Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England, Volume 1

William Carew Hazlitt
J.R. Smith, 1864

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Página 37 - Lamerock, with the wife of King Lote, that was his own aunt. This is good stuff for wise men to laugh at, or honest men to take pleasure at; yet I know, when God's Bible was banished the court, and <( Morte Arthur " received into the prince's chamber.
Página 37 - Papistry, as a standing Pool, covered and overflowed all England, few books were read in our Tongue, saving certain Books of Chivalry, as they said for Pastime and Pleasure, which, as some say, were made in monasteries by idle Monks or wanton Canons. As one for example, JWorfe Arthur, the whole pleasure of which Book standeth in two special points — in open Manslaughter, and bold Bawdry.
Página 229 - Robert the Deuyll was made knyght by the duke his fader. THIS duke assembled upon a hye feast of Whitsontyde, all • his barons and nobles of his lande, and the next of his kyn and frendes, in the presence of whome he called his sone to hym saynge thus, " Herke my sone Robert, and take hede what I shall tell you, it is so that by thaduyce of my counsell and good frendes, I am now aduysed to make you a knyght, to thentent that ye with other knyghtes to haunte chevalrye and knyghtes condycions, to...
Página 37 - ... danes nether the saxons yn the time of the auncient Britons shulde neuer haue ben abill to haue brought theire armies from so farre hither ynto your lond to haue conquered it if they had had at that time suche a sort of idell glotons to finde at home. The nobill king Arthur had neuer ben abill to haue caried his armie to the fote of the mountaines to resist the coming downe of lucius the Emperoure if suche yerely exactions had ben taken of his people.
Página 37 - In our forefathers tyme, whan Papistrie, as a standyng poole, covered and overflowed all England, fewe bookes were read in our tong, savyng certaine bookes of chevalrie, as they sayd, for pastime and pleasure, which, as some say, were made in Monasteries by idle Monkes or wanton Chanons ; as one for example, " Morte Arthure " ; the whole pleasure of which booke standeth in two speciall poyntes, in open mans slaughter and bold bawdrye.
Página 154 - Thei scholden ben symple, meke and trewe, and fulle of Almes dede, as Jhesu was, in whom thei trowe : but thei ben alle the contrarie, and evere enclyned to the Evylle, and to don evylle. And thei ben so coveytous, that for a lytylle Sylver, thei sellen here Doughtres, here Sustres and here owne Wyfes, to putten hem to Leccherie.
Página 66 - THE wolf in the putte stod, Afingret so that he ves wod ; I-nou he cursede that thider him broute ; The vox ther of luitle route. The put him wes the house ney, Ther freren woneden swithe sley. So that hit com to the time, That hoe shulden arisen ime, For to suggen here houssong. 0 frere ther wes among, Of here slep hem shulde awecche, Wen hoe shulden thidere recche. He seide, " Ariseth on and on, And kometh to houssong hevereuchon.
Página 5 - I am a gentleman ; lodging I lacke." "Thou hast not," quoth th' miller, "one groat in thy purse; All thy inheritance hanges on thy backe.
Página 231 - ... that on Whitsonyght the chyrche shold be watched, and tended with moche people, and theder cam Robert like a madman, and overthrowynge al them that came in his waye ferynge nother God nor the Deuyll, and he was never styll of all the nyght, and in the mornynge whan it was day Robert was made knyght. Then this duke comaunded a tournament to be made in the which the said Robert wrought maystryes, and dyde meruaylous dedes of armes, in kyllynge and berynge downe hors and man, no man refusynge nor...
Página 221 - UPON a tyme this duke and duchesse walked, and the duke began to shewe his mynde to his ladye, saynge, " Madame, we be not fortunate in so much that we can gete noo chyldren ; and they that made the maryage betwene us bothe they dyde grete synne, for I beleue and ye had been geuen to an other man, ye sholde haue had chyldren, and I also yf I had an other ladye.

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