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To the solemn Engagement and acknowledgment of sin.

To fill places of trust with men of known integrity, and a christian, blameless conversation.

1. To advance Religion against profaneness; preserving the purity of it against error, Anabaptism, Independency, Antinomianism, &c.

2. The liberties of the Kirk of Scotland.

3. The liberties of the Subject, in what concerns their consciences, persons, and estates.

4. Union of the Kingdoms.

5. To the King what is his.

6. The suppressing malignancy, injustice, iniquity, profanity, and impiety.

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22 Januarij.-This day, being Monday after the Sacrament, I was upon Genesis 15, exercysid before the Lord, for grace to me and to my seed: I desird to give him glorie, and beleeved that his purpos was to doe me and them good also freelie. If he be “my portion and my exceeding great reward,” he saies al that I can lawfulli and reesonabli ask. I desird to lay hold on the Lord's dealing with Abram as a ground of his good will. . . . Mr. Jhon Douglas invited me to his daughters mariag; but the Lord did rid me of this trouble. 23.—This day we mett at Dyk" anent the busines of the shyre, and anent setling the Ladie Leathin elder and the Laird"; which took noe great effect. 24.—The Lord did put it in my hart to prouid a place for my own burial, and for the burial of our poor kindred, without ostentation or vaniti, but in sobrietie and in the fear of the Lord, as looking er long to be gatherd unto our fathers, yet in the faith of the ressurrection of my bodie. . . . I had mani thoughts of building dyks and accomodation. I desird to be kept sober in this, and to remember I am but a stranger heer. 25.-This day in setling the business betwix Pa. Campbel and Ja. Fullar, I desird to see my natural sinfull craftines, ascriving the Lord's blessings and favors to my witt, wyles, and convoyance. 26.-I was taken with infirmiti of chiding Sanders, and I found many bitter expressions at will, and that of late I had resolved against it. Lord, pardon 1 27.-The Ladi Moortoun cam with ane other to the Sacrament, sicknes did distemper her: much infirmitie did I meet with, and doubtfulness if I should communicat: I wil propos noe sign, but look up and hearken. Yesternight I heard of the Lord Angus" and Sir Lewes Stewart's" death, and desird to prepar for it: ther the son taken befor the father, a good son befor a popish idolatrous father and mother. 28.-I heard that the factions wer assigning our Band to Englishes; this I spread before the Lord and committs al to him. 1 February.—I was sent to Inverness anent the garison of Bellacastell." I met with the Lord's providenc in my voyage. But, oh! the profanitie and drunkennes that I was forced to look on among the sogars that wer in the lodging. 2.—I heard this day at Urquhart that Cromwel, on Monday the 22 of Januar last [1654-5], had brok up the Parliament again. I can never wonder and worship enough, nor dive into the depth of the Lord's wisdom and holiness in thes things. 4—Die Dom. When I heard that the Lard of Leyes, Burnet," being a sober graue man, had a successour so profan, dissolut, and naghtie, my hart said, “What doe I travel for under the sun" How true is that of Solomon, “Men know not, who shall come after them, whether a wyse man or a fool.” 7.—I received new invitations to goe to London, anent our releef of Holland burdens: This I have comitted to God. 10.-This night I did catechiz the familie, anent ther constancie in the duties of secret prayer and reading scriptur, and found in them matter of humiliation for their loosnes and neglect. 13.—This day I did, efter morning worship with the famili, goe to Darnway . Efter I returned at night late, the Ladie Grant wryt for me. I was feard to goe because she was a Papist. 2. I had smal favour

* The parish of Dyke, on the south side * The Brodies of Lethen, in the parish of the Moray Firth, in the shire of Elgin, of Auldearn, Nairnshire. in which Brodie House is situated.

* Archibald, Earl of Angus, died during the life-time of his father William, first Marquess of Douglas, in the beginning of 1655.

* Sir Lewis Stewart of Kirkhill, Advocate, died in 1655.

* Bellacastell, or Castle Grant, in the parish of Cromdale.

* Alexander Burnet of Leys was served heir of his grandfather, Sir Thomas Burnet, Bart., in March, 1654; and Sir Alexander Burnet of Leys, Bart., was succeeded by his son, May, 1664. (Retours.)

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