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Página 256 - ... the females so employed, and shall permit the use of such seats by them when they are not necessarily engaged in the active duties for which they are employed.
Página 258 - Any person or persons who shall in any way use the name or seal of any such person, association, or union, or officer thereof, in and about the sale of goods or otherwise, not being authorized to so use the same, knowing that such use is unauthorized, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor...
Página 241 - The Bureau of Labor Statistics is charged with the duty of acquiring and diffusing among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with labor in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word , and especially upon its relations to capital, the hours of labor, the earnings of laboring men and women, and the means of promoting their material, social, intellectual, and moral prosperity.
Página 161 - In all cities of the first class a free public employment bureau, for the purpose of receiving applications of persons seeking employment, and applications of persons seeking to employ labor. No compensation or fee shall be charged or received, directly or indirectly, from persons applying for employment or help through any such bureau.
Página 225 - The first day of January, commonly called New Year's Day, the fourth day of July, the twenty-fifth day of December, commonly called Christmas Day, and any day appointed or recommended by the governor of this State or the president of the United States as a day of fasting and prayer or thanksgiving...
Página 222 - ... day, except when it is necessary to make repairs to prevent the interruption of the ordinary running of the machinery, or when a different apportionment of the hours of labor is made for the sole purpose of making a shorter day's work for one day of the week; and in no case shall the hours of labor exceed sixty hours in a week.
Página 144 - SEC. 12. All such printing, blanks, blank books, stationery and postage as may be necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the offices herein created shall be furnished by the secretary of state upon requisition for the same made by the secretary of the Bureau of labor statistics.
Página 225 - States, as a day of thanksgiving, or fasting and prayer, or other religious observance, shall, for all purposes whatever as regards the presenting for payment or acceptance, and of the protesting and giving notice of the dishonor of" bills of exchange, bank checks and promissory notes, made after the passage of this act, be treated and considered as the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday...
Página 237 - Every owner, lessee, proprietor, or manager of a hotel shall cause to be placed a knotted rope or other better appliance, for use as a fire escape, in every room of said hotel used as a lodging room except rooms on the ground floor ; which knotted rope or other better appliance shall be securely fastened to a suitable iron hook or eye to be securely screwed into one of the joists or timbers next adjoining the frame of...
Página 259 - ... grievance or dispute. The parties to the grievance or dispute shall thereupon submit to said board, in writing, succinctly, clearly and in detail, their grievances and complaints and the cause or causes...

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