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Report of the President..


General Fand.

Permanent Fund.

Building Fund

New High School Fund

Receipts and Expenditures.


New Books and Changes in Course of Study.

School Buildings and Enrollment of Pupils.

Extension of the School System..

The Kindergarten..

Free Public Library

School Libraries..

The Columbian Educational Exhibit.

Statistical and Graphic Exhibit.

Normal and High Schoo) Exhibit.

The District School Exhibit

The Kindergarten Exhibit.

The Drawing Exhibit

Awards for Excellence.

Committee on Exhibit.

Normal and High Schools.

Report of the Superintendent

School Statistics..

Population of the City.

School Population..

School Buildings – Comparative Table

Value of School Property

Increase in School Facilities.

Number of Teachers..

Enrollment and Attendance of Papils

Kindergarten Enrollment and Cost of Taition.

Cost of Tuition..

Absence and Tardiness.

Ages of Pupils.

Occupation of Parents


Classification by Grades of Advancement in Studies

Enrollment and Cost of Instruction Comparative Table.

Number of Salaries Paid..

Schedule of Salaries by Rank.

Classification of Schools

Corps of Teachers to Each School-Rule 72.

Ranks of Teachers.

Organization of Schools-Rale 72

Supply of Teachers

Teachers for the Kindergartens..

Normal and High School.

Normal and High School..

Report of the Principal.

Normal School....

Names of the Graduates.

Number of Applicants, Number Admitted, Number in

Classes, and Ages of Pupils.

Enrollment, Attendance and Tardiness.

Character of Attendance..

High School...

Names of the Graduates.

Record of Graduating Classes.

Attendance of Pupils..

Enrollment of Papils.

Ages of Pupils..

PAGE. Occupation of Parents.

72 Character of Attendance.

73 Sumner High School. Report of the Principal.

7+ Names of the Graduates.

76 Record of Normal Graduating Class

Record of High School Graduating Class
Oharacter of Attendance.

Ages of Papils
Occupation of Parents.
Attendance and Tardiness.

Evening School....
Ages of Pupils..

80 Occupation of Papils..

81 Birthplaces of Pupils..

82 Attendance..

83 Expenditures for Evening Schools.

83 Comparative Statistics - Evening Schools.

84 School for Deaf Mutes... Report of the Principal

85 District Schools. Methods of Instruction.

87 The Relation of the Kindergarten to the Primary School.

89 Report of the Principal of Crow School on the Synthetic Method of Froebel as applied to the different Grades..

104 School and Home

111 L'Ouverture School (colored) Manual Training Classes..

11] Drawing

116 Public Library.... Report of the President.

123 Report of the Librarian..

124 Receipts and Expenditures..

125 Report of the Treasurer.

127 Memberships..

128 Additions to the Library.

129 Exchanges and Donations,

132 Contents of the Library.

133 Binding..

134 Circulation...

135 Classified Circulation.

136 Summaries for the Year...

137 Periodicals.

139 Library and Intellectual Life in St. Louis.

140 Eliot Society Program, 1893-4.

143 Social Science Program

144 Death of ex-President Learned..,

146 Chronology of the Public (School) Library..

146 Donations — Volumes and Pamphlets..

149 Donations – Newspapers and Periodicals.

157 Life Members Added.

160 Appendix...

I Joint Annual Report of Secretary and Auditor.

iii Balance Sheet for the Year ending June 30, 1893..

iv Bills Receivable on hand June 30, 1893

viii Real Estate and Improvements for School purposes, June 30, 1893 Receipts and Expenditures for the Year ending June 30, 1893.

xiii List of Unleased Lands.

xvii List of Leased Lands..

xviii School Expenses Proper..

Tabular Statements (Superintendent's):-....

Table 1, Showing Names, Location, etc., of School Houses.
Table IÍ, Showing Character of Attendance..

xxxiii Table IIÍ, Showing Ages of Pupils Registered..

Xxxvi Table IV, Showing Occupation of Parents.

xxxix Table V, Showing Birthplace of Pupils

xlii Table VÍ, Enrollment and Attendance of Pupils...

xlv Table VII, Showing Classification and Grades of Study of Pupils. xlviii Table VIIÍ, Kindergartens..

lii Alphabetical List of Teachers..

lv School District Boundaries..

xciii Report of the Examining Committee..



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