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at which the event took place. The imagination irresistably and rapidly draws around us the principal features and the leading characters in the original scene. We cast our eyes

abroad on the ocean, and we see where the little bark, with the interesting group upon its deck, made its slow progress to the shore. We look around us, and behold the hills and promontaries where the anxious eyes of our fathers first saw the places of habitation and of rest. We feel the cold which benumbed, and listen to the winds which pierced them. Beneath us is the Rock on which New England received the feet of the Pilgrims. We seem even to behold them, as they struggle with the elements, and, with toilsome efforts, gain the shore. We listen to the chiefs in council ; we see the unexampled exhibition of female fortitude and resignation ; we hear the whisperings of youthful impatience; and we see, what a painter of our own has also represented by his pencil, chilled and shivering childhood, houseless but for a mother's arms, couchless but for a mother's breast, till our own blood almost freezes. The mild dignity of Carver and of BRADFORD; the decisive and




This is a genuine son of the West; ardent, impulsive and undaunted; thinking, acting and daring with the most perfect freedom. His spirit is youthful and buoyant, and he is ever sanguine of success, though he feels acutely the bitterness of disappointment. The character of the Western men has been greatly misunderstood, even by the other sections of the Union; they have their faults like all the world beside, but they are the faults of youth, and are corrigible, because they proceed not from neutrality, but from exuberance of character; not from the deficiency, but from the abundance of material. If they are hasty and impetuous, they are also generous and forgiving ; indifferent to money, but eager of enterprise, patient of endurance, full of courage, regardful of

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