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Cited in the following series:

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MAY 8, TO JULY 28, 1891.



VOL. 86.



Copyright, 1891, for the State of Michigan, by Daniel E, Soper,

Secretary of State.

Rec. hce, 28, 1891


Adopted October 8, 1891.

RULE 64.-Any person who is not a citizen of this State or of the United States, who is twenty-one years of age, and has been duly admitted to practice under the laws of a foreign country in the courts of record thereof, and who has come into this State with the intention of becoming a resident thereof, and who has declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States, may be admitted to practice in the several courts of this State by the Supreme Court, upon filing with the clerk of said Court proofs satisfactory to the Court of his having been admitted to practice in the courts of record in the country from which he came, and the certificate of at least two reputable members of the bar of this Court, certifying to his good moral character: Provided, said Court may require the applicant to submit to an examination by said Court as to his qualifications and knowledge of the law. Any one seeking admission to practice under this rule shall present a petition duly verified, stating his name, age, and former residence, the number of years he read law before having been admitted, and with whom and where, and by what court or courts admitted, and the number of years he has been in actual practice, and that he has declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and file the same with the clerk of this Court with the papers above referred to.

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