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NOW READY. EATON'S ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA. Designed for High Schools and Academies. By W. F. BRADBURY, Author of a Trigo. nometry and Surveying, and Teacher in Cambridge High School. Copies furnished for examination with reference to introduction on receipt of 60 cents.

The publishers present this volume to the educational public as a part of Eaton's Mathematical Series.

The acknowledged ability of the author as a mathematician and his practical experience as a teacher, peculiarly fit him to prepare a book of this grade.

It is thought that this work will surpass all others of a similar character in the following particulars :

1. Its superior mechanical execution.

2. Its brief and perspicuous method of stating principles and rules.

3. he omission of all topics not appropriate to an Elementary Algebra.

4. The arrangement of Equations in Elimination and the number and variety of examples throughout the work.

THE ELEMENTS OF ARITHMETIC. By James S. Eaton, M. A., Author of a series of Arithmetics.

188 pp. Retail price, 50 cents. It is the design of this work to present an outline of the most important principles of Arithmetic, special attention being given to the FUNDAMENTAL Rules, UNITED STATES Money, PERCENTAGE and the METRIC SYSTEM OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.

Teachers will find it a superior text-book for those pupils who have not time to pursue 6) full and complete a course in Written Arithmetic as is found in the larger books.

The most clear and concise rules and definitions.
The most practical and business-like examples.
The most logical and satisfactory explanations.
The most approved presentation of the Metric System.

This Series is rapidly becoming the standard in the best schools throughout the country.

QUESTIONS ON THE PRINCIPLES OF ARITHMETIO. Designed to indicate an outline of study and to facilitate a thorough system of reviews. By J.S. EATON, 15 cents.

BRADBURY'S TRIGONOMETRY AND SURVEYING. For High Schools and Academies. By W.F. BRADBURY, Cambridge. $1 50.

The attention of educators is invited to the following publications :Questions in Geography,

Worcester's History, The Universal Speaker,

Taylor's Classical Study,
Smellie's Philosophy of Natural History,
Philbrick's American Union Speaker.
Philbrick's Primary Union Speaker.
Philbrick's Primary School Tablets.

Descriptive catalogues sent on application to the Publishers.

Copies of Eaton's Arithmetics mailed, postage paid, for examination, on receipt of 13
cents for Primary, 20 cents for Intellectual, 45 cents for Common School, 60 cents for High
School, 50 cents for Grammar School, 25 cents for Elements,
Very liberal terms for first introduction.

(Successors to) TAGGARD & THOMPSON,

29 Cornhill, Boston.


IT IS NOW WELL SETTLED : 1st. That Warren's Geography was displaced from the Schools of the City of

Newburyport in February, 1869, by the introduction of Guyor's, which is now ex

clusively used there. 2xD. By the evidence introduced by us on a “ QUESTION OF Fact," that Warren's

New Common School Geography was thus superseded, to the extent of some 200

copies in the beginning classes. SD. By the same evidence, that Warren's New Edition was compared with Guyor,

and was really the book superseded.

A New Question is raised by the Agent of Warren in his recent Reply, to the effect that Warren's New Edition was never adopted in Newburyport, and the evidence of one of the Committee is introduced to prove that it never was adopted.

Was it thus Adopted ? We never claimed that it was. Upon slight changes in books it is not customary to re-adopt them, but to permit them to work into the Schools gradually, as new classes are formed or promoted.

A Kind of Proof that it was Adopted. In the Advertising pages of this Journal for Five consecutive months, commencing October, 1868, and ending February, 1869, is an Advertisement, to which we make reference, of which the following is an extract : “Warren's New Geographies. They have been recently introduced into the Cities Newburyport." (Signed]



Proof Number Two. In the Advertising pages of this Journal for Four consecutive months, commencing March, 1869, and ending June, 1869, in an Advertisement of which the following is an extract:

"Warren's New Series of Geographies,—the “Primary” and “Common School” Geographies, (the two lower books of the series) have already been adopted for the Public Schools of

* NEWBURYPORT.” [Signed]

DEXTER S. STONE, Agent, &c.

This evidence is submitted without comment as to its conclusiveness, but

Two Points in it require Notice. 1. It is asserted in both these Advertisements, signed by the Agent,-in the first by direct inference, in the second by direct assertion,-chat Warren's New PRIMARY was introduced and adopted in Newburyport, when it is now proved by evidence introduced on both sides that neither the Old or New Warren's Primary was in New

buryport at all, but CORNELL'S ! 2. The last quoted Advertisement, asserting in terms that the “Primary" and · Common School," "New Series," "had been recently adopted in Newburyport” was continued to be published in this Journal till June, 1869, for four months after it was known that Guyot had superseded all other Geographies in that City !

The Teachers of Newburyport. The certificates of two teachers out of fifty or more, does not seem so overwhelming in favor of Warren and against Guyot, especially when those two had used Guyot only a month.

Mr Noyes.

It is due to Mr. Noyes to make an Explanation. He is a very worthy gentlemanentirely disinterested—and of an unblemished character. He gave us the certificate we printed under the certain conviction that he did not sign the one previously printed by Warren's Agent. Afterwards at my suggestion, that he might have done so and forgotten it, he inserted the qualifying words, “to my best recollection and belief.“ Mr. Noyes is employed in a public office where the demands upon his attention are constant and multiplied, and would be excusable, if any body would, for a mistake of this kind,


A Glance Backward.

In the Spring of 1869 an Anonymous Attack, -not a Criticism, since it largely mistated outside facts, and was too virulent in tone-upon Guyot's Geographies, “Primary" and "Common School," then lately published, was printed in what was called an “ Extra” of a Columbus (Ohio) newspaper. Several editions of this Attack were at once printed in pamphlet form, and circulated over the country. Especially was it circulated in New England, and in Boston where a change in Geographies [Warren's being in use] was then agitated. We have never known from positive evidence who reprinted this attack here since it belonged to that style of literature, sent into the world without a name. But we do know by direct evidence who largely circulated it. It was circulated in Boston and vicinity in the interest of WARREN'S GEOGRAPHIES. It has so continued to be circulated, more or less, down to the present hour. The books of which this Attack treats, in a general way, are Guyotis "Primary” and “Common School.” It has since been circulated, as against “Guyot's Geographies"-against the “Elementary” and “Intermediate," books not published when it was written !

During the same Summer, 1869, a Statement of comparison between WARREN'S and Guyor's GEOGRAPHIES,-Guyot's "Primary” and “Common School,” the only ones then published, but not thus particularized by name in the Statement, since there could not at that time be a mistake as to the books referred to—was signed by some of the Boston Masters, and then by the WARREN INTEREST printed and circulated largely throughout the country. However much we regretted this, as it seemed to us rather basty judgment on the part of many of the Boston Masters, in signing this document, since this excellent body of men embraces not a few of our personal friends, yet we submitted to it in good nature, as fair and honorable, knowing that they did not intend it for circulation outside of Boston, where it would be sure to be misunderstood. Bear in mind that the comparison then and there made was between Guyor's *Primary" and "Common School" and Warren's. But this Document was not only circulated as stated above, but it has since been largely circulated and used, in many parts of the country, as expressing the judgment of the Boston Masters against Guyot's “Elementary" and "Intermediate” Geographies—books not published when the statement was written. It will be seen that this not only misrepresents Guyot's later books, but also, most unjustly and ungenerously, misrepresents the position and opinions of the Boston Masters. False and pretended opinions are thus attached to them in relation to books upon which they gave no judgment, and which when their Statement was written they had never seen, for the books did not then exist. They are thus, as it happens in this instance, without saying by your leave,' ranged BY THE WARREN INTEREST, disregardless of their wishes or reputation, in a position opposite to that generally occupied, upon this subject, by the great and intelligent body of Teachers in this country. And in this connection, from information since acquired and quite reliable—the Masters themselves may bear witness-we are convinced that their Statement was not intended so much to institute a critical comparison between two books or systems, however so worded, as to indicate in strong terms, the inexpediency, in their opinion, of a change of Geographies at the time when the statement was written.


"Warren's Two Geographies." As an offset to the above named Anonymous Attack, we printed a criticism orer our own name, in a Circular called “WARREN's Two GeoGRAPHIE8." It relates to the books themselves and not to outside matters. It is a fair criticism, with citations givenand it is not printed or circulated anonymously. Teachers are invited to read it and judge the truth of this assertion. Copies will be furnished free.

Then we bave circulated to some extent copies of the Boston Text-Book Committee's Report, a Public Document, in which Guyot's Geographies are recommended for use in Boston in place of Warren's. As we did not alter or change a word in this Report, it is not to be supposed that anybody intelligent enough to read can possibly be misled by it.

N. England Agent for Guyot's Geographies,

25 & 29 Cornhill, BOSTON.

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