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a great civilizer, social intercourse as great, and marriage greater. The White and Yellow races can marry together, as well as eat and trade together. Moral and intellectual superiority will do the rest: the White race will take the ascendant, elevating what is susceptible of improvement, wearing out what is not. The Red race has disappeared from the Atlantic coast : the tribes that resisted civilization met extinction.

This is a cause of lamentation with many. For my part, I cannot murmur at what seems to be the effect of Divine law. I cannot repine that this Capitol has replaced the wigwam—this Christian people replaced the savages—white matrons the red squaws, and that such men as Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson have taken the place of Powhattan, Opechonecanough, and other red men, howsoever respectable they may have been as savages. Civilization, or extinction, has been the fate of all people who have found themselves in the track of the advancing Whites, and civilization, always the preference of the Whites, has been pressed as an object, while extinction has followed as a consequence of its resistance. The Black and the


Red races have often felt their ameliorating influence. The Yellow race, next to themselves in the scale of mental and moral excellence, and in the beauty of form, once their superiors in the useful and elegant arts, and in learning, and still respectable though stationary; this race cannot fail to receive a new impulse from the approach of the Whites, improved so much since so many ages ago they left the western borders of Asia. The apparition of the van of the Caucasian race, rising upon them in the east after having left them on the west, and after having completed the circumnavigation of the globe, must wake up and re-animate the torpid body of old Asia. Our position and policy will commend us to their hospitable reception : political considerations will aid the action of social and commercial influences. Pressed upon by the great Powers of Europe, the same that press upon us

they must in our approach see the advent of friends, not of foes; of benefactors, not of invaders. The moral and intellectual superiority of the White race will do the rest; and thus, the youngest people, and the newest land, will become the reviver and the regenerator of the oldest.

It is in this point of view, and as acting upon the social, political, and religious condition of Asia, and giving a new point of departure to her ancient civilization, that I look upon the settlement of the Columbia river by the van of the Caucasian race as the most momentous human event in the history of man since his dispersion over the face of the earth.




This is a man who has compelled me against all my prejudices, against all my sympathies, to love, esteem and respect him. In religion, politics, social habits and manners we are the very

antipodes of one another. He is a Puritan,-I am a Puseyite ;—he is a frequenter of the Meeting House, I worship in Cathedrals ;—he respects the Independent Preacher,—at home I recognise the Hierarchy of the Church of England; while in America I have fallen in love with the virtues and good works of the Jesuit Fathers;-he is a Whig,-I am an ultra Democrat;—he is a strict Protectionist,-I am a Free Trader ;-he abhors Slavery,-I hold it but a name ;-he condemns dancing, I hop about like a French Grandmother ;—he is quite natural,—I am quite arti

ficial ;-he despises the pomps and vanities,while I, alas ! am their loving, faithful votary. Surely no man was ever so maliciously good as this representative of stern old Connecticut; and I can only account for it by supposing that he originally came out of the Mayflower, and landed with the Pilgrim Fathers ;-he is their very express image. I envied the Whigs and Puritans such intelligence, judgment and virtue, and have tried all arts to beguile him from their ranks, but in vain; he will neither be persuaded nor convinced, and he walks along with head erect, conscious of inflexible integrity ;-and, sooth to say, if I wished to speak an evil word of him, I could not.

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