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stores enumerated in their second estimate of the 24th instant. ,

AUGUST 2, 1780.

On the report of a committee consisting of Mr. Henry, Mr. M'Kean, Mr. Ward, Mr. J. Jones and Mr. Ingersol, to whom was referred a letter of 18th July from the committee at headquarters—

Resolved, That the resolutions of Congress whereby the commander in chief is restricted in his operations to the limits of the United States, be reconsidered, and the restriction taken off.

On the question to agree to this, the yeas and nays having been required by Mr. ScottNew Hampshire, Mr. Folsom, Ay. ^-ay.

Massachusetts Bay, Mr. S. Adams, Ay. }

Mr. Lovell, Ay. > Ay.
Mr. Ward, Ay.)

Mr. Cornell, Ay. ^ar.

Rhode Island,

New York,
New Jersey,



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AUGUST 5, 1780.

On the report of a committee, appointed to take into consideration the state of South Carolina and Georgia,

Resolved, That the commander in chief be informed, it is the sense of Congress, the land and naval forces, as well of his most christian majesty as these United States, or such part thereof as he shall think necessary, be employed in the manner, and at the time that shall appear to him most convenient for the expulsion of the enemy from their several posts in the states of South Carolina and Georgia; and that he concert with the officers commanding the fleet and army of his most christian majesty, the proper measures for this purpose, and carry such measures into execution, so as not to interfere with any plan of operation formed against the enemy, as the more immediate objects of the present campaign.

That the commander in chief (if he shall think it necessary) concert with the proper officers and ministers, such plan of operations to be undertaken by any other of his most christian majesty's forces, or by the forces of his catholick majesty now combined in the West Indies, or to be drawn from the province of Louisiana, or elsewhere, as may either immediately, or in their effect, facilitate or assist the proper enterprise.

That Congress will, so soon as they shall be properly informed by the commander in chief, make the necessary requisition from the states for supplies, and afford every other aid and assistance in their power for promoting and effectually prosecuting the undertaking.

That the recruits now raising in the state of Virginia, for filling up their quota of continental troops, be marched as soon as possible to join the southern army under the command of major general Gates.

AUGUST 9, 1780.

Congress resumed the consideration of the report oa the state of South Carolina and Georgia ;

And on motion of Mr. Walton, seconded by Mr. BeeResolved, That the board of treasury be directed to prepare bills of exchange of suitable denominations upon the honourable Benjamin Franklin, minister plenipotentiary of the United States at the court of Versailles, for one hundred thousand dollars in specie.

On the question to agree to this, the yeas and nay» having been required by Mr. Sherman—


New Hampshire, Mr. Folsom, No. )>No.

Massachusetts Bay, Mr. Lovell, Ay. ) n

Mr. Ward, No. ) UtvIdEB

Mr. Cornell, Ay. ^Ar.

Rhode Island,

New Jersey,



North Carolina,
South Carolina,


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Mr. M'Kean,
Mr. Vandyke,

Mr. Hanson,

Mr. J. Jones,
Mr. Madison,
Mr. Walker,

Mr. W. Jones,
Mr. Hill,

Mr. Laurens,
Mr. Bee,
Mr. Kinlock,
Mr. Motte,

Mr. Walton,
Mr. Telfair,

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So it was resolved in the affirmative. Resolved, That the bills be made payable at ninety days sight.


AUGUST 12, 1780.

On motion of Mr. Bee, seconded by Mr. Telfair— Ordered, That the minister of France be furnished with a copy of the resolution of the 5th, respecting a plan of operations to be concerted for expelling the enemy from South Carolina and Georgia ; and that he be informed that it is the desire of Congress that he will use his influence to cause such plan as the commander in chief may form, or the measures which he may recommend, to be undertaken by the forces of his most christian and catholick majesties, in consequence of the aforesaid resolves, to be carried into effect.

AUGUST 15, 1780.

Resolved, That the bills of exchange directed to be prepared by the resolution of the 9th, on the honourble Benjamin Franklin, minister plenipotentiary at the Court of Versailles, to the amount of one hundred thousand dollarB, specie, be filled up by the commissioner of the continental loan-office for the state of Pennsylvania, and made payable to Joseph Clay, deputy paymaster general in the southern department or order.

That the said bills be transmitted to the said Joseph Clay, to be sold at par for specie, or bills emitted agreeably to the resolution of the 18th of March last, or for other moneys, agreeably to the instructions of the board of treasury, or to be disposed of for pro

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