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Resolved, That this House will, to-morrow, again resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole House on the said message and reports.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1797. The House, according to the order of the day, again resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole House on the confidential Message of the President of the United States of the ninth ultimo, enclosing reports from the Departments of State and of the Treasury, relative to the present situation of the affairs of the United States with the Dey and Regency of Algiers ; and, after some time spent therein, Mr. Speaker resumed the chair, and Mr. Dent reported that the committee had, according to order, again had the said message and reports under consideration, and come to two resolutions thereupon ; which he delivered in at the Clerk's table, where the same were severally twice read, amended, and agreed to by the House, as follow :

Resolved, That the President of the United States be authorized to apply a further sum of two hundred and fifty-five thousand seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars and three cents to the extra expenses which have attended the intercourse of the United States with Algiers ; and that a sum not exceeding two hundred and fifty-five thousand seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars and three cents be appropriated for that purpose.

Resolved, That the further sum of ninety-six thousand two hundred and forty-six dollars and sixty-three cents be appropriated for discharging the two first years annuity to Algiers, pursuant to treaty, in addition to the sum appropriated for that purpose, by the act of the sixth of May, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six.

Ordered, That the said resolutions be referred to the Committee of Ways and Means, with instruction to prepare and bring in a bill or bills, pursuant thereto.

[Vide Public Journal of the 18th and 21st of February, 1797, pages 706, 710, 711, and 712.)


Absence, leave of, granted 16, 127, 132, 135, 138, 147, 178, 195, 206, 214, 244, 273,

343, 439, 446, 451, 452, 454, 476, 489, 493, 497, 502,
514, 536, 541, 546, 550, 556, 559, 562, 564, 569, 575,

624, 679, 708
Accountant of War Department, proposition to increase salary of-see War

Accounts between the United and individual States, report of Commissioners
for settling

10, 74, 112, 114, 120
(See bills H. R. No. 39.)
committee to ascertain principles of settlement of above accounts 115
Secretary of Treasury to send copy of book A of Commissioners for

154, 162, 169
(See joint Resolutions H. R. No. 7.)
of former Government, Committee to inquire as to settlement of 264, 304,

314, 318, 349
between individual States and United States, Committee of Ways
and Means inquire in relation to balances due United States 626, 628,

633, 634, 636, 637
Debtor States to be notified and required to pay-see resolutions,

between United States and individuals, more effectually to settle-

(See bills H. R. No. 226.)
Acts of Congress, to continue certain-(see bills Senate, No. 27 and 43.)
Adjournment of Congress-see Congress.
Adherence, votes of

· 138, 214
Admiralty-see Judiciary.
Agriculture, President recommends to the consideration of Congress the pro-
motion of

· 621, 644
Aliens, applying to be naturalized, to renounce titles of nobility and claim to

Algiers, President's Message (confidential), ransom of prisoners, &c. 16, 17, 20, 22, 23,

24, 26, 28, 29, 38, 42, 43, 57, 68, 77, 218-Supplemental Journal.

(See bills H. R. No. 14.)
advice from the minister at Lisbon, in relation to the mission to

President's Message, ransom of prisoners, &c. at

appropriation to carry into effect the treaty with

(See bills H. R. No. 171.)
President to apply a further sum-same object-(See bills, H. R.

No. 234.)
Tripoli and Tunis, proposition to issue commissions of marque and
reprisal against

110, 114, 115
(See bills H. R. No. 35.)
President transmits copy of a Treaty with

proposition to provide for carrying into effect the treaty with

report of Committee of Ways and Means, on estimates for the
above treaty

(See bills H. R. No. 171.)
Situation of affairs with the Dey, &c. of-President's speech

appropriations to defray expenses with the Mediterranean Powers

(See Supplemental Journal, 747.)
VOL. II.-95

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