circumstances, and his opinion and adviss anent it. 16.-We had cald for William Crombie younger, anent Lethen's bussines. We wer in great perplexitie. We did som things towards the ordouring his bussines. . . . Lethen staid with me several dais of this week. I did sie a great cloud of wrath upon my father's houss, relations, and famely. I justifie God. He has done great things for us, raisd them out of the dust, given many signal deliverances. We have cast off his cords and bonds, and have been unthankful, unfruitful, unmindful of benifits and obligations. The Lord threatens to cutt doun and cast off. 17.-We heard that L. Doun and his Ladie wer gone east, and werexpecting som return from the South anent Nimmo, and Lethen, and others. This did encreass and augment the perplexity of those concerned. Let the Lord dispel this cloud. 18-William Crombie had gone to Findorn, and had spoke his skipper. I had aimd to seik the Lord in it, and desird to cast al upon the Lord's care and providence. Park and the Dean Hay cam heir. Park staid al night. I offerd my service, and was willing, with Calder and anie other friend, to doe somwhat for his father. Oh! so unsound as I am, the Lord knows; and deceitful is my hart. 19.-Lethen went hom this morning. Park staid most of this day. Al" Hay spok to us of a purpos he had for the Dean's sister, and inducd me to speak to him. I saw Park's straits growing on him. 20–Die Dom. I heard Mr. William on Tit. 2, 11, 12: “The grace of God,” &c. Main and his wiffe wer with me on Saturday and Sabbath. They staid at hom. The weather was stormie, and much snow fell on the ground. Let not my practis or opinion be a snar or stumbling block to others in hearing. 22.—William Crombie younger, had returnd from Elgin with discuragment, and did much disharten Lethen and Windihils. . . . However, al of us seimd resolut that he should follow advice, 24.—Windihils staid heir with me several dais. We ar under the Lord's hand and arreast, and look to Him, and waits on Him: if he sie fitt to bliss means, or to blast or cross them, welcom be his will. 25, 26, 27, 28.—We wer most in doubt and perplexiti. We wer wonderfuly stoppd and crossd in desings this way. There had fallen great storms and snow. Craigivar and his son, and friends, had gone by to the marrag with Kilrack's daughter. I had gone doun one of thes dais to Granghil, and my wife, and her sister. 31.-I have mistold and misrekond a weik. Oh how manie lost dais and weiks have gone over my head! I placed the tending, the Sinod’s meiting, and other things wrong sett doun as to the tym. I heard again from Edinburgh by a Tain post, and to the same purpos that formerlie ; that there was som hops of dealing for their friend; that advocat's opinion was favorabl for them; and that the Test wad cleir all. I heard that severals wer imprissond, South and West. Lord! prepar me for trials. 1 November.—Park younger, and Al" Hay was heir with me. I found that his father's straits wer like to grow on him. Lord! prepar me for trials. Let me not suffer as an evil doer, or as [a] bussie bodie. If Thou cal for sufferings, let it be for Christ's caus, interest, name. . . . Let me not be drunk with the love of the world. 3.—I was purposing to have gone east about my affairs, bot was cald by Calder to goethere: mett with Cowbin and Mr. William Falconer at Dyke, anent Sandie Lie's bussines. Mr. William cam up with me to dinner. 4.—I went West on Calder's call ; staid som tym at Boath; heard that severals wer pursheuing Park's tennents for their duties. I desir to be instructed by this. I visited young Kilraok and his Ladie at Geddes, and cam at night to Calder. He told me of his purpos of changing his name. He was apprehensive as to Lethen. 5.—We spoke of several purposes anent disposing of his son. We lookd

on his planting, building, policie, enclosurs. I desire to sie vanitie writ on all things heir below.

6.—Craigivarr, and Fovern, and Camphil, cam heir this morning from the mariag of his son with Kilraok's daughter. We took too much libertie in drinking. 11.-Calder cam heir and dind; was goeing to meit with my Lord Dumfermlin at Elgin. I was affraid of inconvenience by meiting with them. 13.—I went to Dumfermlin's lodging. I have no power or facultie to withstand evil. Oh so easie a prey as I am! We drank too much. I staid in Duffus' hous that night, and appointed nixt morning to meit with Dumfermlin again. 15.-I visited Eliz. Innes at Elgin. . . . I mett with Milton; did sie him resolut not to hear, and to suffer the utmost. I dare not censur others. I ought to censur and examin my selfe. I am unstabl as water; as a reid shaken with the wind. He told me, he was of resolution to sell al his estait to Robert Donalson, and to leave the countrey. I desir to have a sympathie with him. 17.—I heard the Ladie Lethen had parted with child, and was unweil. Calder cam heir in the evining, from Moortoun, and staid that night. Alex" Hay cam heir, Brightmanie's brother, desiring me to meit for him at Leathen nixt day, anent a purpos of mariage with the Dean's sister. 18–I . . . went to Leathen ; mett with the Dean, Brightmanie, and his brother, and others; spoke of that bussines anent Al" Hay and the Dean's sister. 19–I cald at Mr. James Urquhart's hous. He said, His work was done: he saw nothing for him to doe, and he would fain be gone and off. I told him, that might be rather a strok and judgment on others than on him. He said, that sin was [the] only thing I neided fear; that was it only wad make the breach. 28–I heard that Granghil was on his way coming hom. . . . I heard from the Mr. of Forbes. I am afraid he be the wors of thir ill tyms wherein he is fallen. 5 December.— . . . I went to Milton at night; conferrd with him of his bussines; where was Alexander] Dunbar]. Milton had inclination to putt away his estait. I advisd him to leave the countrey. 6.—At his desir I went in to Burgie. I inclind to have sein Moortoun, and cam hom at night. I mett with old Granghil; heard of the extravagancies of som in the South; of a new Declaration renuncing the King's government. Oh, what spiritsar thes of I 9.—I worshipd God in the morning, and read somwhat on Durham of Scandal. I staid a whil with the Lady Moortoun; saw much goodnes and worthines in that woman; much stedfastnes. 10–I had an letter from the Register bearing som expressions of his kindnes. I had account of other busines from William and my Aunt. 12.—I was cald to return thither [to Lethen], the nixt morning, to meit with Grant, becaus he was goeing South. I told him he was ill lookd on. He was goeing to meit Huntley at Edinburgh in his return from Court. I heard of the forfaultur of old Duchel, and the trial and examination of others. 13.−A[lexander] Dunbar] spoke to me somwhat anent Dumfail and one of my daughters. I have resingd them to the Lord. Let the Lord ordour their lotts and mine for his oun glories 15.-I went airlie to Lethen to meit with Calder, being cald on bussines. I found Mr. James Urquhart's wiffe was broght to bedd. We spok of our affairs with Park, and of his caice, and laid down som way for him. 17.-I heard that Kintor was made Treasurer Depute. I heard of great extravagancies of the wild distracted persons in the South. 19.-I went East this day in the morning. I cald at Grang who was unweil; spoke to him of his goeing to the Parliament, and taking the Test. Let me not be a snare to him, or to any other. 22.-I went this day to the burial of Elizabeth Boid, Thornhill's wife, at Forres. . . . I found the Mr. of Forbes inclind to libertie. Oh! so ill exampl as I give him. 24.—I had som insinuations anent Whythauch to my daughter, Elizabeth. I have great aversation from it as can be. 30.-Calder cam heir on his jurnay. We dind at Granghill 31–He and his nevay, Park's son, went South. I wrat letters there. Lethen got letters from the Ld. Forret and fra Inchdarnie, seiking a discharg of the tocher.

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