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clouds, so surely will Oregon become the inheritance of the Americans, for it is theirs by right as well as by inevitable necessity.

The robust character of the Western men, and their remoteness from that peculiar kind of civilization which belongs to sea board and manufacturing districts, have induced an idea that they are deficient in the proprieties and gentle moods of polished life. But, on the contrary, the very circumstances of their condition produce these virtues.

Show me a gentler, more affectionate nature than Edward Hannegan you cannot; and, believe me, the Western men in general resemble him. Shall I relate some anecdotes of this, my friend? When Mr. H. made his speech on the Oregon Question, he alluded, in terms of graceful approval, to Mr. Calhoun, and, after differing from the policy of that Senator, he apostrophized, in terms of generous and manly eulogy, his genius and his virtues. I was in the gallery immediately above with a large party of ladies, for the wives and friends of those Members who spoke always took great interest in their success; these ladies ever

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The fortunate glove was transmitted by the next day's post to the Lady of the Senator, then in Indiana. I preserve the less happy fellow to it. When the speech was ended and the Senate adjourned, the ladies went down to the floor. I accompanied Mr. Hannegan to shake hands with Calhoun, and expressed my wish to publish that speech in England. So much for the gallantry of the Senator from Indiana to an Englishwoman. Another anecdote exhibits him in a still more amiable light. I had a careless trick of leaving my purse upon the table in my parlour. Mr. Hannegan, and almost all Americans, have a frank and ingenuous habit of imparting advice gratuitously to those with whom they are on terms of intimacy. Having often found the offending purse thus thoughtlessly left, the Senator had several times reminded me of the indiscretion in vain ; I was almost incorrigible. At length, during an illness in Baltimore, he came to see me, and, on entering my parlour, found the old green purse on the table as usual, full of five dollar pieces (in gold). Upon my appearance he held it up, and, after wishing me good day, thus once again, and



come home with me, and I will show


the “ lovely valley of the Wabash. I can endure “those hot and crowded halls no longer. I must have free air and space to roam in; I like to “hunt when I please, and to shoot when I please, "and to fish when I please, and to read when I “please. Come home with me, and see how I "live in Indiana."

in Indiana.” But we were bound to the Mammoth Cave, in Kentucky, and could not.

In the Democratic Review, No. 96, there is an excellent likeness of Mr. Hannegan : while I write it is

open before me. So true an index is his count

enance of his mind, that, when the Senate

deliberating with closed doors upon the Oregon Treaty, I only wished to look at him for one moment in order to know how things were progressing. I think he is scarcely forty; brown hair, wears neither beard nor whiskers, of middling

but broad shouldered, and very pleasant of




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