A Topographical History of Surrey, Volume 2,Parte 1


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Página 99 - Tuscan came my lady's worthy race, Fair Florence was sometime her ancient seat, The western isle whose pleasant shore doth face Wild Camber's cliffs did give her lively heat; Fostered she was with milk of Irish breast, Her sire an earl, her dame of princes' blood; From tender years in Britain she doth rest With king's child, where she tasteth costly food.
Página 10 - They have signed and sealed ten thousand pounds a year more to the Duchess of Cleveland, who has likewise near ten thousand pounds a year out of the new farm of the country excise of beer and ale, five thousand pounds a year out of the post-office, and, they say, the reversion of all the King's leases, the reversion of all places in the custom-house, the green wax, and indeed what not ? All promotions, spiritual and temporal, pass under her cognizance.
Página 212 - I remember when I began to read, and to take some pleasure in it, there was wont to lie in my mother's parlour (I know not by what accident, for she herself never in her life read any book but of devotion...
Página 216 - I hear soft music die along the grove : Led by the sound, I roam from shade to shade, By godlike poets venerable made; Here his first lays majestic DENHAM sung: There the last numbers flow'd from COWLEY'S
Página 237 - And listen'd for the queen of all the quire; Fain would I hear her heavenly voice to sing; And wanted yet an omen to the spring.
Página 164 - Deathless principle, arise ! Soar, thou native of the skies ; Pearl of price, by Jesus bought, To His glorious likeness wrought ! Go, to shine before His throne ; Deck his mediatorial crown ; Go, His triumphs to adorn ; Made for God, to God return...
Página 215 - They had been together to see a neighbour of Cowley's; who (according to the fashion of those times) made them too welcome. They did not set out for their walk home till it was too late; and had drank so deep, that they lay out in the fields all night.
Página 52 - Twas no long Time before this Xantippe made Mr. Thimble's Prediction good ; and when he died, the last Words he spake were : Oracle, Oracle, Tom Thimble, and so he gave up the Ghost.
Página 213 - I happened to fall upon, and was infinitely delighted with the stories of the knights, and giants, and monsters, and brave houses, which I found everywhere there (though my understanding had little to do with all this); and by degrees with the tinkling of the rhyme and dance of the numbers, so that I think I had read him all over before I was twelve years old, and was thus made a poet as immediately as a child is made an eunuch.

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