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speak to all the different villages and that I should be mistaken in having made the treaty with the Indians. I hope Sir that your opinion will alone be my judge and that justice will plead my cause on this occasion. It is true that I bought a little tobacco and wheat to send to the Indians at Michilimakinac but this was indispensibly necessary. Now that I have given you an exact detail of my conduct it only rests with me to give you the numbers in the different villages I passed. 1st village of Arbre Croche.. ---The villages of the Puants altogether

340 " The village of the Foxes .....

300 The villages of the Saques ....

700 1st village of the Sioux is.

204 2nd " " " ..

230 " 3rd oo oo oo

| 260 • The Sioux of the Feuille Fire...

200 "6 The large village of the Sioux called the Tinctons.

800 cc


3,294 It is not possible to give you the number of tho Sauteux seeing that they are never settled in their place, and that one can never see them all together but I can say for certain that they are more numerous than the Sioux.


JOSEPH AINSEMICHILIMAKINAC 16th August 1787. [Q 48 part II page 425]


QUEBEC 29th October 1787 SIR, Your letter of the 1st instant, with papers concerning some late transactions in the Upper Country, Lord Dorchester has received ; since which a Memorial from several Merchants trading to those parts has been presented to his Lordship, accompanied with a copy of their letter to Captain Scott, which, with copies and extracts of other papers, they also produced, are herewith enclosed for your information, the like having been by his Lordship’s commands transmitted to the Commanding officer at Michilimackinac, that the accusations alledged against Messrs Dease & Ainsse may be made in their presence, to enable them to refute the charges affirmed by the complainants

I am &c (signed)


M. S. Sir John Johnson

(True Copy) (signed) FRANS. LE MAISTRE M. S. Indorsed "Michilimakinac 16th August 1787 from Joseph Ainse Mr. Ainse delivered this to the Com't Ist, May 1790. H. F.

State of the Troops in the Upper Posts 1st November 1787.

Lt. Colonels.







Q Masters.





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Delivered you on your departure for the Indian Country:
August 2 Cotton Shirts..

1 Callico do...
135 lbs Gum at different times....
Sundry Taylors work.........

The following articles furnished him in Ind. Country:
Sepr. 7th By Marchesseau, at the Dog Plains, 2 Kegs Gunpowder weighing

133 lbs....
Novr. 10th By Charles Paterson at the River St. Peters 1 fine scarlet

Chief's Coat....
6 fathom twist Tobacco.

.........8 Decr. 15th By Joseph Rocque

6lbs Vermillion........
1 pr Blankets 3 pts.
2 pr Do 2 Do...
1 pr Do 1% Do.....

..26-8 Jany, 29th By Jacques Frenier

3 Blankets of Strouds....

1 yr do x pts...
1 pr Leggins.....

1 Breech clout..

10-8 5 lbs twist Tobacco....

26-8 4 Slaves...

£33 · Feby. 10th By Hyppolite La River

25 Ibs Gunpowder..

3 lbs Ball
1% pr Blankets 2% points ....

By Charles Paterson
5 lbs Carrot Tobacco...

By Marchesseau of the Dog Plains
May 7th
46 87 lbs of Tobacco..

...10-8 11th

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MICHILIMACKINAC 20th August 1787 I certify to have received the above mentioned articles amounting to the sum of 328 Pounds 16 Shillings & Eight pence New York Currency, the whole for the Indian Department, as far as to the River St. Peter from the Port of Michilimackinac.



Received from M' Ainsse his Draft payable in October next on Sir John Johnson Bar for the above sum, which when paid will be in full. Michilimakinac 20th August 1787 for the General Partnership (signed)

A. HOLT , N. B. The four Slaves charged in the foregoing account, were purchased

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