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the E. of M. anent Calder his business. I took liberti in my discours and mirth. Let thc sin be taken away through Jesus Christ. I found him a soft going man; but what he may yet turn to, the Lord knows. I spok of the buying of Balueni to him. Lord! let this be noe snar to him nor us. 20.—I heard of the death of yong Cantra, and desird to be affected with it, so soon after his father. . . . He is as yong as I am or thereby. Shal I not tak warning 2 23.—Leathin cam heir afternoon. age, or to com the day efter. 24.—Die Dom. I heard this day by Coubin, younger, that the Ladi Latherdale is dead. Let it not be for a judgment to that man. Oh l if he belong to Thee, doe him good by it. . . . I heard the Princ of Orang was restord to his places and dignities, which he had in Holland, at least, which his fathers and ther famili had. Lord! turn this to Thy glori, and ouer rul thes actions and transactions of men. 26.-This day the Lard of Grant" was maried to Leathin's daughter, Janet Brodie.” I desird to hav them and that action on my hart.

He invited me to his daughter's mari

January 7, 1672–Die Dom. Mr. Will. Falconar spok on Math. 10, 40, 41. . . . I staid the session, and did sie a floud of profannes, perjuri, and adulteries.

8.—Mr. Robert Gilespie cam heir. He spok and worshipd in the famili. I did not clos with him in his aversmes from hearing. Lord! by Thy Spirit, teach me to trievri spirit. I heard that in Ila M'Gill, the Ladi Strathnaver, and others, wer inlarged to the honest distrest peopl. I desir to be stirrd up from ther exampl. I was desird by Calder to com to Narn next day anent his prisoners. I desird to declin the goeing ther, but was willing to meet him at Penick" or Aldern.

* Ludovicus Grant of Frewchie, (not yet fully major.) who was served heir to his father, James Grant of Frewchie, February 11, 1665. (Inquis. Retor., Elgin and Forres, no. 117.)

* Janet, daughter of Alexander Brodie, younger of Lethen, was his only child. In the marriage contract, which is still pre

served in the Lethen charter room, her father, as principal, and David Brodie of Pitgounie, his brother-german, as cautioner, bind themselves for £20,000 Scots in name of dot and tocher. (Geneal. Deduction of the Family of Rose of Kilravock, p. 405.) * The old house of Penick stood about a mile eastward of the church of Auldearn.

10. –1 did goe earlie to meet Calder anent the theevs which he had in prison. He soght advise, and I conferrd with Mr. Ja. Urquhart; but thoght he might caus them enact themselvs to banishment, if the considerations wer weighti, but it was mor for the terrour of others, and for the countree's good that they should be put to death, seing others would be emboldened to doe euel, if they met with fauour, and it would beget regard to his office. He resolud to doesoe. I commit the matter to God, and my counsel, I did visit Mr. Tho. Hogg and the old Ladi Park. I spok to her as the Lord gav uterance. Mr. Th. Hogg told me they had manumitted Mr. Robert Gilespie. 13.-I desir to know what the Lord cals me to, and to be fitted for the duties of this evening and the Sabbth. Mr. Robert Gilespie being heer, I desird to know what way to use that opportunitie. 14.—Die Dom. Mr. Robert Gilespi spok on Jer. 2. 2. before we went and efter we returnd from the public worship, and had som sound and useful lessons. I desir to retain them in my hart. 15–I did keep at Dyk with the elders, for ending the mortification of Chappel-Croft. Ther did fall out a sharp discord betwix Granghil and Mr. Wm. Falconar. Lord! order it to good for them both. . . . Mr. Wm. affirmd he was an honest minister. Oh! that it wer so. . . . Mr. Tho. Hog was heir and Cath. Collace. We spok of the differs betwix Cath. and her husband. She had clearnes to withdraw. I did not allow, nor yet could I condemn her. 1 Cor. 7. If the wyf depart let her not mari, or be reconcild. I movd that Jhon Ross should tak with his sin befor them. . . . Mr. T. Hogg was vehementlie against my keiping sessions. I said I had peace. 16 —I did exoner myself to Jhon Ross and Cath. Collace his wyf, and told him the causes why she did not convers with him. 17 —I heard Mr. Jhon Cuming would not accept the kirk of Aldern. I heard that ther was an ordour for apprehending Mr. Robert Gilespie, James Fraser, and others, at Elgin. I desir to bear on my hart ther cace towards God, and to be guided. Let them also be both hid and ledd. 20.—I reaceavd letters from Edinburgh from Mr. Hutcheson. He exhorted to mantein intercours with God privatli and secretli, and in hid steps His secret will be with me, to forsie what may befal the saints. . . . I heard he was to marie [the widow of Mr. Andrew"] Grey. The Lord turn it to ther good. 21–Die Dom. My brother wryt to me, that the poor children of God in thes places had great apprehensions of judgments coming on, and not far off. I wryt to him to enquir and acquaint me with tokens, signes, and causes they did observ; not that I question, but becaus of my dulnes in taking up, or being affected with the causes of wrath, I may be stird up by them to lay them to hart. 23.—I kept at Forres betwix Leathin and Braco Gordoun, but our labour took no effect. 25.—I heard Meldrum had been at Insoch, seiking Mr. Tho. Hogg; and his wyf cam heir. 30.- The E. of Murray and my Lady cum heir to visit us. I had discours with him anent Grant's affairs, and anent Calder, and anent Innes his retyring himself. I heard that the French had sent in to Leith seueral crucifixes and Popish books. I desir to consider this. I heard the Bishop had given ordour to Meldrum to tak Mr. Th. Hogg. The caus pretended is, the giving manumission to James Fraser. I desir to consider whither I should labour to get it cleard for obuiating his danger. Lord ' teach and lead me. Febr. 1. – I reaceavd a letter from Mr. Th. Hog,” shewing they had not manumitted Ja. Fraser. 5.—I heard Lighton had accepted to be Bishop of Glasgow, and had movd to hav Mr. Murdoch transplanted to the Iles: That Huntli was made sherif of Aberdeen. 8.--This day, Mari Ros, Ladi Park, was buried. I went ther, and returnd. 11.-Die Dom. . . . I heard that Poperi was feard, and spreading in thes lands: that Latherdaill was to marie Ladi Disart. Lord instruct me in Thy ways. 15.-I heard of the death of Mr. Jhon Neveye,” in Holland; a good man taken away from the evel to com.

* In the MS. the words for the enclosed cuted at Edinburgh, in 1684. (Wodrow's are in short-hand. The widow of Mr. Analecta, vol. iii., p. 55.) Andrew Grey, one of the ministers of Glas- * The ejected minister of Kiltearn. gow (who dicq in February, 1656, Register * Mr. John Nevay was minister of Newof Confirmed Testaments), was a sister of mills, in the parish of Loudon, from which Robert Baillie of Jerviswood, who was exe- he was o for nonconformity in 1662.

22.—I did warn Mr. Jhon Falconar a litl, but not throghli, of his neglecting the school. I desir to hav my bands loosd, and to hav grac to be faithful in reproving. 23.-I read Acts 6, of the institution of deacons: farr ar our churches from such. I was cald to a meeting betwixt Coubin and his son. I havno understanding. Lord! teach me, and ordour my thoughts, words, counsel, and that action. I did meit betwixt Coubin, and his son, and freinds. I did sie in it matter of humiliation. March 17. –Die Dom. I heard of the death of Judge Kerr,” and desird to be exercisd aright under it: a man, my friend and acquaintance, my brother, a person of gifts beyond others, and yong. Shall I not lay this to hart 2 26–The L. of Calder cam heer, and I understood by him that the meiting of the shyr was to be the next day. 27—I went to the meiting at Forres; wher I did sie matter to be humbld for. I heard of the appearance of war with the Dutch; and that the King and councel of England had remitted the penall statuts against Papists, and alloud them the liberti of ther religion in ther oun houses. 2. He had indulged nonconformists ther to exercis ther worship, in such manner, and at such places, as he should appoint. I desird to be affected with this, and to be duli burthend with it; to seek the Lord in it for grac not to be surprisd nor insensibl, but to discern what wrath, sin, anger, and provocation ther is in this matter against the king and the land, and what a presage and sign of euel is it coming on. And for this end, I desird to be set apart next Lord's day, and to afflict my soul under this; and to seek grac to tak up the Lord's mind, and to be taght my dutie, and what God cals for from the land, his peopl, and from my soul. 28.—I did goe earli to visit Park and Mr. Th. Hogg. I heard of the general corruption of the land, and of rulers; that ther's none to withstand poperie. . . . I said to Mr. Th. Hogg, I would not bui [buy] the indulgenc to the not conform ministers with an indulgenc to papists. 29.-I his day Esterbin was buried. Litl thoghts or discours of death. But the King's declaration afforded matter of communication. I said to the Bishop, Ther act, giving power to the King in matters of religion, had produced this effect. He said, Our indulgences had produced it, and askd if non-conformists would quit ther part of it. It appears to have been a deep popish design to procur indulgenc to presbyterians, that they might mak way for toleration of poperie. The popish books, and all, shew the design. My brother cam from the south this day. I heard of the death of mani good men; the general corruption of the hail land. . . . I heard how yong Dundas had maried Mr. Rob. Smyth's daughter, and the grandfather had disinherited him; of the danger Cesnock" was in, and his deliveranc; the low estate of Cuningham and his familie; popri spreading in Galloway. . . . April 4.—About 6 at night my daughter-in-law was deliverd of her daughter, Weer Brodie, and few wer with her. 5.—This day we purposd to offer the infant to God. . . . Mr. Wm. Falconar baptisd the child Were. 11 —I heard that Sir Lod. Gordoun's son had lost his caus against the L. Duffus: that the Councel of Scotland had appointed Twedal and others to draw up the proclamation for liberti of poperie. I desir to be exercisd under this. Cromarti cam heir this night, and spok of Sir Ja, Stewart's maiters. He did with me bewail the corrupt declining estat of the whol land, and all ranks and degrees of peopl. . . . The Ladi Murray cam heir to sie my good daughter. I heard that the toleration was to be emited for this land. 13.−I heard my brother's child, Al", was removd by death. 14.—I heard that Grant, the Jesuit, was in Tanachi, and that som of ther children inclind to poperie. May 9.—This morning Ifound a new fitt of my old diseas of the stone. 10–This day was a day of much pain and distemper. . . . Mr. Tho. Hog staid with me, and I had good by his compani. Park did sie me, but staid not; and Mr. Wm. Falconar he was drie. 11. Mr. Jams Urquhart cam and saw me, and I was helpd by him, quhen I could not meditat, pray, or entertain a good thoght. I bless the Lord for ani good I had by him. 12.-Die Dom. Mr. Ja. Urquhart exercisd in the famili fornoon and efternoon. My infirmities wer such as I could tak litl delight in God or hevnli exercises. I had great stop in water passages, and in the beli. . .

* Mr. Andrew Ker, Advocate, was ap- Being superseded at the Restoration, he pointed one of the English Judges in 1655. resumed his practice at the Bar.

* Sir Hugh Campbell of Cesnock.

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