Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners

John Wiley & Sons, 28 de set de 2011 - 416 páginas
Presents a detailed exposition of statistical intervals and emphasizes applications in industry. The discussion differentiates at an elementary level among different kinds of statistical intervals and gives instruction with numerous examples and simple math on how to construct such intervals from sample data. This includes confidence intervals to contain a population percentile, confidence intervals on probability of meeting specified threshold value, and prediction intervals to include observation in a future sample. Also has an appendix containing computer subroutines for nonparametric statistical intervals.

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A Guide for Practitioners 1 Introduction Basic Concepts and Assumptions
A Guide for Practitioners 2 Overview of Different Types of Statistical Intervals
A Guide for Practitioners 3 Constructing Statistical Intervals Assuming a Normal Distribution Using Simple Tabulations
A Guide for Practitioners 4 Methods for Calculating Statistical Intervals for a Normal Distribution
A Guide for Practitioners 5 DistributionFree Statistical Intervals
A Guide for Practitioners 6 Statistical Intervals for Proportions and Percentages Binomial Distribution
A Guide for Practitioners 7 Statistical Intervals for the Number of Occurrences Poisson Distribution
A Guide for Practitioners 8 Sample Size Requirements for Confidence Intervals on Population Parameters
A Guide for Practitioners 12 Other Methods for Setting Statistical Intervals
A Guide for Practitioners 13 Case Studies
A Guide for Practitioners Epilogue
A Guide for Practitioners Appendix A Tables
A Guide for Practitioners Appendix B Summary of Notation
A Guide for Practitioners Appendix C Listing of Computer Subroutines for DistributionFree Statistical Intervals
A Guide for Practitioners References
A Guide for Practitioners Author Index

A Guide for Practitioners 9 Sample Size Requirements for Tolerance Intervals Tolerance Bounds and Demonstration Tests
A Guide for Practitioners 10 Sample Size Requirements for Prediction Intervals
A Guide for Practitioners 11 A Review of Other Statistical Intervals

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Gerald J. Hahn, PhD, worked at the GE Global Research Center for 46 years, where he managed its statistics group for 28 years and was elected a Coolidge Fellow, the organization's highest honor, in 1984. A Fellow of the American Statistical Association and American Society for Quality, Dr. Hahn is the author of numerous papers and the coauthor of Statistical Models in Engineering; Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners; and The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry, all published by Wiley. He has received many professional awards and served as adjunct professor at various universities.

William Q. Meeker, PhD, is Professor of Statistics and Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and an elected member of the International Statistics Institute. Among his many awards and honors are the Youdan Prize and two Wilcoxon Prizes as well as two awards for outstanding teaching at Iowa State. He is coauthor of Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners (Wiley) and of numerous book chapters and publications in the engineering and statistical literature. A former editor of Technometrics and coeditor of Selected Tables in Mathematical Statistics, he is currently Associate Editor for International Statistical Review.

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