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A goose was good, and the fatter the better." I alluded to that word, “He that seeks a Bishoprick seeks a good work;” and the better Bishopricks the better work. He said, They should not seek that offic for lucror gain. I chalendgd him for his fals informations to the Chancellor against me. I said, I would not hav don the lyk to him, albeit 1 differd from him, and dislykd his prelaci. I professd kindness to al the race that he is com off; but he had requitted me evel for good. But they that would be tru to God would be tru to men, and they that wer fals to God would be fals to men. I told him, I was bound to deal plainli, and not to flatter him, that he may not chalendg me for hipocrisi in speaking fair to his face, and foul behind his back. o I moved that if he would renew an tack of my teinds of Brodi, I would discharge Geo. Dunbar. He took it to adviz. I cam in by Kined. and ended with Margt. Gordoun. I conferrd with Moortoun anent Coultfald's buisines, and cam hom at night late, and found Coll. Innes heir. 15.-This morning, Don. Campbel's eldest son, Colin Campbel, was born. I visited Mr. James Urquhart, quhom I found dangerouslie sick. I desird to simpathiz with him, and to be rightlie affected with it. Mr. Th. Hog was ther. He spok to the causes why good men ar taken away, and oft silent at ther end. He gav this as one, that men may improv them quhilst they ar among them, and whilst they may have the profit of ther compani and gifts. Lord! suffer me not to pass this lightlie. Mr. Hutcheson, Mr. Gilbert Hall, Mr. Th. Urquhart, Mr. Nath. Martin, Ladi Park, Ladi Kilr, and several others, have not had the use of ther speech nor reason at ther death. 16.-The Ladi Leathin cam heir, and staid thir two nights. I did visit Kilr., and spok of his oun condition. I found him willing to contribut to honest men, and heir began the offering. I also visited Calder, and Mr. James Urquhart, to quhom the Lord gav som ease, and the beginning of a cool. I desird to bless the Lord for it. I return'd lait. 18–Die Dom. Mr. James Urquhart continud sick, not convalescd, albeit a litl revivd. This made me stay at home. The Saboth is the occasion of much burthen, 1. Whylst detaind from the publick worship and ordinances, partli by the scandal and corruption of thes who conform, and partli lothnes to join with them, and abandon others who doe not conform, and also unwillingnes so to join with thes who conform not, as to abandon thes who conform, as if they wer noe church, no officers, and to disclaim them and the ordinances administerd by them. Thogh they sin and fowli hav faild, yet Idar not separat from them and disclaim. 3. Ther is also fear of exposing myself to suffering, albeit I dar not allow this. 20.-I was cal'd to Elgin, betwix Bucki and Innes. I did yield to goe. 22.-As I cam hom yesterday, I met with Mr. Da. Campbel's daughter, Wm. Campbell's wyf, going to her father's to a sacrament. She cal'd me efter she had past, and told me her errand, and that she would, if I likd, deal with her father to intermit a day, and this last day would be the 10 of Juli. I desird to consider this providenc, and (if the Lord alloud) to lay hold on it. Becaus my son and I had not communicated with thes at Knockoudi, I had then purposd to takane other occasion, such as might be fre of offenc; and if this be Thy mind that I should embrac this occasion, I desir counsel and direction, and Thy guiding and presenc and blesing, to ordour my way and this wholl action. My soul longs for Thee in that ordinance, which Thou hast not injoind without caus. Shal I neglect it, now having bein without it 4, 5, or 6 years? The warder, Mr. Colin Falconar, and others, cam heir and din'd. I heard Sir Da. Falconar" was put on the session. The Register was put of, and Duk Hamiltoun. E. M. had quit the place of Cheif Justic.” They said Mr. Colin" was to be Bishop. I said, I rather he wer Bishop then ani other. . . . The bees did cast, and I desird to be instructed by this. 23.—Mr. Jhon Heburn cam heir this might, and worshipd in the famili. 25.—Die Dom. I desir particularli direction and counsel anent my going to the Merns to Mr. David Campbel's" communion. . . . I hav bein thir several years, without this ordinance of the sacrament. . . . Fear of offence and separation, and singulariti, kept me from the sacrament at Knokoudie. This occasion has nothing of just caus of offenc, separation, or singulariti, but is according to ordour, and that honest men approv. . . . It's tru I hav communicated with thes who conform, and I think I may lawfulli doe it without partaking of ther sin. Yet the offence that honest men took at it has made me forbear. Lord! tri and pitie, search me, and hav merci on me, and heal me. Therar great storms lyk to com on the Church in thes lands, and I desir'd to be fitted and furnishd, that I may hold out in the storm, and may not faint, nor turn aside to crookd, corrupt, carnal, unlawful ways or counsels. The last Sacrament which I reaceavd was 25 August, 1669. 27.-I reaceavd a letter from Mr. Da. Campbell sheuing that his sacrament was to be eelebrat 2 Juli, next Lord's day, and inviting me thither. The tym is short, for I expected it should not hav bein til the 9 of Juli. This did disturb me. 29.-I did visit Mr. James Urquhart, and found savrines in his words. He did complain of the ungratitud of men, and requitting folk ill. I said, They that do all to God cannot repent nor los at men's hand, wer they never so unthankful. Approbation and acceptanc of God throgh Jesus Christ is sweit and reward enogh, albeit ther wer no mor, yet the rest of the reward that follows, his approbation, is not to be cast out with, but we may draw incouradgment from it, as Moses, Abraham, and others did. Innes and his Ladi had visited Kilraok, and this day returnd, and broght Kilraok and the children with them. . . . Kilraok intended south from this. I heard from Calder that my L. Argyl cald him south, but that he could not goe soe long as he stood in thes terms with the Erl of Murray anent the Broadshaw. 30.-Mr. Will. Falconer the minister, cam heir about his stipend. I conversd, saluted, drunk with him. Let this be no sin or snar; that keiping compani and familiariti may not be a snar to me. July 1.-I did goe earli to the burial of Jean Gordoun, Coul's wyf. . . . The Bishop told me he could not grant the tack, nor doe that for George Forbes which he intended, being to goe soon away. I took som refreshment at Windihils, and ther did som of our friends subscriv the contribution. Lord! ordour it to Thy glori. I heard thes at the east intended to hav Mr. Jhon M'Kelican preach at Elgin once in the month or 20 days, and that the rest might tak a vice, and giv them a sermon ther now and then. That my judgment and opinion is not for this. Trime and clear me. It wer the short way not onli to kindl a fir against themselvs and others, but to depriv the countrie of the benefit and connivanc which they hav now, and would irritat. 2.—Die Dom.—I desir to know the dutie of this day: then I know it quhen I am helpd to goe about it aright. That I do not goe to hear Brey nor to ani other place then Penick; whatever may be my sinful infirmiti in this way, search and teach. On consideration of danger, prudenc, or inconvienc that I forbear to hear in other places, I look to Thee for light; inlighten my darknes, and mak prudenc, witt, natural parts, moderation, inconvenienci, danger, and almoral or natural considerations be made subject to Thee, and Thy will. 3.—Brey and Mr. Jhon Heburn cam heir. I feard distanc even with God's children. His presenc discouradgå from exercis. . . . Brey was on his journey south. 4.—Brey and Mr. John Hepburn went from this yesternight. We had som conferenc anent hearing, and he said, To hear ministers admitted by prelats was idolatri, becaus the authoriti by which they preachd was without warrand from the word. I could not discern dolatri in it, neither in the object of worship, nor in the manner of worship. If I be blind, Lord! piti and open my eys. Evri human mixtur or invention in church government, thogh not lawful yet cannot be concluded idolatri. He said, It was lyk the calves and images. I did meit with Leathin, and spok anent removing the old man our uncl. 7.—Calder went south this day, being cald by my L. Argyl. The factions wer great in counsel anent Argyl's busines and M'Lean's. 9.—Die Dom. I heard that Mr. Al" Dumbar" did not com to famili worship at Innes, nor did he speak with Mr. Kenneth Stevenson ther. This cariag, and I desird to consider and examin, as that which I could not in my weak judgment allow.

* Murdoch Mackenzie took his Master's to have been nearly a hundred years old degree at Edinburgh in July, 1612. He when he died at Kirkwall, in February, was translated from Murray to the See of 1688. Orkney, 18th February, 1676; and is said

* Sir David Falconer of Newton was appointed a Lord of Session, 22d June, 1676, and afterwards was promoted to be Lord President.

* Alexander, Earl of Murray, held the office of Lord Justice General, 1 June, 1675—but he does not appear to have resigned at this time.

* Colin Falconer, sometime minister of Essil and Forres, became Bishop of Argyll, but not until 1679, and in the following year was translated to the See of Murray.

* Mr. David Campbell was minister of St. Cyrus, in the Presbytery of Mearns, at the restoration, but was ejected for nonconformity in 1662.

* Mr. Alexander Dunbar was for some- of nonconform ministers at Edinburgh. time schoolmaster at Auldearn, and was In 1685, he was imprisoned on the Bass afterwards licensed to preach by a number Rock for nonconformity.

12.-Miltoun cam to desir me to be witnes to his father's transportation. I declind it, but he said his father was pressing. 13.—I heard from Archibald Campbell, that quhen Mr. James Kirktoun was aprehended and escaped at Edinburgh, by Jerviswood's means, that his son drounded on the water of Leith. 14.—This day, my uncl Baliuat," was transported from that place to Miltoun, sick, and veri weak. I was desird by Leathin to wryt to Keppach anent the cows wer stollen from Baliuat. It's a burthen even to reaceava favour from such men. I considerd, for such caces, if it was fit that I should com under ani familiariti with the L. Huntli. 15.-I heard from Edinburgh anent the proposal for peac. To call an Assembli of Divins of al the Protestant Churches for setling maiters in differenc in this Church. I heard Tarbet went south this day. 16.-Die Dom. This day ther was noe sermon at Penick, and I did not goe to Knock[oudi]. . . . I might receav mor edification by thes who conform not, and ar secluded by men; yet I forbear to hear them, partli being loth to separat, and to declara schism, and to renonc fellowship with others, partli for inconvenienc and to eschew danger. 21–The L. Duffus cam heir, and invited me to be witnes to his son's baptism. I found som conflict; for on the one part I inclind to goe to gratifi him, and thes he was concernd in. 2. I thoght it not unlawful to reaceav this ordinanc from ther hands; yet, considering the offence it would give to others, and being unwilling to giv so much countenanc to the Bishop, I besoght the Lord for counsel and direction. 23 —Die Dom. Ther was noe sermon at Penick, and I staid at hom, and was burthend with my los, that I was kept from the publick worship this day, and so mani Saboths upon end. The rock on the one side and the other, the Lord knows, and let me not dash against a wors rock in eschewing thes: in eschewing to hear Mr. Wil. Falconer, and others, that conform, least I be found to countenanc the defection, and be involvd in it, and stumbling honest, faithful men, that suffer for it; and eschewing, on the other hand, inconvenienc of suffering, and the evel of separation, by joining

* Francis Brodie of Balivat.

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