Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England, Volume 1

William Carew Hazlitt
J.R. Smith, 1864

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Página 34 - This is good stuff for wise men to laugh at, or honest men to take pleasure at; yet I know, when God's Bible was banished the court, and " Morte Arthur" received into the prince's chamber.
Página 3 - Why, what dost thou think of me," quoth our king merrily, "Passing thy judgment upon me so briefe?
Página 142 - Jhesu was, in whom thei trowe : but thei ben alle the contrarie, and evere enclyned to the Evylle, and to don evylle. And thei ben so coveytous, that for a lytylle Sylver, thei sellen here Doughtres, here Sustres and here owne Wyfes, to putten hem to Leccherie. And on with drawethe the Wif of another : and non of hem holdethe Feythe to another : but thei defoulen here Lawe, that Jhesu Crist betook hem to kepe, for here Salvacioun. And thus for here Synnes, han thei lost alle this Lond, that wee holden....
Página 33 - In our forefathers tyme, whan Papistrie, as a standyng poole, couered and ouerflowed all England, fewe bookes were read in our tong, sauyng certaine bookes of Cheualrie, as they sayd, for pastime and pleasure, which, as some say, were made in Monasteries, by idle Monkes, or wanton Chanons : as one for example, Morte Arthure...
Página 219 - ... that on Whitsonyght the chyrche shold be watched, and tended with moche people, and theder cam Robert like a madman, and overthrowynge al them that came in his waye ferynge nother God nor the Deuyll, and he was never styll of all the nyght, and in the mornynge whan it was day Robert was made knyght. Then this duke comaunded a tournament to be made in the which the said Robert wrought maystryes, and dyde meruaylous dedes of armes, in kyllynge and berynge downe hors and man, no man refusynge nor...
Página 164 - More getys he not, wythowten othe, 165 Kyng or prynce whether that he be, Be hym lefe, or be hym loth, A pore man has as mych as he. And many a man here gadrys gode All hys lyfe dayes for othyr men, 170 That he may not by the rode, Hym self onys ete of an henne ; But be he doluyn yn hys den, Anothyr schal come at hys last ende, Schal haue hys wyf and catel then, 175 That he has gadred another schal spende. Therfor, sone, be my counseyle, More then ynogh thou neuyr covayt, Thou ne wost wan deth wyl...
Página 209 - UPON a tyme this duke and duchesse walked, and the duke began to shewe his mynde to his ladye, saynge, " Madame, we be not fortunate in so much that we can gete noo chyldren ; and they that made the maryage betwene us bothe they dyde grete synne, for I beleue and ye had been geuen to an other man, ye sholde haue had chyldren, and I also yf I had an other ladye.
Página 200 - And thou shalte have in the same stounde Fourty shelynges in grotes rounde, So ye me shewe how I may heven reche. Well, sayd the preest, I shall the teche. Yf thou do by my counsell, To heven shalte thou come ryght well.
Página xi - draw up the bond." He myght oneth styre the streng. " Sir ;" he seyd, " so have I blys, "There is no archer that may schot in this, " That is with my lord the kyng." An arow of an elle long In hys bow he it throng, And to the hede he gan it hale. " Ther is no dere in this foreste, " And it wolde one hym feste ; " Bot it schuld spyll his skale " Jake sith thou can of flecher crafte, " Thou may me ese with a schafte.
Página 228 - How the Duchesse desyred Robert her sone to smyte of her hede, and than she tolde him howe she had gyuen hym to the denyII in his concepcyon. THE duchesse had gretly meruaylynge whan she herde her sone speke these wordes; and piteously wepynge, with a sorrowful herte saynge thus to hym : " My dere sone, I requyre you hertly that ye wyll smyte of my heed.

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