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SEPTEMBER 22, 1779. The marine committee report, That on maturely considering the resolutions of Congress of the 20th instant, relative to the transportation of the North Carolina troops by sea, to South Carolina, they find so many difficulties opposed to their carrying the same into execution, as to induce them to recommend the sending the frigates immediately from Boston to South Carolina, and ordering the North Carolina troops to proceed thither by the most expeditious route : Whereupon,

Resolved, That the marine committee be directed to order the three frigates or ships of war, mentioned in the resolutions of Congress of the 20th instant, to proceed from Boston immediately to South CaroJina.

That the North Carolina troops be ordered to proceed by the most expeditious route to South Carolina.

Resolved, That it be earnestly recommended to the governour of the state of North Carolina 'to 'use every means to prevent the desertion of the said troops whilst marching through that state ; and that he at the same time take such measures as will be most effectual for filling up the said battalions to their full complement of men ; but that the march of the troops be on no account delayed for this, or any other purpose.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1779. The President laid before Congress two letters which he received from Mr. Gerard, written to him by J. Plombard, and dated Charleston, South Caro. lina, one the 5th and the other the 8th September, instant, which were read, giving information of the arrival of count D'Estaing at Georgia : Whereupon,.

Resolved, That copies of the letters from Mr. Plombard to Mr. Gerard, of the 5th and 8th of September, instant, communicated by Mr. Gerard to the President, be sent to general Washington. That the general be also informed of the intention of our ally, that the armament under count D'Estaing shall operate against the enemy in these United States; and that general Washington. be authorized and directed to concert and execute such plans of co-operation with the minister of France, or the count, as he may think proper.

Whereas Congress have received authentick information of the arrival of count D'Estaing with a powerful fleet to co-operate with these United States ; and whereas by the vigorous exertions of the said states, the allied forces may be enabled to strike an important blow against the enemy

Resolved, That it be most earnestly recommended to the several states to furnish general Washington with such aid as he may require of them respectively, as well by detachments from their militia, as by providing that the allied armaments in the United States be speedily and effectually furnished with ample supplies of bread and other provisions ; and that the most vigorous exertions be made for that purpose.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1779.

A motion being made, That the continental frigates and other continental armed vessels at Boston, or other eastern ports, be forthwith provided with skilful pilots for Newfoundland, Halifax, Penobscot, and Rhode Island ; that they be detained until they shall be directed to sail from thence by general Washington; and. that they observe such orders as they shall receive from him

Ordered, That it be referred to the marine committee ; and that they take order thereon.

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DECEMBER 13, 1779. On motion of Mr. Gerry, seconded by Mr. Houston

Resolved, That the board of treasury be directed to pay to John Mitchel, deputy quartermaster general, a sum in bills of exchange, sufficient to discharge a year's rent of the house occupied by the President of Congress. [For order to draw bills, see November 23d, 1779.]

DECEMBER 14, 1779.

Resolved, That the commercial committee be directed to take immediate measures to procure a supply of gunpowder and clothing for the use of the continental

army and navy; and that the treasury board be directed to supply them for that purpose with bills of exchange on Holland, to the amount of four thousand pounds sterling, when required by the said committee, in lieu of bills formerly furnished them for that purpose, which are supposed to be destroyed.

DECEMBER 16, 1779. The committee, consisting of Mr. Matthews, Mr. Schuyler, and Mr. Sherman, to whom were referred a letter of 24th November from don Juan Miralles, one of 27th November from the minister of France, and a report of a committee sent to headquarters to confer with the commander in chief on the state of the south. ern department, brought in a report: Whereupon,

Resolved, That general Lincoln, or the commanding officer for the time being in the southern de partment, be, and he is hereby authorized and empowered, to correspond and concert with the governour of Havanna, or any other person or persons properly authorized by his catholick majesty, such plan as shall in his opinion be best calculated to insure the reduclion of the enemy's force in the state of Georgia, and for the conquest of East Florida ; and that the state of South Carolina be requested to afford every assistance in their power for carrying the same into effect. · In passing this resolution a division was called for ; and on the question to agree to the clàuse “and for " the conquest of East Florida,”? the yeas and nays being required by Mr. Forbes

VOL. I. 17

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New Hampshire, Mr. Peabody, Ay. >Ar.
Massachusetts Bay, Mr. Gerry,

Mr. Lovell,
Mr. Holten,

Ay. |
Mr. Partridge, Ay.)
Rhode Island, Mr. Ellery, Ay. >AY.
Connecticut, Mr. Huntington, Ay.)

Mr. Sherman, Ay.Ay.

Mr. Ellsworth, Ay) New York, Mr.R.R.Livingston, Ay.)

Mr. Floyd, Ay. Av.

Mr. L'Hommedieu, Ay.)
New Jersey,

Mr. Fell,
Mr. Houston,

Ay. DIVIDED. Pennsylvania, Mr. Searle,

Mr. M'Lene, Maryland, Mr. Plater,

Mr. Forbes, North Carolina, Mr. Penn,

Mr. Burke,

No. ? Divided.

Ay:} Ar.
NO: Divided.
No: } NO.

South Carolina, Mr. Matthews, Ay. >Ay.

So it was resolved in the affirmative.

DECEMBER 29, 1779. It being suggested by the board of war that a plan has been proposed to them which they conceive may be advantageous in procuring necessaries for the army

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