Classical Political Economy and Modern Theory: Essays in Honour of Heinz Kurz

Neri Salvadori, Christian Gehrke, Ian Steedman, Richard Sturn
Routledge, 17 de jun de 2013 - 384 páginas
Heinz Kurz is recognised internationally as a leading economic theorist and a foremost historian of economic thought. This book pays tribute to his outstanding contributions by bringing together a unique collection of new essays by distinguished economists from around the world.

Classical Political Economy and Modern Theory comprises twenty essays, grouped thematically into five sections. Part I examines political economy and its critique, Part II looks at entrepreneurship, evolution and income distribution, Part III discusses Cambridge, Keynes and macroeconomics, Part IV explores crisis and cycles, whilst Part V is dedicated to personal reminiscences.

The essays in this book will be an invaluable source of inspiration for economists interested in economic theory and in the evolution of economic thought. They will also be of interest to postgraduate and research students specialising in economic theory and in the history of economic thought.


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List of illustrations
just prices and the limits of pure
IS atural law and the existence and optimalig of political
a reassessment
The In iri al lin ari of Sraffas critical out utca ital ratios
A atch ork ostKe nesiane olutionar a roach to income
from a Marshallian neoclassical
lessons from the past and present
l9 Cantillon reyisited
Why does research work make
Sraffa at Kiel
Old Syvedes on money and capital
Heinz Kurzs publications

Was Schumpcter Walrasian?
Investment in the theory of evolutionary competition
The Elusive figure who hides in the Preface of Cambridge

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