Poetical Miscellanies: Consisting of Original Poems and Translations

J. Tonson, 1727 - 346 páginas

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Página 44 - The stars that gild the gloomy night; The seas that roll unnumber'd waves; The wood that spreads its shady leaves; The field whose ears conceal the grain, The yellow treasure of the plain; All of these, and all I see, Should be sung, and sung by me : They speak their maker as they can, But want and ask the tongue of man.
Página 41 - LOVELY, lasting peace of mind ! Sweet delight of human kind ! Heavenly born, and bred on high, To crown the favourites of the sky With more of happiness below, Than victors in a triumph know ! Whither, O whither art thou fled, To lay thy meek contented head ? What happy region dost thou please To make the seat of calms and ease ? " Ambition searches all its sphere Of pomp and state to meet thee there.
Página 101 - ... pomegranate glows, The branch here bends beneath the weighty pear, And verdant olives flourish round the year. The balmy spirit of the western gale Eternal breathes on fruits untaught to fail: Each dropping pear a following pear supplies, On apples apples, figs on figs arise: The same mild season gives the blooms to blow, The buds to harden, and the fruits to grow. Here ordered vines in equal ranks appear With all th...
Página 136 - His flat, wide nostrils snuff the savoury steam, And from his eyes he shoots pernicious gleam ; Middling his head, and prone to earth his view, With ears and chest that dash the morning dew : He best to stem the...
Página 334 - Nor mean the taflc, each breathing buft explore, Line after line with painful patience trace, This Roman grandeur, that Athenian grace : Vain care of parts ; if, impotent of foul, Th...
Página 335 - And place the faireft in the faireft light; Ere yet thy pencil tries her nicer toils, Or on thy palette lie the blended oils, Thy carelefs chalk has half atchiev':i thy art, And her juft image makes Cleora ftart.
Página 42 - No real happiness is found In trailing purple o'er the ground; Or in a soul exalted high To range the circuit of the sky, Converse with stars above, and know All Nature in its forms below — The rest it seeks, in seeking dies, And doubts at last, for knowledge, rise.
Página 100 - Four acres was the allotted space of ground, Fenced with a green enclosure all around. Tall thriving trees confess'd the fruitful mould : The reddening apple ripens here to gold. Here the blue fig with luscious juice o'erflows, With deeper red the full pomegranate glows : The branch here bends beneath the weighty pear, And verdant olives flourish round the year.
Página 45 - I lent one sigh to them ? But now my former days retire, And I'm by beauty caught, The tender chains of sweet desire Are fix'd upon my thought.
Página 140 - Thou wert; and when the subterraneous flame Shall burst its prison, and devour this frame, From angry...

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