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and in England. This is a providenc of God, not to be past by without observation. 20.—I staid at hom in expectation to hav sein Innes. But he cam not. I desir to judg aright of evrie thing I meit with from men; for al men ar a lie. 21-I went to Forres anent my priuat effairs, and was hindred from returning by the water. Ladi Cromarti was in Brodie, and I in Forres al night. 22.—I intend next day to Monaghti. 23.—I went to Aslisk, and compted I had caus to fear myself, and to tak heid of snars. I was disquieted to distribut chariti prudentlie and rightlie to the tenents; for sum that wer poor bund had litl land, and not good, yet payd and livd, and som that had mor wanted. I was unwilling to giue to thes who, throgh misguiding or transgresing ther bounds, drew pouerti on themselus. I desir to be guided in this by the Spirit of God, and not by my own spirit. I did go to Kinlos at night, quhair I saw much of the infirmiti of that old man. . . . I returnd the next day to Monsaghti). 24—I was dealt with to goe with Dauid to the Bishop, and had much reluctancie. Let the Lord open my eys and enlighten my mind, and confirm me by his grac, and let me not be entangled throgh thes occasions. . . . I heard that the whol ministers had submitted, and aknouledgd the Bishop at ther Sinod, except Mr. Ja..” and Mr. Tho. Urquhart.” Mr. Hari had submitted, but not ouned the government." I desir to spread thes things befor the Lord, and to be duli exercisd with the untendernes of som; the suffering of others; the judgment ouer all: yet alac ther is non lais it to hart. . . . 26.—I heard the Minister say that Sessions wer restord. He desird me to keip with him, and I had som auersnes. Lord ' reueal Thy will to me, and inclin my heart to it. 27-I went to Spinie anent Petgaunie's teinds, but had litl success; yet I gav plac to the importunitie of my freind, and by that had proof that others leand to me, and had expectations of me, beyond what they ought. . . . I cam back by Moortoun, and was ther at night, having had a stormie day. 28—I did speak with the Bishop ament Mr. James Urquhart, and told Mr. James at my return, that the Bishop had said to me, if he would concur in comon duties, and meit with them, he might be forborn awhyl. He inclind rather to quit his charg. Oh! for grac and light to him, and al that follow or desir to follow the Lord in simplicitie; and to let him see how farr he may goe with the Lord's allowanc and approbation. Calder cam to me, and Mr Hari, this night, and Mr. Tho. Craig. I heard of Mr. Hari his straits, and desir to bear burthen with him. . 29.-I heard how much ill-will and prejudice the E. of Murray, and Erlsmil,” and others had at me and my freinds. I remitted ther caus and myn to God. I spok with the goodwyf of Turie anent reconciling with my Found Satan and her corruption working. . . . Francis told me of his purpos to goe out of Turie, becaus of the discouradgment which he did meet with. 30–I dind in Granghil, and did observ the infirmities of my children. . . . I did meit efternoon with Mr. Wm. Falconer, and Kinkoys, and B. Tulloch." I was helpd to deal betuix them in som simpliciti, but without success. . . . My mother spok to me to be fre of the hous. I said, perchanc shee might be soon quit of children, if they wer a burthen to her. I desird to be sensibl [of] and made acquanted with, my awn weakneses, and to piti the weakneses of others. . . . 31.-This night Leathin was with me. Mr. Ja. Urquhart was al day with me, and I found his resolutnes not to compli with Bishops, and to undergoe the los of al. Oh! that I could attain that light and stedfastnes and fortitud. But alac 1 I am soon ouercom, and soon yelds to the least difficultie. Let His grac uphold me! He prayd with me; but I found both in secret and public an unsteddi, wandering mind wear[y]ing of that dutie. . . . 2 November.—Die Dom. Happened a fire in the bakhous, which did

* Mr. James Urquhart, minister of Kin- * Mr. Thmas Urquhart was at this time loss, to which he was ordained August 19, minister of Essil, to which he was trans1659; ejected for nonconformity in 1663; re- lated from Dipple in June, 1658. poned, 1690; resigned, 1695; and died 1701. (Shaw's Hist. of the Province of Murray.) * See p. 128, note *

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* Francis Forbes, who was served heir to served his heir. (Inquis. Retor, Elgin and his father, Arthur of Earlsmill, October 10, Forres, no. 72, 131.) 1639. He died previous to February 14, * Short-hand in MS. I673, at which date his son David was * Probably Tulloch of Tannachies.

burn som of thes houses. I desird to be instructed by this hand of God. . . . This day, my nephew, the L. of Calder's eldest son was born, and was on the 5 baptizd Jhon. 5–This day, my daughter Girsel was broght to bedd of her son Robert. 6.—I worshipd God with Mr. H. Forbes, and complaind off my unstedfastnes and fainting, cried to God for grac to win throgh this bitt of tym without spot, and without denying Him, even the Lord that boght Ine. I heard that the E. of Seaforth, by a shott off a gun, had brunt the Kirk of Chanrie;" and som other houses wer ther brunt also by that accident. I desir in sobrietie to obserue, and to be made to understand all Thy judgments. I heard that they wer changing the officers of estat in England, and putting out Manchester and others; that som French wer com ouer as a guard to the Queen Mother, and that they wer to hau the keeping of the Touer of London. . . . I heard Tarbet had don nothing for me or my friends at London. Such is the friendship of .” Thou wilt hav me not to cleav to it, but wholli to Thee. Park" was [with] me and my neeic. I intended to tak journey in the day following to Edinburgh. This night the L. of Innes cam heir and his soile. 7–Park took journey south. He enquird why I was jelous of him; and I told him, I found him and his wyf alienated from me and my family, and I had born respect to him and his as much as to anie. He cleard himself, but exprest that he could not doe to my famili that which he would do to Ine. Calder cam heer, and his brother. I was burthend with the condition of that man. A great cloud did I see over his head, but noe appearanc that it wold blow over. 9-Die Dom. I desird this day in the sens of outward straits, troubl, the discountenane of men of high degree, failing of men and ther freindship, envie of men, ill will, my nakednes as to outward helps and comforts and props, to be convincid of the al sufficienci of God. . . . 10.-I was doubtful anent my going to Ardersier; yet casting up the eys and hart to God, and reflecting as I could on the Lord's mind, I gatherd that he cald, and I was in som measur alloud to goether. 1. To doe good; albeit, if I did lay al compts of requitals, I might hav discouradgment from medling in thes things. 2. I comitt the success and ishue to God. Innes and Cromsartij did stand in veri contrari terms. I found not Cromarti throghli inclind to seik his good, and was sorri to see corruption blinding and transporting men. . . . Som temporari setling was made, thogh I did promis my self litl of it. I heard Crafourd was not of the 12 excepted persons, and that that design was yet to hold. I desird to mourn for the factions of men, quhairwith we ar broken. That Lee, Stair, Arneston refusd the declaration. 11. – This day Innes cam to me, and dind. 12.-My grandchild, Robert Dumbar, was offerd to God in baptism. I was helpd, and my hart in som measur inlargd to Godward on his behalf. Mr. Wm. Falconer baptizd and admitted him a member of the visibl church. This day, Calder did tak journey south, and began with rogh wether. We did dine liberallie, but never mor readi to forget God then quhen fedd to the full. I heard Mr. Hugh Ross intended to be dean, and to tak Mr. Harie his place. 14.—Leathin was with me all night, and old Francis. He seimd much weighted with his burdens, and the condition of his effairs, and seimd as inclind to sell somwhat of his estats. I did exhort him not to grudg. 2. To aknowledg rether the mercie and goodnes of God in preserving and delivering out of the hands of the adversaries, qhuil we wer al swalloud up in ther hope and imagination, as well as in our oun. . . . 3. I desird to know how to beare burthen with him effectuallie, and how to profit him. I heard that the Council wer summonding and taking cours with thes that preachd about Glasgow efter the proclamation. . . . My Son did goe and meit with the Bishop anent thes particulars, and took his uncle with him. I desird to committ these things to God. . . . 16–Die Dom. I heard Mr. Wm. Falconar. The day was past over without that fruit that I ought to hav broght forth, and I was sensibl of desertion.

* The Chanonry of Ross, the cathedral pears to have been restored about this time, church of the See of Ross. This notice is and used as a parish church. of importance, as it explains the destruction * Short-hand in MS. of that portion of the building which ap- * See p. 128, note *

18.-I mett with the Sheriff's freinds at Forres. . . . This night we staid al night in Forres, and spok off the sherif's buisines the next day. 19.-My Son went Est toward the Bishop. . . . Keip me from rewarding evel for evel. 20.-This evening, Francis and Marg" Brodie wer contracted. Let the Lord bless them, and that action, that it may [be] for his glori, and comfortabl to them who ar concernd in it. Cromarti cam heir, and staid 2 nights. He told me Tarbet minded to giv us other debtors for the money which he had bein resting to Wm. Brodie's children. I desird to be instructed in this, what to doe by the Word and Spirit of God, throgh Jesus Christ. 24.—We did meit at Alves anent the sherif's effairs. Innes was instant to hav the creditors accept assignations for payment. . . . I took exceptions at Kilraok's" and his ladie's" passing by me; and I desird a sober mind under the apprehension of men's being alienated from me. 27.—My son went to Elgin anent the suspended manteinance and the Bishop; and I saw the prejudic that the E. of Murray had at me and myn, and put our caus in His hand. Defend us, Oh Lord! according not to our righteousness, but according to Thy infinit mercie and compassion, and for Thy glory. This day befor, being the 26, the Ladie Dumphail “ died, and was to be buried on the 28. Cromarti returnd from the East, and was displeasd that I cam not to Innes to him; quhairin I was innocent, and gav him noecaus. I did see much passion and humour stirring betwix them. I desird to greiv and be afflicted for it. 29.-I did goe up and see the E. of Murray at Darnway, and din'd with him. I proposd this end to myself, to appeas and divert his unreasonabl prejudices and malic, by performing offices of kindness. . . . I found my unclFrancis not contented with his daughter's conditions, and was displeasd. 1 December.—I went toward Innes, and from Forres, and Monsaghti:]

* Hugh Rose, fourteenth baron of Kil- was married to this lady this year. She ravock. died May 20, 1676. (Family of Rose of * Margaret Innes, eldest daughter of Sir kia. printed by Spalding Club, p. Robert Innes of lnnes, by his wife Jean, 343.) daughter of James, Lord Ross. Kilravock * Wife of Dunbar of Dumphaill.

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