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and where I have put down aught that is trite or insipid, it is due to my own natural obstinacy in refusing, or carelessness in neglecting, to defer the matter to your better judgment. Thus it is only right that whatever praise may be bestowed upon this book should be accorded to you ; my shoulders alone must bear the censure of the discerning reader.

I am, Madam, your very dutiful,

and loving husband,


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Page 11. footnote, for 806 read 237.
. 112, footnote, line 2 for Lane read Payne.

. line 3, for Lane's version read the version which

Payne had just previously prepared for the Villon Society.
, 144, line 11, for linen read silken.
.. 167, line 8. delete rarity and.
, 203, line 13, for plain, coloured read plain-coloured.
234, line 18, after work insert though not one which it is

necessary that the collector should acquire.
305, line 13, for 'The read 'A.


to the very end of his career. Nevertheless,
a fact that in youth alone do we make tho
great bargains which lay the foundations of our
careers as book-hunters.

It is this sad truth which fosters in most of us the belief that we live in a decadent age, and that the days of our youth were infinitely more seemly than those which we now endure. But it is we who have changed: the bargains are still there, and may still be had at the cost of youthful energy and enthusiasm.

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