Spirit of the Public Journals, Volume 2

Stephen Jones, Charles Molloy Westmacott
James Ridgway, 1799

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Página 109 - hat has got a hole in't, So have your breeches! Weary Knife-grinder! little think the proud ones, Who in their coaches roll along the turnpikeRoad, what hard work 'tis' crying all day
Página 182 - that whenever fortune feems wantonly to deviate from her purpofe, and leaves her work imperfect in this particular, the hiftorian would indulge himfelf in the licence of poetry and romance, and even do a violence to truth, to oblige his reader with a page, which muft be the
Página 356 - alone, Shall France compel the nations to be free, Till love and joy look round, and call the earth their own." IV. Forgive me, Freedom ! O forgive
Página 3 - noblemen, whom the tyranny of KING JOHN has obliged to fly from their country, and who, after wandering about the Continent for fome time, have fixed their refidence at WEIMAR. The news of the fignature of MAGNA CHARTA arriving, determines PUDDINGFIELD and BEEFINGTON to return to England. Young POTTINGEN opens his
Página 3 - to the inn where they are to fet off for Hamburgh, they meet CASIMERE, from whom they had both received many civilities in. Poland. CASIMERE, by this time, tired of his "DOUBLE ARRANGEMENT," and having learnt from the Waiter that ROGERO is confined in the vaults of the neighbouring Abbey
Página 218 - of the world, has puzzled the philofophers of all ages. What a medley of opinions have they not broached upon the creation of the world
Página 160 - under the firft letter, and going down to ZODIAC, which is to be found under the laft. " I am perfuaded that there is no SCIENCE, however abftrufe, nay, no TRADE or MANUFACTURE, which may not be taught by a DIDACTIC POEM.
Página 160 - fyftem of LINNAEUS ;—yet I truft that the range and variety of illuftration with which I have endeavoured to ornament and enlighten the arid truths of EUCLID and ALGEBRA, will be found to have fmoothed the road of demonftration, to have
Página 182 - character, thus perhaps imperfectly delineated, we may conclude in the words of an excellent author : " He fell by a death as glorious as his life had been, and which was fo truly agreeable to it, that the latter muft have
Página 175 - gratulation fweet: Eager to grafp the wreath of naval fame, The GREAT REPUBLIC plans the Floating Frame ! —O'er the huge plane gigantic TERROR ftalks, And counts with joy the clofe-compa&ed balks : Of young-ey'd MASSACRES the Cherub crew Round their grim Chief the mimic

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