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“My pipe is lit, my grog is mix'd,
My curtains drawn and all is snug ;
Old Puss is in her elbow-chair,
And Tray is sitting on the rug.'


unter der


What book-collector, we do not mean bookspeculator, does not smoke a pipe? We refuse to believe that any book-lover could possibly sit in an easy chair before the fire and pore over Browne's ‘Hydriotaphia,' Sidney's “Arcadia,' More's 'Utopia,' or Cotton's ‘Montluc' (all in folio, please) without a pipe in his mouth. Why, it is unthinkable. Yet the books which treat of tobacco are not all couched in that tranquil tone which is induced by the soothing weed. “The whole output of literature on tobacco,' writes Professor Routh, 'is eminently characteristic of the age in its elaborate titles, far-fetched conceits, and bitter invective. The spirit of criticism is so strong that even the partisans of the weed satirise the habits of the smoker.' King James's 'Counter Blaste to Tobacco,' first issued in 1604, Braithwaite's “The Smoaking Age,' 1617, and Barclay's 'Nepenthes, or, the Vertues of Tobacco,' 1614, have all been reprinted of late years. Bragge's ‘Bibliotheca Nicotiana' was printed at Birmingham in 1880.

52. Topography and County Histories need not detain us. Anderson's ‘Book

Topography. of British Topography' is a list of County Histories, etc., that had appeared up to

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1881; and Mr. A. L. Humphrey's Handbook to County Bibliography’amplifies and carries the record down to 1917. With this heading we shall include the collection of Atlases and Maps. Sir H. G. Fordham's Studies in Carto-Bibliography, British and French, and in the Bibliography of Itineraries and Road Books' contains a useful bibliography of this subject. It was published by the Clarendon Press in 1914.

53. Books on Trades should form an interesting series for the collector. Works on ‘Dialling 'and

Clock-making are frequent enough, Trades.

but we do not remember to have come across very many books which treat of the locksmith's art or coach-making, though such volumes appear from time to time in the catalogues. There must be treatises on almost every trade under the sun; we have a small volume which deals with the making of sealing-wax and wafers. Old treatises on brewing must be plentiful, as doubtless are volumes on all the larger and more important industries; but are there manuals for the loriner, the patten-maker, the umbrella-manufacturer ? Doubtless there are, though they must be few in number, and scarce too, since those for whom they were intended probably would not be the best preservers of books. Only about a century ago a small manual was put forth for the use of those whose business was the heraldiç decoration of carriage-panels. It was very popular in the trade, but is now scarcely to be had, and when found is invariably filthy and dilapidated. Like the little · Pastissier François,'such practical treatises soon go the way of all superseded books.

54. and 55. Of Travel books and Voyages we have already treated under the heading • Foreign Parts'—the first subject with which Travels and we have dealt in detail. Most globe- Voyages. trotters nowadays are members of the Royal Geographical Society, and the Library Catalogue of that institution is a valuable one for reference. It was printed in 1895, under the care of Mr. H. R. Mill.


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