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Prehistoric Jasper Quarries in the Lehigh Hills. By Henry C. Mercer. Page 1

Palæolithic Man in North America. By Dr. C. C. Abbott.

Man and the Glacial Period. By G. Frederick Wright.

Lehigh Island and its Relics. By A. F. Berlin.

Editorial. -

Book Review.


Modern Quarry Refuse and the Palæolithic Theory. By W. II. Holmes.

Pebbles chipped by Modern Indians as an aid to the study of the Trenton

Gravel Implements. By II. C. Mercer.

A Pre-Columbian Dinner. By. Dr. C. C. Abbott.

American Antiquities at the World's Columbian Exposition. By Harlan

I. Smith.


Book Review.


Distribution of Stone Implements in the Tidewater Country. By W. H.


Primitive Remains in the Saginaw Valley, Mich. By Harlan I. Smith.

Stone Image or Idol. By A. F. Berlin.

Kansas Archæology. By George J. Remsburg. .

Ancient Pipe from West Virginia. By L. V'. McWhorter.


Correspondence and Notes.

Ancient Village Sites along the Delaware River and Durham creek. By

Charles Laubach.

"Man and his Works" at the Columbian Exposition. By Harlan I. Smith.

Story of a Fort near Muir, Michigan. From Detroit News.

Flint knives. By J. R. Nissley.

Indian Bows and Arrows. By "Gen. Jas. S. Brisbin, U. S. A.

Paleolithic Man in Kansas. By Geo. J. Remsburg.

Editorial and Correspondence.


Are there Relics of Man in the Trenton Gravels? By Dr. C. C. Abbott.

A List of some Standard Archæological Literature. By II. I. Smith.

Wampum. By Wm. W. Adams.

An Interesting Discovery. By Geo. J. Remsburg.

Sepulchral Mounds in California. From Twentieth Century.

Remains of Ancient People on the Lower Neosho River, Kansas. By W.

S. Newlon.

Prehistoric Fort in Atchison, Kan. From Missouri Valley Farmer.

Vandalism among the Antiquities of Yucatan and Central America. By

M. HI. Saville.

Á Chinese Sword. Cor. Philadelphia Times.




An Exploration of the Region occupied by the Cliff Dwellers. By Thomas

Gordon King.

Ruins of Quivira, the City of Temples. By Jos. M. Hattan.

An Idol Pipe By A. F. Berlin.

An Additional List of Standard Archäological Literature. By Charles II.



Editorial and Correspondence.


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