Pictures of Nuremberg; and Rambles in the Hills and Valleys of Franconia, Volume 2


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Página 194 - Fairy's page, As merry and no taller, dances still, Nor wrinkles the smooth surface of the Fount. Here twilight is and coolness : here is moss, A soft seat, and a deep and ample shade. Thou may'st toil far and find no second tree. Drink, Pilgrim, here ; Here rest ! and if thy heart Be innocent, here too shalt thou refresh Thy Spirit, listening to some gentle sound, Or passing gale or hum of murmuring bees ! A TOMBLESS EPITAPH.
Página 72 - Hail, awful scenes, that calm the troubled breast, And woo the weary to profound repose ! Can Passion's wildest uproar lay to rest, And whisper comfort to the man of woes ! Here Innocence may wander, safe from foes, And Contemplation soar on seraph wings.
Página 71 - Oft did the cliffs reverberate the sound Of parted fragments tumbling from on high; And from the summit of that craggy mound The perching eagle oft was heard to cry, Or on resounding wings to shoot athwart the sky.
Página 301 - Only their names and deeds will stand outwritten — immortalized in that dread history for whose blood-stained pages they themselves have supplied the materials. But hold, my fancy ! whither wilt thou run ? Said I not rightly that thinking will oftentimes embitter the hours of life ? Ay, even to the shaming of one's " humanity." To be sure the fruitful text was, in this case, one full of fatality, and that which first introduced sin and sorrow into the world, could hardly be expected to afford any...

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