The Southeastern Reporter, Volume 40

West Publishing Company, 1902
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Página 381 - The court may determine any controversy between parties before it, when it can be done without prejudice to the rights of others, or by saving their rights ; but when a complete determination of the controversy cannot be had without the presence of other parties, the court must order them to be brought in.
Página 339 - Court, as well the Party issuing such Process as the Party making such Claim...
Página 75 - ... on the trial of any of the offences in this section mentioned it shall not be necessary to prove an intent on the part of the defendant to defraud any particular person, but it shall be sufficient to prove that the defendant did the act charged, with an intent to defraud.
Página 66 - ... no person duly authorized to practice physic or surgery shall be allowed to disclose any information which he may have acquired in attending any patient, in a professional character, and which information was necessary to enable him to prescribe for such patient as a physician, or to do any act for him, as a surgeon.
Página 376 - Under color of a known election or appointment, void because the officer was not eligible, or because there was a want of power in the electing or appointing body, or by reason of some defect or irregularity in its exercise, such ineligibility, want of power, or defect being unknown to the public. "Fourth. Under color of an election or an appointment by or pursuant to a public, unconstitutional law, before the same is adjudged to be such.
Página 424 - A majority of the trustees shall be a quorum for the transaction of business ; a less number may adjourn from time to time and compel the attendance of absent members in such manner as shall be prescribed by ordinance.
Página 17 - ... dollar cash in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.
Página 452 - The judicial power of this State, both as to matters of law and equity, shall be vested in a supreme court, circuit courts, courts of probate, and in justices of the peace.
Página 198 - When a given state of facts is such that reasonable men may fairly differ upon the question as to whether there was negligence or not, the determination of the matter is for the jury. It is only where the facts are such that all reasonable men must draw the same conclusion from them that the question of negligence is ever considered as one of law for the court.
Página 300 - ... that the negligence of the defendant was the proximate cause of the injury sustained.

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