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but man is a deceitful creatur. Self-love blinds. Let the Lord purge out this evil and bitter root for his nam's sak. I told the Lady Moortoun what I found att Innes, and of her brother; and cam hom at night lait. 13–Die Dom. I read the 146 Ps. in the famelie. . . . I heard Mr. Wm. Falconer on 63 Ps. “My soul follows hard after Thee, and Thy right hand upholds me.” I am guiltie of vain, earthlie, carnal communication with Spynie and others betwixt sermons. 14.—Mr. William Falconer cam heir, and staid most of the day. . . . We had heard from Edinburgh, and from our daughter Ann, and their caice. My wife went to Altyr, and brought A. Dunbar, the Sheriff's brother, with her heir. 15.-I wrat letters and dispatches for Aslexander] Dsunbar] to Castl Forbes, to my lord and his friends, to the Mr., and B[og hall, and others. . . . Graing cam heir. . . . I heard from him . . . of the Earl] of Murray] his desings against me. . . . I heard of the remarkabl absolvtr of old Cesnok, and the way of it; that the witnesses confessd they had bein suborned, had perjurd themselves, that nothing they had said of that man was truth. I desir to sie and aknowledge God in this, may I say, wonderful deliverance. . . . A. Dunbar went from this to takjurnay nixt day to Castl Forbes. 17–I went to Lethen; spoke to him of several affairs concerning his own setling. . . . I cam in by Mr. James Urquhart, and staid a whil with him; heard that Mr. Tho. Hog was att libertie, and gone to England. I aknowledg God in this, that the Lord has enlargd the holy man. 18.—Coosing Milton was heir with me, who had com from the South. I heard further of Park's condition, and how he was like, and in danger of breaking. I heard the many dangers and snars at Edinburgh. The two John Brodies of Forres cam heir from Lethen. They wer both taen somwhat with drink. This is mater of humiliation. They cam from Lethen. I heard Kinsterie was com hom. 22.-Petgewnie returnd from the South. I heard further from him of Park's condition. . . . I heard our great men wer goeing up to London. I heard further of Cesnok's absolvtr, and the way of it. Calder also returnd hom to the cuntrey. I had ground to suspect the Register's ingenuity, and was affraid of prejudice by him. 23.—My wife went from hom this or mixt day; was at Altyr al night; to his glorie, and disapoint my aprehensions and fears. I heard that [he] had taken libertie to drink too liberaly the former night ther. Spynie and his son William, Durn, and others wer ther. I made my excuse, and went not to the burial of Geo. Grant of Kirdals. I heard ther was great debats betwixt the brethren anent his goods and estait. 8.—I advisd som friends to goe to the burial of Kirdals, which was this day, such as Windihils and Coltfield, Main and others. I heard Grant was com hom. My wife was verie unweil, and my fears of and concerning her ar great. She is verie weak. I cast her over on the Lord, and his providence. 10.-I went to Lethen this day; spoke to him and with him of bussines, and with his brother Petgownie anent Lethen's mariage. 11.-Die Dom. I heard of the Marquis of Montrose['s] death, and Mr. James Stewart, Kilmachloys. Burrisyards preachd upon the spiritual arlnour. 13.—I heard Kilraok and his son had been at Brodie, and took offence, where none was given. 14.—Grant, Lethen, Petgownie, Glengerak wer heir. Aknowledgment of God by publick worship was omitted in the famely. We spoke somwhat of Lethen's bussines. Petgownie wrat South. The Commissioner Stewart was heir. 15–We entered to the bear seid. The weather was dry, and the ground parch'd. Isabel Dunbar, Hemprig's daughter, was heir, a widow, who had bein maried in the West. I was straitnd to her, albeit she appeird to be in neid. 16.-Calder cam heir ; was goeing to meet with Mr. Hunt at Elgin. We spoke of Park's bussines. I went to Forres with him. We mett Mr. James Fraser by the way, by whom we heard of severals made doctors at Aberdeen. Vain and proud man affects a name, and preferrs to be cald divine rather then realie to be such. 19.--My daughter Elizabeth seims to have fallen in som decay. . . . My wife also continues unweil. 20.-I did wrytt to Calder and Kinsterie anent Park's affairs. Young Dumfail and Mr. Maxwel wer heir. Calder and Kinsterie cam heir at night, Famelie worship was neglected. This is my sin and sham, and I fear coms from a principl of unbeleif and atheism. . . . I heard of a pro


9.--I went to the burial of Cowbin's nevey, Jo. Kinaird's son. . . . I heard that the celr. [chancellor] was returnd from Court, and at Aberdeen, and that others that went up wer like to be sett off. . . . Eun Campbel was heir, goeing South, and so was Mr. Ja. Brodie and his wife. 10.-I went to Auldearn; visited thos of Both ; mett with Calder, the Bishop, and Cowbinn; did somwhat in bussines; staid lait; nothing savorie or to edification amongst us. Oh how long sal it be so? 11.-This day was appointed for meiting anent the Kirk of Forres. Graing cam heir in the morning. The Bishop mett with us at Forres. We yeilded to lett them be doeing at the work. I was sent to and told that Lord Doun had purpose to have bein with meal night. I went to Marg" Tulloch's, where he was. Oh! I desir to regret my sham. What riot and excess, drinking of healths! &c. Lord Doun went, this night, with old Tanachie and his son, John, to tak away Bailie Tuloch's daughter out of Nairn. I am suspitious of that person's kindnes. 13.-I heard mor of that way they had taken with B. Tuloch's daughter, in taking her away. Ther was report of som nnfair wais which young Tennachie had taken to engadg. The Bishop's son was in terms, and had agreied in terms. When the knowledg of God is wanting, what can bind persons? Nothing so sacred which they wil not violat and infringe. 14.—I was advertisd by Spynie that Lord Doun was to dine heir. He cam, albeit it was lait, afternoon. Oh let not this be a snare to me! Save me from the abuse of plentie, from the snare of evil company. There is a partie within me that complys with al kind of evil without. O deliver me from this bodie of sin and death! Spynie and his son was heir with him. I went to Auldearn. We went in to Cupar's hous, where I was overtaken with drink; cam hom seik. O that I could be ashamed of this, that like a dogg Igoe to the vomit ! Jo. M'Killican's wife was heir the night befor, and was on her return South. 16–I heard that Huntly was goeing for England. 19.-I heard from Lethen and others that it was suspected that the celr. [chancellor] was not so firm in his station as was reported. 23.-I heard that Argyll was in straits, and had difficultie to live. I heard that the celr. was out of office: Perth was in. 24–Jo, Brodie in Pluscarden was heir, and his wife, Logie's daughter. 25.-Petgownie sett out from Lethen, one of thir dais anent his brother's

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