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Ay. SAY.


South Carolina, Mr. Rutledge, Ay.)

Mr. Ramsay,
Mr. Izard,

Mr. Gervais, Ay.)
So it was resolved in the affirmative.

The committee, Mr. Gilman, Mr. Hamilton, Mro. Ellsworth.

A motion was then made by Mr. Osgood, seconded by Mr. Hamilton, that the entry of this proceeding: be made on the secret journal; and on the question. to agree to this, the yeas and nays being required by Mr. Howell

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New Jersey, Mr. Boudinot, Ay.)

Mr. Elmer, Ay. { AY

Mr. Condict,
Pennsylvania, Mr. Mifflin, Ayol

Mr. Fitzsimmons, Ay.
Mr. Wilson, Ay. SAY.
Mr. Montgomery, Ay.

Mr. Peters,
Delaware, Mr. Dickinson,

ickinson. Ay.Ay.

Mr. Wharton, Ay. So
Maryland, Mr. Carroll, Aya >>
Virginia, Mr. Madison, Ay. >>
North Carolina, Mr. Hawkins, Ay.)

Mr. Nash,
Mr. Williamson, Ay.

Mr. Blount,
South Carolina, Mr. Rutledge, No.)
Mr. Ramsay,

Mr. Izard,
Mr. Gervais, No.

Ay. Sar.


So it was resolved in the affirmative.

JANUARY 10, 1783. The committee, consisting of Mr. Rutledge, Mr. Osgood, and Mr. Madison, to whom was referred a letter of January 9, 1783, from the superintendent of finance, to confer with him thereon, report

That they have conferred with the superintendent, who cominunicated to them the subject referred to in his letter, under their promise of secrecy until Congress shall direct them to communicate the same to them; and request the sense of Congress whether the committee shall now make such communication : Whereupon,

Ordered, That the committee make the communi. cation.

The committee then informed Congress, that he has been under the necessity of drawing bills to an amount beyond the known funds procured in Europe, owing to sundry large sums which were not known to him, or not taken into his estimates, having been paid out of the sums obtained: Whereupon,

Resolved unanimously, That the superintendent of finance be and he is hereby authorized, to draw bills of exchange, from time to time, according to his discretion upon the credit of the loans which the ministers of the United States have been instructed to procure in Europe, for such sums, not exceeding the amount of the money directed to be borrowed, as the publick service may require.

Resolved unanimously, That the whole of this mat. · ter be kept secret.

JANUARY 17, 1783.

The committee, consisting of Mr. Gorham, Mr. Peters, and Mr. Izard, appointed on a motion of Mr.

Peters, to consider and report to Congress the propriety of attempting farther loans in Europe, report

That they conferred with the superintendent of finance, and fully informed themselves of the situation of the applications for foreign loans, which if complied with would be fully sufficient for the purposes to which those loans were intended to be applied ; but from the small prospect there seems to be of obtaining the moneys already directed to be borrowed, it appears not only hopeless, but embarrassing to the business already in train, to attempt farther loans until solid funds are put into the hands of Congress in support of the national faith and credit; the committee therefore report, That it is at present inexpedient to take any farther order on the said motion.

Resolved, That Congress agree to the said report.

FEBRUARY 20, 1783.

On the report of a committee, consisting of Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Peters, Mr. Bland, Mr. Rutledge, and Mr. Mifflin, to whom was referred a letter of 30th January last, from the commander in chief

Resolved, That the commander in chief be informed that Congress, always happy to receive his sentiments either on the political or military affairs of these states, the utility of which they have upon so many occasions experienced, have paid all the attention to his letter of the 30th of January which the importance of it demands.

That should the war continue another campaign, every motive of policy and economy would operate in

favour of the enterprise suggested; but that such are the present situation and prospects of these states, that it would be inexpedient at this time to determine upon the plan, or to enter upon the expensive prepa. rations which it would require.

That the official accounts received by Congress corresponding with other intelligence, afford appearances of an approaching peace.

Ordered, That the secretary for foreign affairs make a confidential communication to the commander in chief of the state of the negotiations for peace, when the last advices were received.

OCTOBER 15, 1783. After the resolution for holding a convention with the Indians in the northern and middle departments, it was resolved as follows:

That first, and as a preliminary, it shall be required that all prisoners of whatever age or sex among these Indians shall be delivered up.

Secondly, That the Indians be informed that after a contest of eight years for the sovereignty of this country, Great Britain has relinquished to the United States all claim to the country within the limits described by the second article of the provisional treaty between the United States and the king of Great Britain, on the thirtieth day of November, in the year 1782—that is to say-From the north-west angle of Nova Scotia, viz. that angle which is formed by a line drawn due north from the source of Saint Croix river to the highlands, along the said highlands which divide

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