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capital stock.


signed, certified, and filed as hereinbefore required in the case of original articles of association.

SEC. 8. The directors may call in subscriptions to the capital Calling in substock of such corporation by installments, in such portions, and at sering such times and places as they shall think proper, by giving notice thereof as the by-laws shall prescribe; and in case any stockholder Neglect to pay. shall neglect or refuse payment of any such installment for the space of sixty days after the same shall become due and payable, and after he shall have been notified thereof, the stock of such delinquent stockholder may be sold by the directors, at public auction, at the office of the secretary of the corporation, giving at least thirty days' notice in some newspaper published in the county: Provided, That if said stockholder shall reside in this State, the Proviso. stock shall be sold at the business office of said corporation, in the county in which they are doing business, giving at least thirty days' notice thereof in some newspaper published in the county. If no newspaper be published in the county in which such corporation transacts their business, then it shall be published in the newspaper in the city of Detroit, which shall have at the time the largest circulation; and the proceeds of such sale shall be at first applied in payment of the installment called for, and the expenses on the same, and the residue shall be refunded to the owner thereof; and such sale shall entitle the purchaser to all the rights of a stockholder, to the extent of the shares so bought.

SEC. 9. Every such corporation organized as hereinbefore pre- Powers of cor. scribed shall have the following powers, and be subject to the po liabilities and restrictions following, that is to say: First, To cause such examinations and surveys for the proposed Surveys, etc.,

of proposed improvements, whether of dams, canals, or digging or deepening of improvement. channels, to be made as may be necessary to prepare for the work to be done;

Second, To purchase and by voluntary grants and donations to Acquisition of receive, enter upon, take, hold, and use all such lands and real lande, etc. estate and other property as may be necessary for the construction and maintenance of the work proposed in the approved plans of such company; Third, To divert into any canal, excavated or constructed under To divert waters

and flood lands. the provisions of this act, waters from Lake Superior or St. Mary's“ river, to flood lands belonging to said company by constructing the necessary dams in said canal, subject to the consent of the board of supervisors of the proper county in which said waters so diverted are situated.

SEC. 10. Said corporation may, in the exercise of its discretion, To construct erect along the line of its canal or over different portions of its graph and property, such railroads as may be necessary for connecting manu- telephone lines facturing establishments situated upon or connected with their premises or enjoying water privileges from them with any line of railroad or any harbor near them, and such telegraph lines or telephonic lines as may be reasonably necessary or convenient in connection therewith. Said corporation may purchase and hold such To purchase and tracts of land along the line of its canal and water courses, as may

railroads, tele

To furnish water,

Penalty for obstruction of waters and in. jury to proper. ty, etc.

Annual report.

reasonably be necessary or convenient for the conveying of water, stóring it, and dispensing and dividing it among those who wish to purchase or lease it for any of the purposes mentioned in tbis act, or for the purpose of erecting manufactories or mills upon.

SEC. 11. Such company may furnish water to other persons or companies for mining, manufacturing, milling, domestic, municipal, or agricultural purposes, on such rent as shall be agreed upon by and between it and those desiring to obtain it, or it may use the same for such purposes itself in any class of manufacturing purposes. It is authorized to bring suit to enforce the payment of such rent in any proper court of the county where its principal office is located

SEC. 12. If any person shall willfully obstruct any stream or waters improved under the provisions of this act or any part thereof, or shall willfully destroy or injure any buildings, piers, dams, fixtures, banks, or other constructions in use upon the same, belonging to said company, such person or persons so offending, shall, for every offense, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not more than one year, in the discretion of the court.

SEC. 13. On or before the first Monday in July in each year it shall be the duty of the directors of every company formed under this act to report to the secretary of State, under the oath of the secretary and at least two of the directors, the length of the stream or waters so constructed or improved, the cost of such improvements, the amount of money expended, the amount of their capital, how much of the same is paid in, and how much is expended, the whole amount of tolls or earnings expended on such improvements, the amount of money received during the previous year for tolls, and from all other sources, stating each separately, the amount set apart for repairs, the amount of dividends made, and the amount of indebtedness of such company, specifying the object for which such indebtedness accrued.

SEC. 14. Each and every company formed under this act shall pay to the treasurer of the State of Michigan an annual tax at the rate of one per cent on the whole amount of capital paid in upon the capital stock of said company, which tax shall be estimated upon the last preceding report of said company, and shall be paid to the said treasurer on the first Monday in July of each year and shall be in lieu of all other taxes upon all the property of said company.

SEC. 15. The stockholders of every company organized in pursuance of this act shall be jointly and severally personally liable for the payment of all debts and demands against such association, which shall be contracted, or which shall be or shall become due during the time of their holding such stocks for any labor or services done or performed for such company, but no stockholder shall be proceeded against for the collection of any debt or demand against such company until execution on judgment for such labor and services shall have been returned unsatisfied, or unless such association shall be dissolved.

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ing, or manufacturing any such ores or minerals, wholly at any
place other than in the State of Michigan.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved April 20, 1883.

tached from

county seat,

[ No. 35. ] AN ACT to detach certain territory from the county of Bay and

to organize the same into a new county to be known as the county of Arenac.

SECTION 1. I he People of the State of Michigan enact, That Territory detownships number nineteen and twenty north, of range three Bay county and east; towns number eighteen, nineteen, and twenty north, of range organized as four east; towns eighteen, nineteen, and twenty north, of range Arenac. five east; towns eighteen, nineteen, and twenty north, of range six east; towns eighteen, pineteen, and twenty north, of range seven east; and town twenty north, of range eight east, and all the islands attached to the townships of Whitney and Au Gres, be and are hereby detached from the county of Bay and organized into a new county to be called and known as the county of Arenac.

SEC. 2. There are three places selected in this act for a county Selection of seat in said county, namely: The villages of Sterling, Standish, cour and Omer. The said several selections shall be submitted to the voters of said county at the next general election, and the electors shall designate by ballot, the same to be deposited in a separate box, one of the above named places, and the place or selection having the greatest number of votes shall be deemed the county seat for said county.

SEC. 3. The temporary county seat of said county, until perma- Temporary nently located as provided in section two, shall be located in the cour village of Omer.

SEC. 4. At a special township election to be held on the first Election of Monday of June next, the proper county officers for said county shall be elected, whose terms of office shall expire on the first day of January in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and eightyfive, and when their successors are elected and qualified, said officers so elected, on or before the second day of July next, shall take Oath of office. and subscribe the oath of office prescribed to be taken by county officers by the constitution and laws of this State, and shall have Powers and and possess all the powers, and discharge all the duties conferred "u upon or required of county officers in this State, and shall enter upon the discharge of said duties on the second day of July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and eighty-three. Sec. 5. The several township officers now elected in said county Township officers

ģ in said county. shall hold their respective offices for the terms they were elected, ". and the inspectors of elections of said townships shall each appoint Board of county a member of their board a member of the board of county canyassers for said county, and they shall meet at the school-house in the Meeting of. village of Omer, in the township of Arenac, on the second Tues

county seat.

county officers.

duties of.


bonds of county officers.

Register to
make transcripts

ized to remain attached to Bay

tain purposes.

day of Jane next, to canvass the votes in the townships of said county of Arenac, for county officers, to which board the proper township officers are required to make returns of such votes on or

before the day of meeting of said board as provided in this section ; Board to approve and said board is also authorizea, and it is hereby made their duty,

to approve the proper bonds of said county officers. County declared SEC. 6. Said county is hereby created and declared a body cora body corporate porate and politic with all the powers and duties conferred upon or

required of organized counties by the constitution and laws of this State.

Sec. 4. The county register of said county shall make transcripts of records. Ple of all records in other counties necessary to be and appear upon the

records of the said county of Arenac. Territory organ. SEC. 8. All the territory herein described and designated as the

v county of Arenac shall, until organized according to the procounty for cerevisions of this act, remain attached to the county of Bay, for judi

cial, taxable, and other purposes, and nothing in this act shall in any way interfere with the authority of the officers of the county of Bay for collecting the taxes assessed within the territory comprised in said county of Arenac for the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and eighty-two; Provided, Şaid county of Arenac shall bear its just proportion of State taxes for the year of

our Lord eighteen hundred and eightv-three. Representative SEC. 9. Said county of Arenac to remain in the second represendistrict and judi. totica distint of

01. tative district of Bay county, and shall also remain in the thirtieth

senatorial district, and in the eighteenth judicial circuit. The Returns for State returns for State senator, and for representative in the State legis

elle lature for the second district of Bay county shall be made to the

county clerk of Bay county, and shall be forwarded by the board
of township inspectors of election on the day prescribed by law for
the meeting of county canvassers until the next apportionment is
made for members of the State legislature.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved April 21, 1883.

cial circuit of.

senator and rep. resentative, to whom made,

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Mutual fire insurance com.

States authorized to do business in this State,

[No. 36.] AN ACT to allow mutual fire insurance companies of other States

to do business within this State. SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That it panies from other shall be lawful for any mutual fire insurance company, organized

Leid under the laws of any other State of the United States, and being

possessed of at least two hundred thousand dollars of actual net cash assets, to transact the business of fire insurance in this State, in like manner as stock companies of other States may do, upon receiving from the commissioner of insurance a certificate of authority. Such amount of two hundred thousand dollars shall be deemed to be the actual capital of such company, and shall be treated as capital by the commissioner of insurance, in determin

ing the solvency of such company. In all other respects such
mutual fire insurance companies shall be subject to all the penalties
and provisions of law applicable to stock fire insurance companies
of other States, transacting business in this State.

Ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved April 21, 1883.

ciation, by whom executed and

[ No. 37. ] AN ACT to incorporate the grand army of the republic, depart

ment of Michigan, and subordinate posts of the grand army of the republic.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the Incorporation grand army of the republic, department of Michigan, and subordi- author nate posts of the grand army of the republic of the department of Michigan may be incorporated in pursuance of the provisions of this act.

SEC. 2. The commander, senior vice commander, junior vice Articles of assocommander, assistant adjutant general, of the department of Mich-eleto igan, grand army of the republic, may make and execute articles of what to set forth. association under their hands and seals, which articles of association shall be acknowledged before some officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments of deeds, andshall set forth :

First, The names of the officers above mentioned and their places of residence;

Second, The corporate name by which the association shall be known in law;

Third, The object and purpose of such association, which shall be to promote the general welfare of the order known as the grand army of the republic, and the period for which it is incorporated, which shall not exceed thirty years.

SEC. 3. A copy of said articles of association, together with a copy copy of articles of the rules and regulations of the grand army of the republic shall of be filed with the secretary of State, and thereupon the persons who to be filed. shall have signed such articles of association, their associates and successors, shall be a body politic and corporate by the name expressed in such articles of association, and by that name they and their successors shall have succession, and shall be persons in law capable May acquire and to purchase, take, receive, hold, and enjoy to them, and their suc- bold pro cessors, estates, real and personal; of suing and being sued, and to have a common seal which may be altered or changed at pleasure: Provided, That the value of real and personal estate shall not Proviso. exceed the value of ten thousand dollars, and that they and their successors shall have power to give, grant, sell, lease, demise, and dispose of said real and personal estate or part thereof at their will and pleasure, and the proceeds, rents, and incomes to be disposed of as directed by the department at its annual meeting. Said cor

of association and rules, etc.,

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