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Caton*, translated into Englyshe by Mayster Benet

Burgh, &c. mentioned by Caxton. Cathon [Parvus and Magnus) transl. &c. by Caxton 1483 + Preceptes of Cato, with Annotations of Erasmus, &c. 24mo. Lond.

.. 1560 and 1562 Catonis Disticha, Latin and English, small 8vo. Lond.

1553 Ames mentions a Discourse of Human Nature, trans

lated from Hippocrates, p. 428; an Extract from Pliny, translated from the French, p. 312; Æsop $, &c. by Caxton and others; and there is no doubt, but many Translations at present unknown, may be gradually recovered, either by industry or accident.

* Probably this was never printed.

+ There is an entry of Caton at Stationers' Hall in 1591 byAdams, in Eng. and Lat. Again, in the year 1591 by Thomas Orwin. Again, in 1605, “ Four Bookes of morall Sentences, entitled Cato, translated out of Latin into English by J. M. Master of Arts."

♡ “ Æsop's Fables in Englyshe" were entered May 7th, 1590, on the books of the Stationers' Company. Again, Oct. 1591. Again, Esop's Fables in Meter, Nov. 1598. Some few of them had been paraphrased by Lydgate, and I believe, are still unpublished. See the Brit. Mus. Harl. 2251.

It is much to be lamented that Andrew Maunsell, a bookseller in Lothbury, who published two parts of a catalogue of English printed books, fol. 1595, did not proceed to his third collection. This, according to his own account of it, would have consisted of “ Grammar, Logick, and Rhetoricke, Lawe, Historie, Poetrie, Policie,” &c. which, as he tells us, “ for the most part concerne matters of delight and pleasure.”






1. A short. View of Tragedy; its Original, Excellency, and Corruption. With some Reflections on Shakspeare and other Practitioners for the Stage. By Mr. Rymer, Servant to their Majesties. Small 8vo. 1693.

. 2. Some Reflections on Mr. Rymer's Short View of Tragedy; and an Attempt at a Vindication of Shakspeare, in an Essay directed to John Dryden, Esq. By Charles Gildon.--This Tract is found only in Gildon's Miscellaneous Letters and Essays on several Subjects, small 8vo. 1694.

3. Remarks on the Plays of Shakspeare. By C. Gildon, 8vo. Printed at the end of the seventh volume of Rowe's edition. 1710.

4. An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Shakspeare, with some Letters of Criticism to the Spectator. By Mr. Dennis. 8vo. 1712.

5. Shakspeare Restored: or a Specimen of the many Errors as well committed as unamended, by Mr. Pope in his late Edition of this Poet. Designed not only to correct the said Edition, but to restore the true Reading of Shakspeare in all the Editions ever yet published. By Mr. Theobald. 4to. 1726.

6. An Answer to Mr. Pope's Preface to Shakspeare, in a Letter to a Friend, being a Vindication of the old Actors who were the Publishers and Performers of that Author's Plays. Whereby the Errors of their Edition are further accounted for, and some Memoirs of Shakspeare and the Stage History of his Time are inserted, which

were never before collected and published. By a Strolling Player. (John Roberts.) 8vo. 1729.

7. Some Remarks on the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, written by William Shakspeare. Printed for W. Wilkins in Lombard Street. 8vo. 1736.

8. Explanatory and Critical Notes on divers Passages of Shakspeare's Plays, by Francis Peck. Printed with his New Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Mr. John Milton. 4to. 1740.

9. An Essay towards fixing the true Standards of Wit and Humour, Raillery, Satire, and Ridicule; to which is added an Analysis of the Characters of an Humourist, Sir John Falstaff, Sir Roger de Coverley, and Don Quixote. By Corbyn Morris, Esq. 8vo. 1744.

10. Miscellaneous Observations on the Tragedy of Macbeth : with Remarks on Sir Thomas Hanmer's Edition of Shakspeare. To which is affixed-Proposals for a new Edition of Shakspeare, with a Specimen. [By Dr. Samuel Johnson.] 12mo. 1745.

11. A Word or two of Advice to William Warburton, a Dealer in many Words. By a Friend. [Dr. Grey.) With an Appendix, containing a Taste of William's Spirit of Railing: 8vo. 1746.

12. Critical Observations on Shakspeare: by John Upton, Prebendary of Rochester. 8vo. First Edition, 1746. Second Edition, 1748.

13. Essay on English Tragedy, with Remarks on the Abbé Le Blanc's Observations on the English Stage. By William Guthrie, Esq. 8vo. No date, but printed in 1747.

14. An Enquiry into the Learning of Shakspeare, with Remarks on several Passages of his Plays. In a Conversation between Eugenius and Neander. By Peter Whalley, A. B. Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford. 8vo. 1748.

15. An Answer to certain Passages in Mr. W—'s Preface to his Edition of Shakspeare, together with some Remarks on the Errors and many false Criticisms in the Work itself. 8vo. 1748.

16. Remarks upon a late Edition of Shakspeare: with a long String of Emendations borrowed by the celebrated Editor from the Oxford Edition, without Acknowledoment. To which is prefixed, a Defence of the late Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart. Addressed to the Rev. Mr. Warburton, Preacher of Lincoln's Inn, &c. 8vo. No date.


17. The Canons of Criticism and Glossary, being a Supplement to Mr. Warburton's Edition of Shakspeare. Collected from the Notes in that celebrated Work, and proper to be bound up with it. By the other Gentleman

. of Lincoln's Inn. [Mr. Edwards.] First Edition. 8vo. 1748. Seventh Edition, with Additions. 8vo. 1765.

Remarks on Shakspeare by Mr. Roderick, are printed at the end of this last Edition.

18. An Attempte to rescue that aunciente English Poet and Play-wrighte Maister Williame Shakspeare from the many Errours faulsely charged on him by certaine newfangled Wittes ; and to let him speak for himselfe, as right well he wotteth, when freede from the many careless Mistakings of the heedless first Imprinters of his Workes. By a Gentleman formerly of Gray's Inn. [Mr. Holt.] 8vo. 1749.

[May 1, 1750, Mr. Holt issued out Proposals for publishing by Subscription, both in octavo and twelves, an edition of our author's plays.]

19. Miscellaneous Observations on the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: with a Preface, containing some general Remarks on the Writings of Shakspeare. 8vo. 1752.

20. The Beauties of Shakspeare: regularly selected from each Play: with a general Index digesting them under proper Heads. Illustrated with explanatory Notes, and similar Passages from ancient and modern Authors. By William Dodd, B. A. late of Clare Hall, Cambridge. 2 Vols. 12mo. First Edition, 1752. Second Edition, 1757. Third Edition, in 3 Vols. 1780.

21. Shakspeare Illustrated : or the Novels and Histories on which the Plays of Shakspeare are founded, collected and translated from the original Authors, with critical Remarks. In 2 Volumes. [By Mrs. Lenox.] 12mo. 1753.

A third Volume with the same Title, 1754. 22. The Novel from which the Play of the Merchant of Venice, written by Shakspeare, is taken, translated from the Italian. To which is added, a Translation of a Novel from the Decamerone of Boccaccio. 8vo. 1755.

23. Critical, Historical, and Explanatory Notes on Shakspeare, with Emendations of the Text and Metre: by Zachary Grey, LL. D. 2 Vols. 8vo. 1755.

24. The Castrated Letter of Sir Thomas Hanmer, in the Sixth Volume of BIOGRAPHLA BRITANNICA, wherein

is discovered the first Rise of the present Bishop of Gloucester's Quarrel with that Baronet, about his Edition of Shakspeare's Plays: to which is added, an impartial Account of the extraordinary Means used to suppress this remarkable Letter. By a Proprietor of that Work. [Philip Nichols.] 4to. 1763.

25. A Revisal of Shakspeare's Text, wherein the Alterations introduced into it by the more modern Editors and Criticks are particularly considered. [By Mr. Heath.] 8vo. 1765.

26. A Review of Dr. Johnson's New Edition of Shakspeare; in which the Ignorance or Inattention of that Editor is exposed, and the Poet defended from the Persecution of his Commentators. By W. Kenrick, 8vo. 1765.

27. An Examination of Mr. Kenrick's Review of Mr. Johnson's Edition of Shakspeare. [By Mr. Barclay.) 8vo. 1766.

28. A Defence of Mr. Kenrick's Review of Dr. Johnson's Shakspeare, containing a number of curious and ludicrous Anecdotes of Literary Biography. By a Friend. [i, e. W. Kenrick.) 8vo. 1766.

29. Observations and Conjectures on some Passages of Shakspeare. [By Tho. Tyrwhitt, Esq.) 8vo. 1766.

30. An Essay on the Learning of Shakspeare, addressed to Joseph Cradock, Esq. By the Rev. Dr. Richard Farmer, 8vo. 1767. Second Edition, crown 8vo. 1767. Third Edition, crown octavo, 1789.

31. Á Letter to David Garrick, Esq. concerning a Glossary to the Plays of Shakspeare, on a more extensive Plan than has hitherto appeared. To which is added a Specimen. By Richard Warner, Esq. 8vo. 1768.

32. An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakspeare, compared with the Greek and French dramatick Poets, with some Remarks upon the Misrepresentations of Monsieur de Voltaire. By Mrs. Montagu. 8vo. First Edition, 1769. Second Edition, 1776.

33. The Tragedy of King Lear as lately published, vindicated from the Abuse of the Critical Reviewers; and the wonderful Genius and Abilities of those Gentlemen for Criticism, set forth, celebrated and extolled. By the Editor of King Lear. (Charles Jennens, Esq.) 8vo. 1772.

34. Shakspeare, 4to. This piece was written by Dr. Kenrick Prescott, and is dated Feb. 6, 1774.

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