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To the Honourable


Author of the

Sacred POEMS,

Who died about Anrio 1635.

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Ead o'er these Raptures with a curious Eye, You must conclude this Eagle soared high: Montgomery Castle was the Place where Uc Had his sirst Breathing and Nativity. Of that most Noble House this Hero came, Who left the World this Legacy of Fame. Great Saint, unto thy Memory and Shrine I owe all Veneration, save Divine, For thy rare Poems, Piety and Pen Speak thee no less than Miracle of, Men, The Graces all, both Moral and Divine, In thee concenter, and with thee combine i These Sacred Lesions, set to thy sweet Lute, Was Musick that would make Apllo mute: Nay, all those warbling Chanters of the Spring Would sit half tame, to hear Arion sing. What Province hath produe'd a greater Soul Between the Artique and Antartique Pole,

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