District of Columbia-Virginia Boundary. Hearing ... on H.R. 9670


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Página 218 - It is a maxim not to be disregarded that general expressions, in every opinion, are to be taken in connection with the case in which those expressions are used. If they go beyond the case, they may be respected, but ought not to control the judgment in a subsequent suit when the very point is presented for decision.
Página 220 - It is the settled law of this country that the ownership of and dominion and sovereignty over lands covered by tide waters within the limits of the several States belong to the respective States within which they are found, with the consequent right to use or dispose of any portion thereof when that can be done without substantial impairment of the interest of the public in the waters...
Página 220 - This riparian right is property, and is valuable, and though it must be enjoyed in due subjection to the rights of the public, it cannot be arbitrarily or capriciously destroyed or impaired. It is a right of which, when once vested, the owner can only be deprived in accordance with established law, and, if necessary that it be taken for the public good, upon due compensation.
Página 10 - Nothing contained in this section shall affect the boundary line between the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia as the same was established or may be subsequently established under the provisions of title I of the Act of October 31, 1945 (59 Stat. 552) . TITLE III— THE DISTRICT COUNCIL PART I — CREATION OF THE DISTRICT COUNCIL CREATION AND MEMBERSHIP SEC.
Página 220 - When a great river is the boundary between two nations or states, if the original property is in neither, and there be no convention respecting it, each holds to the middle of the stream.
Página 7 - That nothing herein contained shall be so construed to vest in the United States any right of property in the soil, as to affect the rights of individuals therein, otherwise than the same shall or may be transferred by such individuals to the United States...
Página 6 - Congress may by law direct, shall be, and the same is hereby forever ceded and relinquished to the Congress and Government of the United States, in full and absolute right, and exclusive jurisdiction, as well of soil as of persons residing or to reside thereon, pursuant to the tenor and effect of the eighth section of the first article of the Constitution of the government of the United States.
Página 218 - For when the Revolution took place the people of each State became themselves sovereign; and in that character hold the absolute right to all their navigable waters, and the soils under them, for their own common use, subject only to the rights since surrendered by the Constitution to the General Government.
Página 18 - The writers on natural law have questioned how far that peculiar species of presumption, arising from the lapse of time, which is called prescription, is justly .applicable as between nation and nation; but the constant and approved practice of nations shows that by whatever name it is called the uninterrupted possession...
Página 114 - The rule, long settled and never doubted by this court, is that long acquiescence by one State in the possession of territory by another and in the exercise of sovereignty and dominion over it is conclusive of the latter's title and rightful authority.

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