Appropriating English: Innovation in the Global Business of English Language Teaching

Peter Lang Pub Incorporated, 1 de jan de 2002 - 274 páginas
English seems to be becoming the global language as a result of the massive socio-economic, cultural, and technological changes that have been struggled over since the 1950s. For teachers of English to speakers of other languages and for those in

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The Challenges of Appropriating English
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Michael Singh is Professor of Education at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, and convenor of the educational research, leadership, and policy action forum, Green Wired Safe Australia. In addition to being the co-editor of Adult Education @ 21st Century (with Peter Kell and Sue Shore; Peter Lang, 2004), he is also the co-author of Appropriating English (with Peter Kell and Ambigapathy Pandian; Peter Lang, 2002), a study of innovation of the global business of English language teaching.

Peter Kell is Associate Professor in Adult Education and Further Education at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and has extensive leadership and research experience in vocational, professional and tertiary education. His research interests include adult literacy, transnational education markets, and technological innovations in vocational education. He is the co-author, with Michael Singh and Ambigapathy Pandian, of Appropriating English: Innovation in the Global Business of English Language Teaching (Peter Lang, 2002).

Ambigapathy Pandian is Associate Professor of Linguistics at University Sains Malaysia. He received his Ph.D. in English studies from the National University of Malaysia. In addition to writing and editing books on English and literacy, he has co

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