Modernity: Modernization

Malcolm Waters
Taylor & Francis US, 1999 - 2080 páginas
A four volume collection of reprinted articles and book excerpts covering the critical discussion of modernity. The contributions ragne from theoretical analyses to empirical studies. Vol. 1, "Modernization", is in three sections: "Distinguishing Modern from traditional Socities", "The Rise of Capitalism" and "Diffusion and Convergence". The contirbutors include among others Herbert Spencer, Ferdinand Tönnies, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Talcott Parsons, Richard Münch, Neil J. Smelser, Anthony Giddens, Immanuel Wallerstein, R.H. Tawney, Wilbert E. Moore and Peter L. Berger. Vol. 2, "Cultural Modernity", is in two sections: "Modern Lifeworlds" and "Beliefs and Ideology". Among the contributors are: Kingsley Davies, Georg Simmel, Alex Inkeles, Sylvia Walby, Robert N. Bellah, Bryan Wilson, Mike Featherstone, Jeffrey C. Alexander, Pierre Bourdieu, Daniel Bell, Bryan S. Turner and Karl Mannheim. Vol. 3, "Modern Systems", is in two sections: "Economic Modernity" and "Political Modernity". The contributors include: Adolph A. Berle and Gardiner T. Means, Paul A. Baran and Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Braverman, Harold L. Wilensky, Park Polanyi, Alain Lipiet, Gianfranco Poggi, Michael Mann, Theda Skocpol, Ernst Gellner, Claus Offe and others. Vol. 4, "After Modernity" is in two sections: "Theory of Contemporary Configuration" and "Substantive Developments". Among the contributors are: Jürgen Habermas, Ulrich Beck, Scott Lash, Zygmunt Bauman, Frederic Jameson, Jean-François Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard, Craig Calhoun, Daniel Bell, John Urry, Ronald Inglehart, Roland Robertson and David Held

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Max Weber
Marx Weber and the Development of Capitalism
Frederick H Harbison and Charles A Myers
A Comparison of Japan
Johann P Arnason
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