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conforms to this corrupt government. He did accept the charg of a faithful nonconform minister. Lord! learn and teach me to speak aright of the person, the calling, the doctrin. 19.-This day I returnd to the well at Riuus to drink water; and desiring to use it as a means throgh His blessing to prevent the diseas which I am subject unto of the stone. . . . I was this night at Burgi. Mr. Colin Falconer drank with me, and we recreated the bodi by pastim at golf. Lord! let this be noe snar to me. This day I continued ther at the well, and until Saturday, the 24 instant. 20.-This night I was at Windihils. 21-I continued heir, and dind, and Mr. Colin with me, in a barn. I feard the bestowing of so much tym on recreation, and therfor desird to withdraw from compani a litl, I was al night at Bnrgie. 22.— . . . Mr. Tho. Ross did com with Grang, and sie me heir. He had noe opinion of the wells, and declind Mr. Colin's compani. I heard som did tak exception at my using this water, and stumbld, becaus common peopl misunderstood and constructed it as if I placd som holiness in the well, or saints, or creaturs, and they took occasion to strenthen themselvs in ther superstition. Lord! teach me to answer to this. 24.—David Brodi and others wer with me at the well. We dind with Grang at Burgie liberalli. I heard of Latherdal's going to Glasgow, and that som women did present a petition to him ther. I heard mani wer imprisond for priuat meetings. Lord! mak me consider and be rightli affected. I returnd this night home from the well. 25.-Die Dom. I heard of the emulations, and prid, and envibetwix Mr. Horn" and Mr. Douglas, and desirs to be cast doun under it. Sept. 1.-Die Dom. Granghil was heir and my daughter this night. I reprovd them sharpli for ther son, Rob., that had not learnt the catechism, nor did he read. 5.—I heard this day from my cousen, Wm. Brodi, that good Mr. Levingstonn" was at his rest in Holland. 10.-I spok with Andro Read's son Ja, who cam from Newcastel. saw in him how much darknes, simpliciti, and ignoranc is on men. He spok

* Mr. James Horn, formerly minister of * Mr. John Livingstone, formerly minisBelly, was translated to Elgin, and ad- ter of Ancrum, died in Holland in August, mitted July 28, 1659. 1672.

of presbyterians, anabaptists, and others, but knew not the differenc. He told me his brother was anabaptist: That ther wer reading on the Bishop of Durham his burial dayli: That ther wer conventicls and masses at Newcastel. I desir to be instructed. 13.-Calder cam at night, and spok of publick evels; but, alac' quhat hope is ther of ever seing ani reformation or remedie, so lyk ar we to a peopl fitted for destruction. 28.-Mr. R. Martin" and divers others cam heir at night. I heard of the Act that a master in his famili should not pray, if ther wer mor than 4 strangers in it. Oct. 5–Mr. Wm. Thomson was with me. He told me what past betwix him and som ministers. I admonishd him of the necessiti to answer mor meekli, and with discretion, and not so sharpli. Lord! heir is nothing clean. I spok to him what was needful to be don or spoken to Grant and his Ladie. I desird to lament the condition of that countre, both peopl and ministers, who know litl of God, or the right way of worshipping him. 12.-I did, with others, become cautioner for Mr Rob. Martin. It is tru I desir his good; but let not my rashness in surtiship be imputed to me, nor be a snar, for I am jelous greatli of the man's ways. 21.—I went to the burial of Tho. Calder. . . . This night the sheriff's eldest son, Al", was born, and I was witness to his baptism. 26. —Efternoon I did see Will. Troup taking Patr. Dumbar by a caption to prison. I desird to piti him, and offerd to releev him, and be surti for him, as being liabl to the lyk or greater human infirmities. But I had not present money to giv the messenger, and he would not trust me a few days, and therfor took him to prison. I desir to be duli affected with the miseries of others, and to see God in what befals them or me. 27.—Die Dom.—This evening my grandchild, Emilia Dunbar, was born. I did se my daughter under much danger and distemper. . . . This day the child was baptizd Emilia. Nov. 3–Die Dom. I heard that Balhousie" was dead. I desir to observ the Lord's works, and to be humbld under the remoual of a godlie man. They fynd and persecuted him of late.” Now the Lord, I hop in merci to him, tho' for euel to the generation he livd amongst, has taken him to himself. Should we not be stedfast, and not fear men, seing our warfare is but short, and the reward sur, and we can lose but fading and temporal things? and what ar they to glorio 7.—This day morning my uncl, old Leathin, died, about 6 in the morning, haviug had debiliti and decay, but onli a few hours' weaknes befor his death. I desird to ador God in this his providenc, and to be sensibl of it. The Earl of Seaforth and Balngoun cam heir and din'd. He professd micl kindnes. Lord! charg it not upon me that I entertain familiariti with unsound men; and deliver me from snars by him, and this familiariti. He did undertak to do several acts of freindship to me, both with Coxton and with Cromarti. He did wryt to hinder James Calder's bargain with Cromarti. I desird him that he would not put away his superiorities. I spok to him if he would buie Urquhart. He professd willingnes. But I fear under al thes to be insnard with the familiariti of such men. I did visit my daughter at Granghil, who was veri sick, and 1 spok to her as I could, and at night went to Kinloss, to ordour that funeral. . . . 8.—Mr. James Urquhart returnd from Cromarti, and cam to Kinloss to my some, and told him what Cromarti had offerd; in the mean tym he was ending with James Calder at Chanri. I dislikd his procedour, and was in a passion at it; yet I causd Mr. James Urquhart mak a return soberli, quhairin he told that my son would not deal with him, as long as he was in terms with others. 12.—I intended to go to Kinloss, and tak inspection of ther effairs about the burial. . . . I spok a word to the old Ladi Leathin of death. I returnd at night. 13.- I staid at hom about trifles; and at night I returnd to Kinloss. 14.—Ther wer manie waiting on this action. I did pray with them earlie, as the Lord enlarged my hart. The occasion did bring a great confluenc of peopl, and my old uncl Leathin was laid doun in his grav in peac. . . . Onli old Windhils did get som hurt at the boate. Lord! turn it to good. I heard of Cromarti his bargaining with James Calder, his anger at Mr. James Urquhart. 15,-I cam hom at night, and was cald to sie Windihils at Teri late.

* Mr. Robert Martin, who was, for some 1691. (Inquis. Retor., Elgin and Forres, time, clerk of the Justiciary Court, whose no. 161.) son John was served his heir, December 1, * George Hay of Balhousie.

* See Wodrow's History, vol. ii., p. 192.

16.-I did visit Windihills at Teri afternoon, and saw his infirmiti. 17.—Die Dom. I did visit Windihils at Teri, and saw his danger, and spok to him of his condition. 19.-I was cald over to Windihils, and went not till efter supper, quhen I found him under extream pain and sicknes, in so much as he had difficulti to win to patienc. In an interuall I commended him to God with the rest. He retaind strenth, speech, sens, sight, and reason, till within one half-hour eir he died; and behold ! about 4 in the morning, efter much strong tossing and pain, his feet did first fail, and then his sight, and then his speech, and senses in a smal moment; died as it had been in vigour, onli hands and feet grew veri cold, and [he] had a sweat on the upper part of his bodie and head. 21.-Mr. Jhon M*Culikan was heir. He told me the confusions which ar at Abdn. [Aberdeen] with papists and quakers, and that Bp. and other ministers ar preaching justification by works. 22.—This day my brother, Jhon Brodi, was buried. I desird to hav the spirit keipd in a postur and fram suitabl to the day and the occasion. . . . I writ to my brother be Jhon Hay, and to Park. 28.-I did help my unclPrancis to ordour his testament. . . . I did sie how his son and he wer thrald and plungd in debt, and disabld from ani acts of chariti, and serving God with ther estat. Let not this be my temptation, sin, and snar, for the Lord's sak. 30.—Mr. James Urquhart cam heir, going to Kinloss to visit the old Ladi Leathin. I told him his exercising ther would be cald a conventicl. He told me if he had had allowanc of the masters, he would not hav left preaching til he had been taken out of it.

1673. Febr. 15—I had som thoughts of putting Mr. James Urquhart to Ridden. The Lord knows my end and purpos, I desir to spread this befor God.

21–Mr. Th. Ross was heir at night. My thoghts are naked befor Thee. He told me of the exercis the Ladi Kilravock] was under. . . . The E. of M. dind heir.

28–Calder cam to Penick to me, and was earnest with me to goe with

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