Contributions from the Biological Laboratories in Princeton University, Volume 3

Consists of reprints of articles from various journals.

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Página 578 - Gen., t. 8. FOOT, K., AND STROBELL, E. 1911 Amitosis in the ovary of Protenor belfragei and a study of the chromatin nucleolus. Arch. f. Zellforsch., Bd.
Página 579 - Lillie, RS 1903. On differences in the direction of the electrical convection of certain free cells and nuclei.
Página 580 - 96 — The Production of Artificial Astrospheres. Ibid., iii. '99 — The Action of Salt Solutions on the Unfertilized and Fertilized Eggs of Arbacia. Ibid., viii, 3. 'oo — Further Studies in the Action of Salt Solutions and other Agents on the Eggs of Arbacia. Ibid., x, 2, 3.
Página 578 - Ueber den Befruchtungs- und Theilungsvorgang des thierischen Eies unter dem Einfluss ausserer Agentien.
Página 519 - ... the solution between the plates of a battery with closed external circuit, though the gradient in the cell is much steeper. I do not propose to elaborate the above theory further at present. The foregoing analysis, whatever its defects in detail, indicates, I believe, that by taking account of the changes of potential resulting from alterations in the permeability of electrically polarized membranes, certain characteristic phenomena of mitosis are susceptible of consistent physico-chemical explanation.
Página 580 - Mead, AD 1898. The origin and behavior of the centrosomes in the annelid egg.
Página 547 - ... the egg develop, thus showing that the activating influence of the spermatozoon has affected both halves. Since in this case the centrosome is the only structure derived from the spermatozoon which is known to go into both cleavage cells he reached his well known conclusion that the essential thing in fertilization is the addition of a centrosome to the egg cell. It is possible of course that other unrecognized structures are introduced by the spermatozoon and serve to activate the egg. Meves...
Página 577 - Cell-Lineage of the Ascidian Egg. Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci., Phila., XIII, 1905. Mosaic Development...
Página 578 - GODLEWSKI, E. : Plasma und Kernsubstanz in der nonnalen und der durch aussere Faktoren veranderten Entwicklung der Echiniden. Arch.

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