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and by using every endeavour to conciliate the affections of the white people inhạbitiog the frontiers, towards them.

You will encourage the Indians to give notice to the superintendent of Indian affairs of any designs that may be formed by any neighbouring Indian tribe, or by any person whatever, against the peace of the United States.

You will insist that all prisoners of whatever age, sex, or complexion, bę delivered up; and that all fugi. tive slaves belonging to citizens of the United States be restored.

Instructions to the Governour of the Territory of the

United States north-west of the River Ohio, relative to an Indian Treaty in the Northern Department.

SIR, You are carefully to examine into the real temper of the Indian tribes inhabiting the northern Indian department of the United States. If you find it hostile, and that the welfare of the frontiers and the settlements forming in that country demand a treaty, you will then in conjunction with the superintendent of Indian affairs for the northern department, unless the attendance of the said superintendent shall be prevented by any unforeseen event, hold as general a one as you can with all the tribes..

The primary objects of the treaty are the removing all causes of controversy, so that peace and harmony may continue between the United States and the Indian tribes; the regulating trade and settling boun.

daries. For these purposes you will do every thing that is right and proper.

The treaties which bave been made may be examined, but must not be departed from, unless a change of boundary beneficial to the United States can be ob tained.

Although the purchase of the Indian right of soil is not a primary object of holding this treaty, yet you will not neglect any opportunity that may offer of extinguishing the Indian rights to the westward as far as the river Mississippi.

You may stipulate that the east and west line, ordered to be run by the ordinance of the 20th May, 1785, shall be the boundary between the United States and the Indian tribes ; provided they stipulate that it shall run throughout unto the river Mississippi. And you may stipulate that any white persons going over the said boundary, without a license from the proper officer of the United States, may be treated in such manner as the Indians shall think proper.

You will use every possible endeavour to ascertain who are the real head men and the warriours of the several tribes, and who have the greatest influence among them. These men you will attach to the United States by every means in your power.

Every exertion must be made to defeat all confederations and combinations among the tribes, and to conciliate the white people inhabiting the frontier towards them.

Resolved, That if under the authority given the 22d day of the present month to the governour of the

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territory of the United States north-west of the river Ohio, he shall think it expedient to hold a treaty with

the Indian tribes in the northern department, he shall · apply to the commanding officer of the troops of the

United States for such number of men as he may deem proper for guarding and protecting the stores and goods necessary for holding the said treaty; and the commanding officer of the troops of the United States shall cause the said number of men to be marched to such place, and at such time, as shall be directed by the governour.

JULY 2, 1788. On the report of a committee, consisting of Mr. Dane, Mr. Irvine, Mr. S. M. Mitchell, Mr. Carrington, and Mr. Brown, to whom was referred the report of the secretary at war on a letter of the 14th of March, from the governour of the western territory, Congress agreed to the following

Additional Instructions to the Governour of the Terri

tory of the United States north-west of the River Ohio, relative to the Treaty to be held with the Western Indians, in pursuance of the Resolutions of Congress passed in October last.

SIR, An additional sum of twenty thousand dollars has been appropriated for the purposes of procuring a permanent peace with the Indian tribes with which you are authorized to hold a treaty.

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