Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts: ... Preserved in the Capitol at Richmond

R.F. Walker, 1888

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Página 52 - February, 1793, authorizing the settlement of the accounts between the United States and the individual States...
Página 289 - an act for reducing into one the several acts concerning executions, and for the relief of insolvent debtors.
Página 496 - Mills, a justice of the peace in and for said county, and being duly sworn on the holy evangelists of Almighty God, deposeth and saith, that on...
Página 145 - That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby authorized to require of the executives of the several states and territories, to take effectual measures to organize, arm and - equip, according to law, and hold in readiness to march at a moment's warning, their respective proportions of one hundred thousand militia, officers included, to be apportioned by the President of the United States...
Página 354 - I think it proper to add a special recommendation, it is this, that every officer and soldier will constantly bear in mind, that he conies to support the Laws, and that it would be peculiarly unbecoming in him to be in any way the infractor of them ; that the essential principles of...
Página 454 - An act to amend the act, entitled 'an act reducing into one the several acts concerning wills, the distribution of . intestates' estates, and the duty of executors and administrators,'
Página 490 - ... on the contrary, no shelter or refuge shall be given in their ports to such as shall have made prize of the subjects, people or property of either of the parties ; but if such shall come in, being forced by stress of weather, or the danger of the sea, all proper means shall be vigorously used, that they go out and retire from thence as soon as possible.
Página 398 - The House, according to the order of the day, proceeded, by joint ballot with...
Página 397 - Lee, were nominated a committee to meet a committee from the House of Delegates, in the conference chamber, and jointly with them to examine the...
Página 491 - France, England and all other nations have a right to cruise on our coasts ; a right not derived from our permission, but from the law of nature. To render this more advantageous, France has secured to herself, by a treaty with us, (as she has done also by a treaty with Great Britain, in the event of a war with us or any other nation) two special rights.

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