The Administration of Education in a Democracy

C. Scribner's sons, 1914 - 383 páginas

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Página 363 - If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
Página 362 - For each government has a peculiar character which originally formed and which continues to preserve it. The character of democracy creates democracy, and the character of oligarchy creates oligarchy; and always the better the character, the better the government.
Página 36 - ... convenient instruction of youth, with such salaries to the masters, paid by the public, as may enable them to instruct...
Página 34 - The legislature shall, as soon as conveniently may be, provide, by law, for the establishment of schools throughout the State, in such manner that the poor may be taught gratis.
Página 363 - The functionaries of every government have propensities to command at will the liberty and property of their constituents. There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves; nor can they be safe with them without information.
Página 364 - And, in the second place, no instrumentality less universal in its power and authority than government can secure popular education. In brief, in order to secure popular education the action of society as a whole is necessary; and popular education is indispensable to that equalization of the conditions of personal development which we have taken to be the proper object of society.
Página 18 - The education of the whole people, in a republican government, can never be attained without the consent of the whole people. Compulsion, even if it were desirable, is not an available instrument. Enlightenment, not coercion, is our resource.
Página 315 - The typical American female teacher is twenty-four years of age, having entered teaching in the early part of her nineteenth year when she had received but four years training beyond the elementary schools.
Página 371 - I question if many of us deeply consider its meaning. From the lowest grade of the public school to the highest form of university training, education in this country is at the disposal of every man, every woman who chooses to work for and obtain it.
Página 53 - Lord hath increased them to the number of fifty householders, shall then forthwith appoint one within their town to teach all such children as shall resort to him, to write and read, whose wages shall be paid, either by the parents or masters of such children, or by the inhabitants in general, by way of supply, as the major part of those that order the prudentials of the town shall appoint...

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