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don, so that even the bishops heard and marvelled
thereat. Moreover, sir Thomas, member of par-
liament, spake of the same unto other members
of parliament, who spake thereof unto the peers of
the realm. Lo! thus did our counsels enter into
the hearts of our generals and our lawgivers; and
from henceforth, even as we devised, thus did
[After this, the book is turned on a sudden from
his own life to a history of all the publick transac-
tions of Europe, compiled from the newspapers of
those times. I could not comprehend the meaning
of this, till I perceived at last, to my no small asto-
nishment, that all the measures of the four last years
of the queen, together with the peace at Utrecht,
which have been usually attributed to the earl of Ox-
ford, duke of Ormond, lords Harcourt and Boling-
broke, and other great men, do here most plainly
appear to have been wholly owing to Robert Jen-
kins, Amos Turner, George Pilcocks, Thomas White,
but above all, P. P.
The reader may be sure I was very inquisitive
after this extraordinary writer, whose work I have
here abstracted. I took a journey into the country
on purpose: but could not find the least trace of
him: till by accident I met an old clergyman, who
said he could not be positive, but thought it might
be one Paul Philips, who had been dead about twelve
years. And upon inquiry, all we could learn of that
person from the neighbourhood, was that he had
been taken notice of for swallowing loaches, and
remembered by some people by a black and white

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[In the church-yard I read his epitaph, said to be written by himself.]

O reader, if that thou canst read, -
Look down upon this stone;

Do all we can, death is a man
That never spareth none.

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* The History of John Bull, when first published in detached parts by J. Morphew in 1712, was said to be “by the Author “ of the New Atalantis.” As it now stands, the whole has

been methodised, and some few passages omitted. See particularly chap. xiii.

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