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quantities of clothing specified in the clothier gene. ral's return, except the articles agreed for by Otis and Henly, with monsieur Tracy and Co., which lie at Boś. ton, and cannot be made use of, for want of money to pay the workmen ; and except a small quantity of clothing arrived in the French fleet, which they are informed is sent off to headquarters, the quantity or species they are unacquainted with ; but that the whole stock of clothing on hand will bear a small proportion to the quantities requisite. That from an estimate made by Otis and Henly, the goods purchased from them will make up two thousand three hun. dred suits of clothes, four thousand six hundred and fifty vests, and two hundred and sixty-seven pair of cloth breeches, exclusive of their contract for three bundred pair of leather breeches.

The committee find that Mr. de Beaumarchais, under the name of Roderique Hortalez and Co. did, in the month of May, 1777, lade on board of the ship La Therese, at Nantes, a large quantity of clothing for the United States, consigned 10 Mr. Carabasse, the correspondent of Mr. de Beaumarchais, at Cape Francois, in the island of St. Domingo. That part of the said clothing has, from time to time, been shipped by Mr. Carabasse in different small vessels consigned to the agents of Congress, most of which, it is said, have safely arrived in North and South Carolina. · That it further appears to the committee, that there still remains in the hands of Mr. Carabasse a considerable part of the said clothing, viz. ninety-eight bales of woollen cloths, fifty-five bales of thin woollen cloths, seventy bales of white linen, twenty-five bales of worst

ed hose, twenty-three bales of blankets, twenty bales of worsted caps, and a quantity of buttons, silk, thread, and trimmings. That by a letter from Mr. Carabasse, of the 18th May, it appears, that it was not in his power to remit the said goods for want of vessels; and that he is very importunate to be reimbursed for his advances on account of the United States : Whereupon,

Resolved, That the board of admiralty be, and hereby is directed to despatch one of the continental frigates, as soon as can be done with any prospect of safety, to Cape Francois, for the clothing and other publick effects now in the care of Mr. Carabasse ; and to bring the same into such port as the said board shall judge to be most safe and convenient. That it be referred to the commercial committee to report the ways and means for reimbursing Mr. Carabasse the money he has advanced for the United States.

NOVEMBER 1, 1780.

A letter of this day from major general Greene was read: Whereupon,

Resolved, That Congress will cause bills of ex. change to be drawn on the minister of these United States at the court of Versailles, at ninety days sight, to a sufficient amount to pay for five thousand suits of clothes for the southern army; provided the same can be obtained upon reasonable terms.

On the question to agree to this, the yeas and nays having been required by Mr. Lovell

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North Carolina, Mr. W. Jones, Ay.)
Mr. Hill,

Mr. Sharpe,

South Carolina, Mr. Matthews, Ay.)
Mr. Bee,

Ay, Ay,
Mr. Motte,

Mr. Walton, Ay.)
Mr. Few,

Mr. Howly, Ay.)
So it was resolved in the affirmative.

Ordered, That a committee of three be appointed to inquire upon what terms a contract can be made for the purpose abovementioned ; and that the committee be directed also to inquire on what terms the same can be procured, on condition to be paid for in specie at the end of one year after the war, with an interest of six per cent. per annum, in specie, in the mean time; or in tobacco, to be delivered in Virginia or Maryland.

The members Mr. Hanson, Mr. Cornell, Mr. Mat. lock.

NOVEMBER 7, 1780.

On the report of a committee to whom was referred a letter of the 7th, from general Washington

Resolved, That general Washington be and hereby is authorized and instructed, to effect an exchange of all continental prisoners of war, and now in possession of the enemy, and of the hostages given in Canada, as well as of all officers on parole, and officers violators of parole, and militia actually taken in arms and remaining prisoners of war, for an equal number of the convention troops and other prisoners in our hands, rank for rank; and where similar rank will not apply, to pursue the exchange on the footing of composition, according to the valuation or tariff, agreed on by the commissioners at Amboy in March last.

That the exchange of officers next in rank to such as cannot be exchanged on the principle of equality be considered and made on the principles of composition.

That all prisoners taken by the American forces in the northern department, and permitted to return home on parole, be considered and exchanged agreeably to their rank and order of capture.

That the expense incurred for removing and supporting the convention troops, from the time of their capture, be adjusted by commissioners to be appoint

ed for effecting the said exchange; and the balance, after deducting the expense due for support of our prisoners in the hands of the enemy, paid prior to the exchange of any part of the said troops.

That general Washington empower the commissioners appointed on his part, in case any dispute should arise respecting the support of the convention troops, to submit the same to some proper arbitrating power for determination, and to give hostages as a security to refund, in case any part thereof shall be adjudged to have been overpaid. But in case the commissioners which may be appointed by the British commander in chief will not accede to the above terms, the commissioners appointed by general Washington may propose to them the exchanging the said troops without pay. ment of expense, upon their submitting the same as aforesaid, and giving hostages for securing the payment of such sums as may be adjudged justly due.

That all officers be exchanged according to the rank they held at the time of capture; and such of the mili. tary as have no regimental rank, by composition, to be settled by the commissioners.

That a brigadier general be exchanged with each division of the convention troops, one major general with the first, and one with the last divisions; and that lieutenant general Burgoyne be included in and exchanged with the second division, as his remaining to be exchanged with the third or last is altogether unmilitary and inadmissible.

That hostages be mutually given as a security that the convention troops, and those received in exchange

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