The Reluctant Jew

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 376 páginas

Even if you are agnostic or hard-core atheist there is a dazzling, thought-expanding, bright side to religion you may have overlooked. Living a spiritual life in the tradition of the Jewish faith, does not mean mindless adherence to outdated dogma. Judaism, instead, can be a source of exhilarating wonder, an inspiration to justice, and an impetus to ever increasing knowledge. Nowadays, even many who profess to be the most pious among us realize that when asked, "What is God?," they must answer logically, even scientifically, to be persuasive. They're aware that any religion, to be convincing, other than to die-hard adherents, can not be at odds with reason and blindly insist only it speaks the truth. The field, therefore, is wide open. Each of us can attempt to journey towards a concept of God that makes sense, celebrates the discoveries of science, and will, hopefully, imbue the traveler with wonderment at the astonishing beauty in the world that too often lays hidden from us.

Join Michael Grossman in his journey to the heart of Judaism, which places much more emphasis on "what people do" than on "what they believe," and in the process, an understanding of all the world's great faiths.

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